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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Will Gopi Find The Truth?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Praful and Jamna get ready to go for temple. Hema and Chetan’s children show them painting of them walking in garden together. Chetan and Hema say children were eagerly waiting to show their painting as they love their grandparents a lot. Praful says why not, they are his family heirs. Kanak and Pankaj get jealous seeing that and discuss that Hema and Chetan will grab major share and they will be left with only 1-2 lakhs. Pankaj says Chetan has done that painting and he will expose them. They both walk to family. Chetan and Hema say Kanak did right by punishing Sagar for his mistake.

Kokila with others walks towards car to go to temple. Gopi gives her prasad. Kokila thanks her and says she will pray Kanhaji for Gopi’s leg sprain. Gehna gives her tulsi leaves. Once Kokila and others leave, Gehna says she needs to go to gym/akhada soon before Gopi kaka leaves. She stops Anant’s car and requests him to drop Gopi to gym as she needs to reach there soon. Anant agrees and gets them in car. In gym, Gopi kaka packs his clothes and gets ready to leave. His friends ask if it is necessary. He says yes and takes Hanumanji’s idol’s blessing saying he is going and may not return. He takes his guruji’s blessings who performs his tilak. Tulsi mala from Kanhaji’s idol flies and falls in dirt. Gopi kaka rushes to get it out when Anant’s car passes by splashing dirt on him. Gehna asks Anant to stop car. Gopi gets out of car and searches Gopi kaka. Gopi kaka is seen nearby cleaning dirt and walking away. She sees Gopi kaa and thinks she needs to find out if there is tattoo on his hand or not. Gopi walks towards water tap to clean himself. Gopi walks on terrace and drops water on him thinking he will not let her come near him, so she has to do this. She then gets happy seeing tattoo on Gopi kaka’s hand and says her Ahem ji is alive. Drum falls towards him. Gopi kaka looks up and moves aside. Gehna sees that and runs towards him. Anant holds her, and they both fall down on ground rolling over. He asks if she is fine, then get up. Gehna just stares at him. Gopi runs towards Gopi kaka. Gopi kaka warns her to stay away from him as he is a brahmachari. Anant gets up, gets a call from Praful and walks away telling Gehna that he has booked cab for her and Gopi. Gopi kaka leaves while Gopi pleads to stop.

Sagar with Hema walks into Kanak’s room while she is exercising. She yells how can he walk in shamelessly without knocking door. He reply how can she slap him shamelessly. She says if she had not slapped him, Kokila would have slapped him; asks him to find out mystery behind egg. Sagar says its maid Gehna’s conspiracy. Hema asks what.. He says she cannot bear guests as her work increases, so if Hema gives her 500 rs he will give tip to maid and stop her conspiracies. Hema says she will handle maid.

Gehna requests Gopi kaka not to go. He asks what is his routine. She counts his diet. He says he is brahamchari, but Gopi always tries to touch and trouble him. Gehna promises that Gopi will not come near him again. Gopi kaka says he will go home then. At temple, Kokila after pooja asks panditji to pray for Anant’s marriage. Panditji says jodis are made in hevan and already already his life partner has entered his life. Family is surprised. Kokila prays god that Anant gets a sanskari life partner like him.

Precap: Hema burns Gehna’s clothes and warns her to be in her limits. Gehna tries to set off fire with bare hands. Anant sees that and applies medicine holding her hand. Kanak says it does him holding maid’s hand. Anant says he doesn’t care.

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