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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 9: On the way to Farmhouse.

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Hello Aafrin, Well to know that you will have to read this episode 💛

Hello Riya, I am really happy you liked the previous episode and I am sure you would like this too💯. And yes, their friendship is the only thing that keeps them intact 🔥

Hello Mrunal, I am happy you liked the previous update and I hope you like this too🤞

Hello TSA, Uma is a supportive Mom and she loves her kids and that’s the reason I thought of that dialogue and I am glad you liked it🤗. I hope you enjoy this too.

Hello Chhavi, Well…. To know if Vansh goes to the farmhouse or not you will have to read this🙈

Hello Diha, I am glad you liked it. Keep showing your love and support 🤭

Hello SUMISHA, Let’s see, if he goes or not for that read this😜🙈

Hello Bhuvaneshwari, Well I appreciate your thought. But you need to read this episode to know if Vansh went🙈 And I am happy you liked the previous episode💛.

Hello M, I am glad that my Fan fiction gets a smile on your face. Loads of love from me also to you❤️. I hope for like this too 🤞

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Hello Riansh_fan, I am glad you liked it. But to know if Riddhima’s Vansh had gone to farmhouse you need to read this 🤭😜💯

Hello Riaa, I am glad you liked it. But I feel you liked the blame game more 😁. I have planned it in a very simple and easy way 🙈

Hello Riya Vaghani, I am really happy you liked it🙈. Moreover, you are the first writer with whom I talk so much. Regarding my drafts I don’t use Docs for my FF’s but will definitely start using it from next episode and send it to you. Well I too like it when you call me buddy💯😘.

Hello S, I am glad that you liked it and I hope you like this one too🤞.

Hello Ravi, I am glad you liked the episode well to know what happens you will have to read this💯

Hello Riya Thakur, I am glad you liked it and I hope you like this too🤞💕.

The episode starts as…..


Vansh is silent. So Riddhima says, “Your silence gave us the answer that you don’t wanna come. Alright! We will continue to go. After one hour we will gather outside our house and then go.” Riddhima, Aryan and Sejal go back to their house to pack their bags. Ishani and Sia go to their rooms. Ishani informs Kabir and Angre also about the plan. They also agree to join in and everyone is packing their baggage. Vansh looks at Uma who’s already smiling and looking at him and says, “Vansh, do you want to go with them?” Vansh leaves without answering. He comes back to his room, opens his laptop and continues with his work. He makes some urgent calls and again continues with his work and doesn’t think about the trip with them.

One hour later,

Riddhima tells Sejal, “I am standing outside. I have already locked all the doors and windows you only need to close the main door. I will go out and call Aryan.” Sejal says, “Okay. Just give me five minutes, I will just pack a few more things and come out. You go ahead.”

Riddhima goes out and stands in front of her entrance. She tries to call Aryan but he doesn’t pick up the call. Just then a car comes and stops in front of her. She wonder’s as who’s inside and thinks it’s Aryan. But then suddenly somebody opens the door and she’s surprised seeing the person as he walks up to her. Riddhima says, “Vansh,You? Where are you going?” Vansh answers, “I am also coming to the farmhouse.” Riddhima says, “But you were not about to come right?” Vansh answers, “I never said I would not come. It was you guys who assumed my answer.” “So you should have answered at that time.” said Riddhima. Vansh replies, “Why are you interrogating so much as if you don’t want me to join y’all.” Riddhima says, “No Vansh. I really wanted you to come. These questions are just out of curiosity. I am happy that you came. It would be more fun.” Riddhima starts smiling. Vansh looks at her and smiles back.

As they are smiling; everyone else arrives and is surprised to see Vansh. Ishani says, “Vansh Bhai! You here? I thought you were not going to come with us.” Vansh looks at Riddhima and answers, “I just got done with my work and thought of joining y’all.(he now looks at Ishani) Why? Do you have any issues with me coming?” Aryan says, “No Vansh! It’s gonna be more fun. So let’s leave.” Kabir says, “There are two cars and eight of us. So basically, four in one car.” Angre says, “Let’s see in what pair we go.” Sia says, “Well that is already decided by Sejal and me. We thought why to start having fun in the farmhouse only; we will begin it from here.” Riddhima says, “Stop beating around the bush and just stick to your words. What do you wanna say?” Sejal replies, “Here, I have this bowl and inside are eight chits with our names written on it. Whoever’s name comes in the first four chits they will go together in the first car and the next four in the second car. You cannot complain about your partners. Understood?” Everybody agrees but Ishani and Aryan worry and wonder if they’ll be together.

Sia removes the first chit and says, “Vansh Bhai.” Vansh stares at Riddhima. Sia removes the second chit and says, “Aryan! All the best Aryan. Vansh bhai is serious, don’t bother him with your antiques.” Vansh says, “It’s okay Sia. I will tolerate some antiques for a few days.” Aryan goes and stands next to Vansh. Sia removes the third chit. Aryan thinks, ‘I hope it’s Ishani. Please it should be Ishani.’ Sia says, “Ishani.” Aryan screams, “Yes!” Everybody looks at him in surprise but Ishani is smiling. Aryan feels awkward and says, “Come on. I said ‘yes’ so that I can trouble her a bit. Continue, the fourth one is yet to come.” Sejal says, “Okay. Let’s see who’s the fourth with y’all.” Aryan says, “I hope the fourth is Riddhima.” Sejal says, “Why do you want Riddhima? You can even hope that either Sia or I come with you.” Kabir says, “Sia remove the fourth chit. Let’s see who goes with them.” Sia removes the fourth chit. Aryan crosses his finger to know if it’s Riddhima. Sia opens the chit and says, “Oh no! It’s not as expected.” Angre says, “So it’s not Riddhima with them. Who’s the fourth person with them?” Sejal says, “I am sure I am the fourth one, right?” Aryan says, “Riddhu, I really wanted you to come with us.” Vansh says, “Aryan relax. Sia didn’t disclose the name of the fourth person yet.” Vansh looks towards Sia and says, “Sia tell fast who is the last one with us.” Sia answers, “Riddhima!” Aryan get’s happy and hugs Riddhima. He says, “Now you and I will team up to trouble the bro-sis.” Sejal says, “Sia, then why did you say that the name of the fourth person was not expected?” Sia answers, “I didn’t expect the name of the fourth person. I didn’t mention about Aryan’s expectations.” Kabir says, “Stop this discussion. It’s decided who has to go and with whom. So let’s leave now.”

They go and sit in their respective cars. Vansh is driving whereas Riddhima is sitting next to him. Aryan and Ishani are sitting behind. Ishani and Aryan are stealing glances at each other and smiling.

In the second car,

Angre is driving, Kabir is in the co-driver’s seat. Sia and Sejal are sitting behind. Sia thinks, ‘It’s better I lied to them regarding the last chit and threw away all the chits for no evidence against me.’ Flashback starts when Sia had said Vansh’s name, she noticed him watching Riddhima and when Sia had opened the fourth chit there was her(Sia’s) name written inside. But when she said Riddhima’s name, except for Aryan there was one more person who was happy with Riddhima going in that car. It was Vansh. Flashback ends. Kabir throws a few drops of water on Sia’s face. Sia asks, “Why did you do that?” Kabir answers, “You were daydreaming. Who dreams in a car? Let’s play something.” Sejal says, “But what?” Kabir says(in sarcasm), “Everything only we’ll think. Even you girls should utilise your brain. Think of some game.”

In Vansh’s car,

Ishani says,“ Riddhima play some songs.” Aryan says, “Riddhu play some romantic songs.” Ishani smiles looking at Aryan. Riddhima plays a song.(O Saathi song is played in the background) Ishani and Aryan smile looking at each other. Riddhima looks at Vansh and thinks, ‘What changed his mind that he agreed to come with us. Anyways, I am happy he did come.’ After sometime Ishani and Aryan together say, “I am tired. I am taking a nap of 15 minutes.” They look at each other and give a five to each other. Riddhima says, “Vansh is the one who’s driving since so long and y’all are tired.” Ishani says, “Bhai is habituated to drive for long, so it’s okay.” Aryan and Ishani close their eyes and go into a deep sleep. Riddhima takes her hand out and smiles. Vansh tells her to take it inside as it is not safe. Ridhhima says, “It’s just for fun. Someday even you should try.” Vansh notices her hair coming over her face. He stops the car. He gets down the car with a bottle of water. Riddhima wonders what happened and gets down too. As soon as she gets down Vansh splashes water on her face and says, “It’s just for fun. Even you should try.” Vansh runs away as Riddhima tries to catch him. Vansh turns back to see Riddhima but she’s not there. He looks all around. He comes back to the car and calls out for her. Ishani and Aryan wake up hearing Vansh’s voice and ask him what happened. Vansh says, “Riddhima and I got down. We were running down the lane but then when I turned back to see her, she disappeared. I don’t know where she’s gone.” Aryan and Ishani also call out to Riddhima. Suddenly from behind Riddhima comes and screams in Vansh’s ears, “Surprise!” and says, “It’s just for fun but you shouldn’t try it anyday.” and laughs. Vansh says, “This prank of yours! I thought again some goons came behind you and you ran away to save yourself.” Riddhima says, “Why would I run away? I would come to you because I know that you will save me.” Vansh says, “Everytime, even if you don’t want me to come. I will come and save you.” Ishani starts coughing to remind Riddhima and Vansh about their(Aryan and her) presence. But Vansh mistakenly throws water on her face. Ishani says, “Bhai!!” Vansh says, “Sorry! It was unintentional. I was passing water to you but I forgot that I hadn’t put the bottle cap.” Aryan and Riddhima start laughing while listening to their conversation. Ishani says, “It’s okay. Now let’s go. We will reach late.” They sit in the car again.

After a ride of two hours,

Both the cars reach the farmhouse. Sia notices Vansh smiling with Riddhima and she smiles back. They go to their rooms and freshen up.

It’s evening 7,

Riddhima and Ishani are preparing dinner for all. Just then Aryan marks his entry in the kitchen and asks, “Do you both need some help in cooking?” Ishani asks, “Do you know how to cook?” Sejal out of the blue comes and says, “Only if you are interested in ending your life, you can contact Aryan to cook food for you.” Riddhima starts laughing. Aryan looks at her and says, “I didn’t expect you to laugh. That’s really bad. I am going.” Aryan leaves the kitchen. Riddhima tells Sejal, “You!! Why do you always end up pulling his legs? Now I will have to go and convince him.” Ishani says, “It’s okay, Riddhima. He will come in sometime.” Riddhima answers, “Ishani you don’t know him. Sometimes he acts like a small kid. If we don’t go and convince he doesn’t talk to anyone, eat or drink. So I will convince him and come, by that time you guys continue preparing.” Riddhima leaves the kitchen and follows Aryan. She goes to his room and finds him sitting near the window. She goes upto him and says, “Are you still upset? I am sorry but I couldn’t control my laughter. I will try to not laugh next time.” Aryan looks at her innocent face and says, “Riddhu, you seriously thought I can be angry with you? Well, that’s not possible. I was just doing some drama.” Riddhima says, “Because of your drama, I went under guilt and thought that you are really upset. Now I am not talking to you.” She leaves the room and finds Vansh standing outside. She goes next to him and says, “Hi! What are you doing here?” Aryan comes from behind and says, “Sorry Riddhu. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Riddhima ignores him. Aryan turns his back towards Riddhima, looks at Vansh and says, “Help me convince her, Please! Her silent treatment is horrible. It’s just like torture.” Vansh says, “But what you did with Riddhima is really wrong. You shouldn’t have done that.” Aryan asks, “Did Riddhima tell you what I did to her?” Vansh nods. He turns towards Riddhima but doesn’t find her. He again looks at Vansh and asks, “Where did she go?” Vansh answers, “The moment you turned towards me, she left.” Aryan goes to see her. Riddhima comes out from Aryan’s room and gives a five to Vansh and says, “Thanks for supporting me. Even when I didn’t tell you anything,you supported me.He played with me, so now, it’s my turn.” They start smiling. Aryan comes back and asks them, “Y’all teamed up to tease me.” Vansh and Riddhima agree and start laughing. Aryan says, “Now I am really angry. I am going.” They start following him and continue with their tantrums.

In the kitchen,

Sia comes there and asks Ishani and Sejal if they need help in cooking. Angre and Kabir also come into the kitchen to drink water. Sia asks, “Did anybody see Vansh bhai?” Angre replies, “Vansh and Riddhima were walking behind Aryan as if they were trying to convince him.” Sia gets happy.

After sometime everybody reaches the dining table Vansh and Riddhima come together and sit beside each other. They all have fun and eat dinner. After dinner is over Vansh says, “There’s a lake at a walkable distance of five minutes. We can go there and have some gala time.” Riddhima says, “Well, Now that’s going to be fun. Count me in.” But Kabir, Angre, Sia and Sejal disagree saying they are already going to play a game in Kabir’s room, so you four should carry on. The four leave to go to the lake and the rest go in Kabir’s room.

While walking,

Ishani comes next to Vansh and says, “Bhai! I really want to spend some quality time with Aryan. I hope you understand what I mean.” Vansh tells Riddhima, “Let’s go ahead. I want to show you something.” Riddhima says, “okay.” Aryan asks, “What’s so special that you want to show to Riddhima and not us.” Ishani says, “It’s okay. Let them go ahead.” Vansh and Riddhima walk ahead. They reach the lake. Riddhima asks Vansh, “What is the thing that you wanted to show?” Vansh hesitates. Riddhima asks, “Now what are you hiding? Speak the truth Vansh.” Vansh says, “Don’t tell anyone. Actually Ishani asked me to come ahead with you since she wanted to spend some time with Aryan. She likes him.” Riddhima exclaims, “What!! Really? If this is true, Aryan and I will be the happiest because Aryan likes her too.” Vansh says, “What? Really? Wait……. I understand the reason for Aryan getting happy but why are you the happiest?” Riddhima says, “Come on Vansh, It’s my best friend’s matter. Aryan is really serious for Ishani. But I won’t tell this to him and neither are you going to tell it to Ishani. Let them explore each other as friends first. Then maybe after sometime if they don’t confess to each other then we will instigate them to propose.” Vansh says, “I agree with you. So let them have their time.” Vansh and Riddhima sit near the lake’s bank. Riddhima takes some drops of water and splashes it on Vansh’s face and says, “This is afternoon’s revenge.” She gets up. Vansh too gets up. Riddhima is about to run but slips due to mud and Vansh holds her. They share an eye lock. Vansh sets Riddhima’s hair.

Suddenly Ishani calls them and they get back to their senses. All four come back to the farmhouse and go to their rooms and sleep.

Precap: Aryan brings a drum and starts playing it. This wakes everyone up. Everybody come down.Riddhima offers to help Vansh until Ishani comes back. But Vansh ignores her.

Hello Guys!

Thanks for reading the episode. I know y’all liked the previous episode (in which Riddhima and Vansh were locked in a room) so if y’all want me to lock them somewhere else also please let me know😜
What I mean is if y’all want any Riddhima and Vansh scene or Ishani and Aryan then please let me know

Loads of love💞💞

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