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Interesting… Very interesting… (Vansh Raisinghania’s introduction)

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A large house is shown, two ladies are doing puja. One is in early fifties and one is early seventies.
After doing Puja one lady said to another.

Lady: Anupriya give Aarthi to everyone
She is Anupriya
Anupriya: Yes maa
The another lady is Daadi
At that time a girl in wheel chair comes there.
Anupriya: Siya take Aarthi
Siya : ok maa
Anupriya : Siya where are the other??
Siya : Ishani and Anger Jiju are coming. Aryan is still sleeping.
Anupriya : What about Vansh

A man is shown entering into a dark room. He puts the lights on. The room is full of a girl’s picture, her statue, her gifts etc. He moved to the statute and said

Man : Happy birthday dear. One more year had passed without you. Where are you dear ? Come back to me ? I’m sorry for what I have done. I can’t live without you anymore.
Suddenly Anupriya comes comes behind and called him
Anupriya: Vansh
He turned to her His face is revealed he is Vansh Raisinghania.
Anupriya: Beta Take Aarthi
Vansh : Maa how many times I have told you that I don’t believe in this .
Anupriya: Beta Don’t say like this about Bhagwaan.
Vansh :There is no god exist, if there then he will not snatch my life from me. He turned to the statue and continued
Vansh : If god was there,He will not take my soul from me that to on this date.

The episode ends on the angry face of Vansh Raisinghania

Stay tuned for next update

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