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Qurbaan Hua 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat saves the entire family from the poisonious smoke

Qurbaan Hua 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The musician during the procession lights the ingredients so that he can kill the entire family, he explains to Viyas jee that he brought the smoke because it is their family’s rituals so he along with his son should hold it, Viyas je refuses saying that he has never heard of it but when RamShankar forces him, Viyas jee is left with no choice but to agree so he along with Neil take the smoke when they are performing the Pooja. Everyone is rejoicing when the musician secretly adds the ingredient which can kill them while he himself wears the mask, everyone is busy in singing the songs for the Maata. Neil feels that there is something wrong.
Chahat is trying to calm gollu, she says that she would take off her clothes so that she is able to remain calm, Chahat feels a smell but doesnot realize what it is, during the pooja Ram Shankar also adds smoke in the bowl of Neil who exclaims that it is creating a lot of smoke, Ram Shankar explains that it is the pious smoke which is brought from the Himalayan mountains, forcing both Neil and Viyas jee to hold it.
Chahat changes the clothes of golly exclaiming that she would now be able to sleep calmly in them, Chahat realizes that the smell is off hydrogen cynide, she wonders where the smell is coming from in their house, she quickly covers the face of gollu and also the windows before running downstairs to the family.
Viyas jee orders to stop the smoke as everyone in the family is coughing, they all get unconscious from the smoke, Chahat immediately covers her face when she sees that there is a lot of smoke, RamShankar shows Ghazala the video that everyone is unconscious, she orders him to place the photo and the tasbih in the hand of any member of the family. He puts it in the hand of Viyas jee before running out of the house.
Chahat after reaching downstairs is not able to comprehend what has happened and why is there so much smoke in the house, she tries waking everyone but no one regains consciousness, she tries to open both he windows and doors but they do not open she then finally succeeds in opening the window so she runs to open the door from the outside which is locked.
She searches to find the air purifier as she bought it for Kripa when there were high coronavirus cases, she takes it and turns it on in the hall praying that the poisonous air gets sucked in the purifier. She immediately calls Bopho pleading with him to immediately come while also bring the oxygen cylinder and some masks, he asks what has happened, she explains that he must first cover ghis face and only put the mask o Jamuna and Viyas jee.
She immediately boils some water then provides Godambari and everyone in the family with steam after which they all wake up, Neil wonders how they all got unconscious and what happened with Kripa, Viyas jee inquires where the musician is as he brought the smoke, he wonders who the id card belongs to, but is not able to see clearly.
Viyas jee tries reading it but then Neil takes it realizing that it belongs to her, he exclaims that he cannot clearly see as his eyes really hurt, then he purposefully throws it in the dia so that it burns not lifting it until the name on the card burns, he looks at the tasbih so signals Chahat to pick it up, she kneels and picks it before Viyas jee steps on it, he inquires who might have done this, Jamuna mentions that this was the work of that musician, Baleq exclaims that he would make sure that they get the man as he would never forgive him while also inquiring who is their enemy, Chahat and Neil both try to explain that they must rest for now and should talk with the police in the next morning.
Neil brings water for Viyas jee so that he is able to rest, Viyas jee exclaims that he cannot understand who is the person who is against their family, Neil pleads with him to not worry as he would take a look on the matter, Neil entering his room wonders how Misses Baig would dare to harm his family because he would make her pay, he tries calling her but the phone is switched off, Chahat explains that she knows her and now she would have turned off her phone, Neil exclaims that Misses Baig doesnot know who she has messed with so he would make her pay, Chahat starts dancing and even sings, Neil inquires what she is doping so Chahat explains that babies also know when the elders who are with them are nervous or in trouble, she again starts dancing as she wants Neil to see how the expressions of Kripa change but meanwhile she slips so Neil catches her, they both start a romantic dance which even he could not walk out off as he is really focused on the dance, they both get romantic which has never happened.
Kripa starts making noise as if she is happy when both Neil and Chahat leave, she goes to her and Kripa is rejoicing so she also calls Neil who sits with her, he says that he knows she did it to reduce his tension, and thanks her but he says that there is no thankyou or sorry in friendship, she exclaims that she should now study as she has to pass the mock test, he goes out then brings a bottle and some snacks for her so that she doesnot get sleepy, she also thanks him and he repeats the same dialogue.

Update Credit to: Sona

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