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RIANSH: It Ends With Us – Chapter 4

Hi guys, thank you for the awesome response on the previous update, really appreciate it. I couldn’t update any earlier, extremely sorry for that. But here’s the next chapter and I’ve tried making it slightly longer, so hope that fills in. Happy Reading! Link to Chapter 3: https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riansh-it-ends-with-us-chapter-3/ It Ends …

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Petrichor to his heart – part 4 (mhrw ff)

PETRICHOR TO HIS HEART – PART 4 They changed, he packed the papers and samples and locked them in the safe before hitting the bed. Always arranged and sophisticated or perhaps because he was alone in some important years of life, he learnt everything. No one to pick his pillow …

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#Opposites Attract Each Other #8 The only option?

Episode starts as.., Scene 1 :  Vansh : Whattt??? How’s this possible? Tell me.. Riddhima : See..I just know this thing. Vansh : Why is Minty daadi away from us? Riddhima : Because of her deeds! Vansh : And why do our parents change their surname? Riddhima : Because..House came.. …

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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#35

Chapter 35: “A One Sided Love Triangle!” The episode starts with Riddhima telling Vansh that she wants to tell him everything related to past. Vansh shows his full support. Riddhima started speaking,R: I will tell you each and everything but for that you have to come with me.V: Where?R: To …

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Guns and Rose #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 1

Guns and roses #riansh (immj2) episode 1 Everyoneb went to their respective rooms but vansh was still there and he was lost in his thoughts then ragini came to him and hugged him…..he was still stood like an statue. Ragini- vansh ….I love you But vansh did not replied to …

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Hi guys,  Thank you all for your immense response. Please, do keep supporting me like this..  Episode begins with…  Vansh sees riddhima crying and comes near her. Riddhima notices him and goes away ignoring him. Just then, uma calls vansh. So, he goes..  DAY 8… Vansh comes to the hospital …

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