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Why is nandini alone being blamed?

Silsila has become trending nowadays with everyone bashing nandini. from sl*t to b*t*h, it has now become psycho. i don’t understand why everyone is targeting her. Why isn’t anyone telling anything about Kunal? So Nandini knows Mauli from childhood, But Kunal knows Mauli in and out right?Nandini is being selfish, I agree.But she doesn’t deserve

YRKKH And logic these days

Ps:- No hate messages or Fan wars please. This is just my thought on the track these days. Really getting bored with all the crap being showed on the show these days. First of all kaira and their innumerable fights and milans were a menace but tolerable though but shubham’s track was hell. They could

The hope of my life (Episode-1)

The Hope of my life Hello friends,tis is gayathri frm tamilnadu.after reading a lot of ff of swasan I thought to express my feelings through swasan and wt is life.its my frst story so i hope u all will support me.lets get into it. Introduction Sanskar maheswari-No.1 business tycoon.luves his family a lot.his family means

Whats your take on SDCH present track?

Hello friends ice cream khalo!Ya guys u said it because for all sanveerians this would be situation … frnds have some cold ice cream and chill!! Now all Kanchians congratulations!! It calls for a party (me included). As far as veerians all should be happy that a new character has been introduced …I like that