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Can love happen twice?? #Riansh (immj2) part 3

Ridhima was sitting in their room and crying. Vansh came to the room and found Ridhima crying but she tried to hide her tears because she knew that her tears doesn’t matter to him.vansh with worried face asked” what happen Ridhima” Ridhima ” nothing” she started looking here and there. …

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TALES OF THE HEART Episode 4 The episode starts with sun rising . As a little bit sunlight falls on Bondita’s face , she looked more beautiful at that moment, Anirudh wakes up and just glares at Bondita’s beautiful face.. He caressed her hair. Suddenly Bondita’s wake up from her …

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Magical love story of Jinn and Ayaana (Chapter 1)

Hi friends many of you asked me to start the story from first so this is for you.Thankyou  for your comments and reading my FF.kindly say your liking guide me how you want to see this story In Lucknow Morning time sunshine cool breeze beautiful flowers birds choping mesmerizing scenery …

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The New Start #FaTejo FanFic (Episode 2)

Fateh is going inside the house. He goes inside to see everyone gathered around Tejo. He asks what happened. But Tejo is busy calling Jasmine and asking her to come real quick with everyone. *Jasmine enters with the Sandhus* Tejo asks “Where were you this evening, Jasso?” “I- I was …

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One truth can change our life ~ RIANSH OS

Hi guys first of all Congratulations to all RIANSH & RRAHEL fans Rrahul Sudhir & Helly Shah wins best jodi award in iconic gold awards 🎉 . So this start from when Anupriya burns Vansh’s mother’s last picture Vansh blame it for Riddhima. Let’s start  Vansh: why you burnt my …

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The episode starts with Thakuma asking Tupur what she was doing in Bondita’s room.Tupur- Thakuma I want to study like Bondita (she told in one go by closing her eyes in fear)😣Thakuma- What?…I mean who will teach you in this age?Tupur- You have no problem with my studies?😳Thakuma- Anirudh and …

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