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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu refuses to let Kat do modelling

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kat asking Rajjo, why is she giving her potatoes paratha and says she will become like it. Malaika asks her to have it. Rajjo asks why are you throwing tantrums. Happu asks her to eat. Kat tells that she don’t want to become fat like him. Chamchi says she can’t bear girl’s tantrums and hopes to become a guy. Kat says I don’t understand why everyone is after me. She asks for dalya. Ranbir sings yeh ladki pagal hai…Kat says you are pagal, not I. Rajjo asks her to bring chef for herself. Happu says you will not become heroine by staying thin. Rajjo refuses to make dalya. Babita calls Rajjo. Rajjo picks the call. Babita says I came to give you good news. Rajjo asks what is the month? Babita tells that her sister Vinita got a job as air hostess. Rajjo says it is great. Babita says just as I know, I called you to make you jealous, then says to inform you. Rajjo asks did you get calm now and ends the call. She gets upset with Kat.

Principal comes to Happu’s house and asks him to say what to do with the girl, who does make up in the bathroom all the time. Happu asks him to throw that girl out. Principal says you have relieved my confusion and that’s why I am throwing your Kathori from my college. Rajjo asks if the girl was Kat. Principal says yes. Happu says we will make our daughter understand. Principal tells that he explained to her, but she didn’t listen. He asks if anyone wears googles in classroom. Happu defends Kat. Rajjo defends her and says she doesn’t have googles. Kat says Kamlesh gifted me. Principal says she roams in all college as a heroine. She says she didn’t read in any notice. Rajjo and Happu try to convince Principal. Principal says last chance and goes.

Next day, outside the college, Kamlesh asks Kat to have momos and asks why you are sad today? Kat tells that today Principal Sir came home and accused me for my make up. A car comes and parks there. A guy looks at Kat. Kat tells that she was scolded infront of her parents. Kamlesh tells that Principal is jealous of her. That guy looks at her.

Later the same guy comes to Happu’s house and asks if someone at home. The guy asks if someone is here to talk. Happu asks him to go home. Rajjo comes and greets him. The guy asks about Kathori ji. Happu says she went to Mansarover. The guy says that she was eating Momos outside the college. Malaika says he is talking about Didi. The guy tells her about the Advertisement for which they want a supermodel and says she fits the bill. Kat, Rajjo and the kids get happy. The guy says she will be a big supermodel. Happu says I don’t want my daughter to be a model. The guy says it is a big Advertisement and she will get much money. Happu asks him to go. The guy says crazy family. Kat tries to convince Rajjo. Rajjo runs behind the guy and asks him to give her 3-4 days to convince her husband. The guy tells that her husband will not agree, and expresses his disliking. Rajjo scolds him. The guy says sorry and asks if Kat is like him. Rajjo says no, she is like me. He gives her visiting card and goes.

Happu asks Kat, how much thin she will be? She says modeling assignments are coming for her. Kat tells that she wants to become a model and get famous. Happu says she wants to do modeling so that people shall see her. Kat tells that she will die. Chamchi asks will you let me study in future. Happu asks her to eat silently. Rajjo says for the first time, I am thinking that my husband is having small thinking. Ranbir says he will go on hunger strike tomorrow against Papa. Kat says she has a feeling that she is helpless. Ranbir says once I become singer, then we will move out from this house. Happu says nothing will change if he wants.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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