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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 42

Hai guys I’m back with today’s episode. It will be a lengthy one today. Lets go to the episode.

Prerna and Naira reach the market.

Naira: Didi its so good today

Prerna: Yes Naira!

Naira: Didi thank you calling me for this shopping

Prerna: Naira lest split the work you buy decoration things and I’ll buy havan things. We will finish soon.

Naira: Okay di

Naira leaves in the opposite direction. Prerna remembers the previous night happenings while she walks towards the shop

[The flashback rolls on Prerna comes out wearing the saree bought by Anurag.

He is smitten by her beauty and is unable to take his eyes off her.

He slowly gets up from the couch and goes to her. Prerna struggles to set the pallu. Anurag goes and helps her out.

Anurag : Prerna this saree has become more beautiful when its worn by you

Prerna blushes hard. He slowly turns her around and bends down to kiss her cheek but there is a knock on the door

Anurag: Oh Gosh!!

He sighs and Prerna moves away in a reflex and goes to the door

She opens it. Swarna and Surekha are standing there

Swarna: We are so sorry Prerna beta for distrubing you

Prerna: Not at all maa come in

Swarna: Beta Maaji’s birthday is on next Monday..we are arranging a havan and its us the bahus who prepare for it

Surekha: Now we thought its time for next gen to take up

Prerna: Sure maa

Swarna: Prerna beta you call Naira too with you and plan for it

Prerna: Done maa

Swarna and Surekha leave.Prerna calls Naira for shopping. The flashback ends]

Prerna completes the shoppingin an hour. She tries calling Naira but her phone is swicthed off. Prerna goes to the car to see whether Naira is there. But she couldn’t find her. Prerna panics and the scene freezes.

The scene shifts to Goenka house. Kartik comes home happily  after winning the football.  He is surprised to see the Singhanias there

Kartik: Radhe Krishna aap sab yaha is anything great?

No one say anything

Kartik goes to Akshara

Kartik: Aunty where is Naira

Akshara: Isn’t she with you?

Kartik: With me??? No..I didn’t see her from morning

Naksh: Kartik…are you both pranking? Is Naira outside?

Kartik: Naksh what are you saying? I am not pranking I swear on my love that I didn’t see her from morning. where is she?

Naitik: Prerna beta she is not with Kartik..then why did you say so?

Prerna: Uncle she was not seen in the market and her phone was off too so I thought

Kartik: What?? That means she is missing from morning and you are telling us now

Prerna: Kartik I thought….

Kartik: Is she mad or what to leave the market to see me without telling you..saaf saaf boliye na you lost her

Viren: Kartik Naira is not a baby for Prerna to lose her..she is a grown up so Prerna must have thought that she will come home by herself you can’t blame prerna

Naksh: Why is it about your sister when my sister is lost now?

Kartik: And moreover bhabhi before you jumped into conclusions and left from market you could have atleast confirmed it with me..my phone wasn’t off

Anurag: She is decent enough not to intervene in your personal time

Naksh: But she is foolish

Naitik: Naksh mind your words

Naksh: Then what papa she came to pick Naira from her house and she is responsible for her safe return..when we asked about Naira she told us that she is with Kartik..atleast if you had said she is seen nowhere we would have searched earlier

Just then Kartik’s phone rings

Kartik: Hello

Voice: Hello Mr.kartik Goenka .. i know you will be worried about Naira..she is with me

Kartik: who are you ?

Voice: Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself…Im Mr.Bajaj and sorry for a mishap actually Naira is brought here by mistake instead of Prerna

Kartik: Mr.Bajaj why do you need either of them?

Anurag is shcoked to hear the word Mr.Bajaj

Mr.Bajaj: Aaahhaa I see that your loveable bhaiyya didn’t tell you anything…ask him and I would say your way to save Naira in next call

The call disconnects

Kartik goes to Anurag

Kartik: Bhai what are you hiding from us? What is between you and Mr.Bajaj?

Anurag tells him everything. Everyone is shocked.

Manish: Anurag didn’t do the right thing…if you had told us earlier we would not have let Prerna out

Kartik: Neither would I have let Naira go with her

The phone rings again. It is Mr.Bajaj. Kartik puts it on speaker

Kartik: Mr.Bajaj

Mr.Bajaj: Kartik I hope you know what happened now..all I want is Prerna..come and hand her over to me and take your Naira back

Kartik: Sure..where should I come?

Everyone is taken aback .

Mr.Bajaj: Good boy!! I’ll share the location you bring Prerna there…and don’t try cheap tricks if you want Naira safe

The call disconnects.

Kartik goes to Prerna holds her hand tries to drag her out

Viren: Kaartik what are you doing?

Kartik: Going to save my Naira

Anurag: Not by sending Prerna

Kartik: why not? Its your mistake that Naira is kidnapped and she is suffering..your wife told you right that she will face danger for your success then let her face why Naira?

Anurag brushes off kartik’s hold on Prerna and pulls her towards him

Viren: Kartik..lets think of a plan to save Naira

Kartik: Do we need to even after knowing the way?

Anurag: You can’t send Prerna to him

Prerna weeps

Prerna: kartik is right I’ll go..I only took naira with me to the market with me and lost her there..its me who sent her alone and bechari got caught..I’ll go to Mr.bajaj

Anurag pulls her to him and starts consoling her

Kartik: will you keep your romance later and save Naira first

Manish: Kartik…we will save Naira but not by sending Prerna there

Kartik: Why papa because she is Goenka and naira isn’t..even if we see by that logic Goenka has to suffer for a business rivalry of Goenkas not a girl who has no connection to this

Swarna: Kartik…isn’t she connected to Goenkas

Kartik: She is connected to kartik Goenka who has no connection to Goenka business

Dadi: Bas..kittu bas.. both of them are important for us.

Viren: Kartik..lets involve the police and try to save Naira 

Naksh: Waah lawyer sir…what a thought..when he had clearly mentioned not to try tricks you gotta involve police

Viren: We did the same when Keerthi was kidnapped

Naksh: Mr.Bajaj is more dangerous than Aditya, we went to file divorce too..similarly

Viren: Prerna wont come anywhere

Naksh: Just because she is your sister..such a double standard

Anurag: He didn’t seem so till he fought for your wife..Naksh..Not only Viren even I don’t want to send Prerna anywhere

Naksh: Why will you , your wife is safe and its my sister struggling due to your mistake..wait did you give her the idea to Prerna to take Naira with her to the amrket so that she gets kidnapped and you can have your wife with you

Anurag slaps Naksh. Kartik gets angry and starts to thrash Anurag.

Abir who was listening everything from outside runs to Kartik and pulls him apart.He takes Kartik to the couch

Abir: Bhaiya…stop it come to senses.

Mishti takes Naksh with her and makes him sit

Abir: do you think he will send Naira bhabhi when Prerna bhabhi goes there..he is a corporate criminal bhaiya..as his plan to kidnap Prerna bhabhi and traumatize Anurag bhai had flopped he is using your love for bhabhi as his weapon to create a rift in our family

Kartik breaks down completely.

Suddenly kartik’s phone rings.  Kartik picks it up

Naira: Kartik…..Kartik…….[she pants] Kartik…

Kartik: Naira….Naira……..

The call disconnects

Everyone is stunned.

Abir: Bhai…is it bhabhi

Kartik nods weeping

Abir  gets the mobile

Abir: Its an std number

Naksh: Abir..call that again

Abir calls the number again. A stranger pciks it up

Abir: Sir..is there a girl there who called now

Stranger: No sir she ran as soon as she kept the phone

Abir: Sir..where is the location exactly

The stranger tells the address

Abir: Thank you so much.

The call disconnects

Abir: Chal bhai..bhabhi has escpaed from mr.Baja’s goons..the guy gave the location..we will go and rescue her

Viren: Naira has escaped that means she will get here soon..kartik…don’t worry

Abir: No Viren jiju the goons are still hunting for her..we must leave at once

kartik gets up and gets out to leave. Abir and Naksh follow him. Anurag too gets out

Kartik: Mr.Anurag Goenka where are you going?

Anurag: To help you

Kartik folds his hands to him

kartik: So happy and thanks a lot for all you did now please stay back with your loveable wife and pamper her. I will find my Naira now.

Kartik naksh and Abir go in search of Naira. Their car bumps into Akash’s car

Akash: Kartik what happened..all of you look sunken

Abir tells him the happenings

Akash: I’ll come with you too

Abir: But

Akash: Not as a police as a bhai of Naira I’ll come

All four go to the place. The scene freezes.

Naira is running and the goons are chasing her . Suddenly a goon hits Naira on her head and she collapses on the ground.

Before he could take Naira back Kartik,Naksh , Abir and Akash reach there.


Akash and Abir fight the goons. Akash calls his team there.

Kartik goes to Naira and lifts her in his arms

Kartik: Naksh..jaldi…take the car…we must take Naira to the hospital

Naksh goes to the car while Kartik follows him carrying Naira

Kartik: Naira..nothing will happen to you..i am with you Naira…

The car starts and the scene freezes.

The scene shifts to hospital. Naira is inside the emergency ward and Kartik is waiting out.

Naksh is filling up the formalities while Abir  comes there with families

They see Naira lying unconscious inside.

Mishti goes to kartik but Abir stops her

Abir: No Mishti not now..leave him alone..he is totally broken

Doctor comes out and: The patient has gained consciousness. You can go and see her

Kartik gets up and runs inside. He sees Naira smiling at him and runs to her.

Anurag and Prerna enter the room

Kartik: Mr and Mrs Anurag Goenka you have already done enough for us please get out.

Anurag and Prerna come out considering Naira’s health

Prerna starts to week and Anurag consoles her.

Anurag: Prerna..Naira is fine now don’t cry

Prerna: I broke the brothers’ bond I’m sorry

Anurag: every mistake was done by me..you please stay calm

Prerna hugs him and cries her heart out


Meanwhile Kartik sits near Naira holding her hand

Naira: Kartik

Kartik: Naira..shhss…don’t stress..do you know how much I was stressed when you were kidnapped…hereafter I won’t let you go anywhere without me

Naira: Restroom bhi nahi?

Naira chuckles. Kartik carasses her head.

The families witness this from outside

Manish: Kartik in insanely in love with Naira

Naitik: My daughter is so lucky..by the way Manish ji I’m sorry for Naksh’s behaviour earlier this day

Manish: Arrey nahi Naitik ji that anger showed how much he loves his sister..if Geethu was in Naira’s place I would have done the same

Naitik: Anurag and Prerna please forgive Naksh for his anger

Prerna: Arrey Nahi papa what forgiveness between a brother and a sister..moreover I was careless too so I am sorry

Akshara: Prerna it was all beyond our control you please don’t say sorry and all. Viren beta Naksh didn’t behave properly with you I’m sorry

Viren: Arrey aunty any brother will be like that

Naksh comes there with Keerthi with food for everyone. He sees Kartik taking care of Naira

Naksh: My sister is so lucky to find someone like Kartik who loves immensely

Keerthi: True..by the way I am lucky too to have a husband like you. 

The scene freezes on their happy faces.



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