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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani saying Riddhima lied that she went to the temple, she has come to spy, I love you and care for you, but Riddhima is playing with your love, her love is a drama. She thinks Vansh will ruin Riddhima’s life now, like she ruined my life. She goes. Vansh gets angry. Riddhima decorates the room. She says I hope you like this, you will try to know that I care for your love and feelings. Vansh recalls the video and says so this Karwachauth and fast was a cheat, a lie, Riddhima came with me in the dickey, I went to meet Ragini, did she follow me, she knows that Ragini is alive. She says I want to tell you Vansh that there is a difference between past and present, I m not that Riddhima who came to ruin you, I m that Riddhima who accepts that she is your wife. Vansh says I was trusting you, but not anymore, the game will be of equals now.

Anupriya says Chanchal and entire family are in puja, are you sure that card is with Chanchal. Kabir says yes, you said they were look together, they were worried when Vansh saved Riddhima, then they got relaxed, they got the card. She says I think you are right, I will see. He asks her to check there. He says check under the pillow. She goes to check. She sees some book under the pillow. She says there is nothing here. He says I m telling you, the card is there in that room, check well. Chanchal comes. Anupriya says yes. Chanchal asks what are you doing in my room. Anupriya says I was looking for the tablet, I have headache. Chanchal helps her. Anupriya thinks she has the card. Riddhima sees Vansh with the gun and hides.

Vansh says I m waiting for the day, I had shot one bullet that day and five bullets are still there, but it will be at the right place today. Angre goes. Vansh says Riddhima shouldn’t know about Ragini’s plan, she can’t reach Ragini’s truth. Riddhima thinks it means I was wrong about Vansh. She recalls the footage. She says it means Vansh is a big criminal, I was wrong to think that he can’t kill anyone, he didn’t save Ragini, he has caged her, he is a criminal, he will kill Ragini, its because of my feelings for Vansh. She sees Vansh shooting down Ragini.

Riddhima gets shocked. The blood falls over Vansh’s face. Ragini falls dead. Riddhima gets back. Vansh turns towards Riddhima. He points the gun at her. He cleans the blood off his face. He shoots her also. She shouts no. Her dream ends. She doesn’t see Vansh. She sits crying. She thinks what Karwachauth was this, our relation was going to have a new start, new truth is coming out. Dadi says wow, the decorations are nice, did you do this. Vansh says no, Riddhima did this. Dadi says good you came, you have decorated it well. She applies black dots to them to ward off bad sight. She says you both always take a stand for each other. Vansh says this is my family, I m standing as a shield for my family, if anyone comes in between, I will do my duty, I will not step back even if I have to kill someone.

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