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Words :- An important part of our life

Word plays an important role in our life and each and every word is unpredictable. A single word is enough to made and destroy something,all we need to choose our words wisely.Every word behaves different in different situations.whenever you’re in calm even bitter hard words doesn’t affect you but if you’re angry, even sweet and

RELATIONS: connection of feelings trust and emotions

Relations are something that we can’t define by words….it is something deep, insane, something beyond words….Relations are full of emotions, it has depth of feeling….We shares many relations with our parents,relatives, family, friends, teachers,partner….Every relation is based on trust and relations not just end there, we shares relation with our pets too….we have relation with

Tedhe Medhe ( Avneil fs ) by kira Suggestions required

Tedhe Medhe  an avneil • Rom-com •  curtain raiser  ( This fs is going to be a wholesome humorous and can be read by anyone and everyone , Even if not avneil preacher as I am😉😉 , So get ready to ROFL )😁😂😁😁😂😂😂😁😁😁 __________________________ Raj ( Neil ) who’s 30 and hasn’t yet found a

We lost Humanity : by P

I stepped out of the hostel with my hoodie on me for having break fast. It is drizzling when I entered the ‘mess’. I came into the mess and ate the food made in there. The moment I finished my break fast, it started raining heavily. The drops of water coming from the clouds made

Island Amorgos : The Mysterious Island

Hi!This is my first attempt to write an story on adventure.So please pardon me for any kind of mistake. Emma “C’mon guys,walk fast.We have to explore a lot,” I said to my mates as they were getting slow with each passing seconds,we had been walking for hours through this island hoping to see at least


The episode starts with everyone waking up the next morning. It is the first day of college and all the students in the dorms are getting ready and all of them are coming out of their rooms and going to the auditorium. Rohan enters Siddharth’s  room Rohan: Hey good morning, ready? Siddharth: Oh wait I


The episode starts with a BMW car arriving at the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Ahmedabad. Two people step out from the car. Everyone looks at them and smiles. One of them is  Rohan and the other is Siddharth. Siddharth: Finally, we r back again. Rohan: Yeah and one year left for us. Siddharth: yes bro and

MERI ZINDAGI MERI JAAN – Introduction episode

Hi  GOOD EVENING everyone This is my first article here and I hope everyone will enjoy it. It is a serial type story and not a fan fiction. The story is about two love birds and now I will introduce u all the main characters and supporting characters in this story. So let me start ok. Main Characters *Rohan