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Love after arrange marriage Ep-11- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-11- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

I told u that I will upload 1 more but there was no electricity yesterday , so  sorry for that ..Enjoy this one ..

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Episode starts with..,

Aryan and Chanchal are fighting . Daadi says,”Its paath time now.” Riddhima does the paath , Chanchal gets jealous because Riddhima gets the duties. After some time, Vansh comes near Riddhima and says,”Riddhima, I saw you eating …” Riddhima refuses and says,”In your dreams??” Vansh nods no… Riddhima says,”Vansh, I never cheat , especially during Karwa Chauth , when I was in..” Vansh asks,”In??” “In my house, I never saw my mother cheating with this fast” says Riddhima. Vansh says,”Ooo , Ok.” Daadi says,”On Karwa Chauth , husband tells wife his 1 secret and vice-versa.”  So, now firstly Aryan would tell his one secret. Aryan says,”Chanchal, I was liking you since childhood ” Chanchal  says,”Aryan, my secret is that I am having an extra marital affair .” Aryan gets angry and holds Chanchal’s hand and throws her out. He says,” Chanchal, I will deliver your whole materials to your home by tomorrow, don’t come again here.” Daadi says,”Cool down Aryan..” Aryan says,” I trusted her and she ditched me.” Aryan leaves. Vansh says,”Riddhima,the girl who’s Ishani’s friend was  a girl named Sejal ..Also, I am sorry for what I did on Aryan’s wedding day.”  A fb is shown when by mistake Vansh felled on Riddhima. Riddhima recalls and says,”Sejal , she’s my bestiee , she didn’t tell me…She is my Sejal “(shows her pic)Vansh says,”She’s that Sejal  only who was about to marry me..” Daadi says,”Now leave it , we will discuss afterwards.” Riddhima says,”Vansh, Sonal and Surya aren’t my real parents ..They killed my parents (she cries) and took their place as they wanted our whole property, I couldn’t do anything.” Vansh consoles her and says,”I won’t forgive them , They will have to go to jail now , this is the promise of Vansh Rai Singhania.”  Riddhima smiles. Anupriya says,”Daadi, we have told our secrets much time before..” Daadi says,”OK.” Siya says,”See! The moon is here.” Anupriya, Mrunal , Vansh and Riddhima goes there. Riddhima sees the moon and then see Vansh . Ishani thinks, “If Riddhima might not be there,then Sejal  would marry Vansh bhai.” Riddhima does Vansh’s pooja. He makes her drink water and eat sweets.  They both share an eye-lock. They go to their room. Riddhima is very sad. Vansh asks,”What happened Riddhu??”Riddhima says,”My Sejal, lied me.” Vansh says,”Calm down.” Riddhima takes her phone and calls to Sejal

Riddhima- Hello Sejal , How are you??

Sejal- I am fine, but I got to know that you married.. Is it so ??

Riddhima – Yes , with Vansh

Sejal – Who Vansh ?

Riddhima – Do you think I am fool ?? I know you were to marry Vansh Rai Singhania , why did you hide it from me??

Sejal – Because , I don’t want that you shall know that my to be  nand  and  my friend – Ishani with your fake parents ,Sonal and Surya killed your real ones.. Ishani is Sonal and Surya ‘s daughter.

Riddhima gets shocked and cuts the call . Vansh asks ,”What happened?” Riddhima says,”Come with me !!” She calls everyone down. She says,”Ishani, you ditched all .You are not Anupriya Ji’s daughter , you are Sonal and Surya’s daughter, you with them killed my real parents.” Everyone is shocked .

Precap: Vansh’s angry on Ishani .. He punishes her ..

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