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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: The truth is revealed

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happu telling Rajjo that today she is looking lovely and there is some spark on your face. Rajjo says I will burn you with it and asks why is he buttering her? Happu says I want you to make hot pakodas, as I am thinking to sit down with my friends and have wine and pakoda. Rajjo asks are you not feeling ashamed and tells that her body is sensitive and her neck is paining wearing artificial necklace. Malaika hears them. Happu calls Rani to Rajjo and asks her to agree. Rajjo agrees. Malaika thinks he is fooling mummy. Rajjo says she will make pakoda and will make garlic chutney. Happu promises her that he will send Jindal in the night. Rajjo says really. Happu promises her, looks at malaika and asks her to keep the silence fast for some more days. He asks Rajjo to come to kitchen. Malaika thinks when this maun vrat break then see.

Happu and Beni start boasting infront of Jindal and tells about the former’s factory. Jindal tells that he can’t get the smell of the original wine. Happu tells that it is original and he will get smelly burp. Jindal smells it and says it is identifiable. He says this is the same whisky you made me drink on the last day of the college. Happu says it is original. Jindal says I can’t forget it, as Pita ji had beaten me and woken me up. Happu is caught so makes an excuse that he had mixed cheap wine in costly one. Jindal asks why did you make me eat it? Beni says we have done this to get nostalgic feeling.

Happu says we shall not forget our roots. He says he will sit with him wearing vest and will drink with him. Jindal asks him to get the original from London. Kamlesh comes home, posing as African guy. Rajjo makes an excuse. Happu asks Rajjo to serve food. Jindal asks him to ask Servant to serve food. Happu tells that he didn’t keep any Servant. Jindal asks why? Happu asks him to look at these walls and tells that it is of gold, but I got it painted so that nobody can know. He says if I keep Servant then they might steal the walls. Happu tells that Jindal will leave tomorrow morning. Jindal says he will not leave this rich friend family so soon. Next day, Happu tells that he has to go to Kanpur today for work. Jindal says so you want me to stay here until you comes back. Happu and Rajjo get shocked. Kamlesh comes there and acts as beggar. Rajjo gives her rings to him. Just then Ram Prasad comes there and tells that he is anti corruption officer. He says he will raid in their house. Happu and Rajjo speak all the truth, that they were pretending to be rich, but actually they are just middle class. Ram Prasad leaves.

Jindal says Happu…you lied to me. Happu says what I would have done, you used to make me jealous. Just then a lipstick salesgirl comes there and identifies Jindal as Pappu, her colleague and salesman. Happu is shocked and asks Jindal how did he make him see Eiffel tower. Jindal tells that he was standing near the poster of it. Happu gets angry and makes him leave. Jindal leaves. Happu tells his kids that he will fulfill all their wishes. Chamchi informs Malaika about Happu tricking her to keep the silence fast. Malaika gets upset.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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