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Shaadi Mubarak 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: KT supports Preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rati saying I hope Preeti had the drink, else KT will stop her. Chanda records Preeti drinking. Tia dances on Saki saki…Baby doll…… KT runs to Preeti and calls her out. Tia takes KT for the dance. KT runs to Preeti. He sees she has finished the drink. She says it was good. He says it had alcohol in it. Sheena calls her. She goes. She gets headache. Chanda records her. KT says I have to handle her. Aryan dances with Tia. KT asks Preeti to come. She asks what happened. He says just come with me, something is happening to you, right. She says yes, some headache. He recalls her words. He asks her to stay there. He goes to get the mixed juice. Rati thinks if Chanda thinks KT heard me, then she will murder me. KT asks Preeti to drink it. Preeti says thanks, but I don’t want. He says drink it, you need it. She asks what happened. He says its necessary, you had drunk alcohol just now, you don’t know Rati and Chanda are there in the party, they had spiked the drink, they wanted you to create a drama. She says I didn’t had that drink which you have you.

He asks where is that drink. FB shows Preeti seeing Aryan’s dad getting dizzy. He says maybe my sugar level is getting low. She asks him to have the drink. He says I don’t drink on thursday. She says its juice, have it. He drinks and thanks her. FB ends. Preeti says Aryan’s dad. KT says it means Aryan’s dad got drunk on thursday. They see Aryan’s dad dancing and singing. Aryan asks how did you drink. His dad says Preeti gave the drink.

Preeti says it happened by mistake. Aryan scolds KT and Preeti. Rati smiles. Aryan says you know dad will be so upset when he gets to senses, you can’t understand your own generation, this party was a test, you both have badly failed, I don’t want to take the risk, I won’t give the contract to you. She says listen to me once. He says you have badly failed, you couldn’t manage this small party, how can you manage my marriage, its outside your capacity, I will give a bad review for your company. Chanda says result is more better than our planning.

Aryan’s dad calls him. Aryan says sorry dad, its their mistake, they will have to pay for this. Aryan’s dad says no, its not their mistake, I asked for drink, so she gave it, its not KT and Preeti’s mistake. Aryan says you don’t drink on thursday. Aryan’s dad says I have seen everyone enjoying and thought to enjoy, my son’s cocktail party isn’t there always, I have broke my thursday fast for you. Preeti asks why is he saying that he took the drink himself. KT says he has broke his fast seeing the party. Aryan’s dad asks him to apologize to them. Aryan says sorry guys, don’t know how to compensate, I can apologize in some way, I want to make this evening beautiful for you guys, it will be my pleasure if you guys manage my marriage. KT and Preeti smile. Aryan’s dad says right, I also want my son’s marriage to be managed by Shaadi Mubarak, good job KT. KT says sure, thanks Aryan. Aryan asks his dad to come and have shots. He takes his dad.

Rati says don’t know how Preeti got a good fate, we should leave before anyone questions us. Guards stop them and sign KT. Rati asks Chanda not to tell her name, else they will be defamed. KT and Preeti go to Chanda and Rati. KT sends the guards. He scolds Chanda. Chanda says I won’t forget this insult. KT says you have stooped law, you have worn classy clothes, you don’t know business ethics, you steal our idea and try to spoil our work, you have crossed limits today, you had spiked my partner’s drink, why are you so insecure of her. Chanda says give me a break. KT says your wrong move shows it, you should have healthy competition, Preeti is hardworking, talented, and has business ethics, learn something from her, I m proud of her. She says please KT, she doesn’t stand in front of me. He says great confidence, compete with us, don’t do such bad things, it doesn’t suit you, I won’t let you defame her, the world will see you are a big cheater. She says I actually pity Preeti, her son ousted her, she is living in her daughter’s Sasural, her bahu wants to see her insulted, I m not insecure of her, she has no respect in her family, she has lost. Rati turns away.

Preeti says I m surprised to hear about family from you, we have seen your values, you can insult another woman in a party, you better not teach me about family, I m staying in my daughter’s house for my self esteem, my fight is with myself, not with my son and Bahu, you are not able to tolerate a housewife competing with you, without losing her values.
KT says apologize to he and then we will go. Chanda says what a joke. He says I will be calling the police, sorry, we were happy you came in the party, you came uninvited, you bribed the water and spiked Preeti’s drink, that waiter is ready to tell the truth in front of the police. Rati says say sorry, matter will end here, its about dreambell. Chanda asks what about my self respect. KT says don’t do such things again, say sorry. Chanda says sorry. KT says I didn’t hear it, she always shouts, I will help you, say Preeti ji I m sorry, say it with respect. Chanda says no. Rati says mam please. Chanda says I m sorry Preeti ji, this mistake won’t happen again. She goes. KT signs Rati. Rati folds hands and says sorry mummy ji. She also goes. Preeti sees KT and smiles.

Amit says I don’t want to get engaged. Rati and Tarun defame Priyanka. Kusum apologizes. KT and Preeti come. Preeti asks Kusum not to apologize, Tarun wil apologize. She slaps Tarun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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