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Hamariwali Good News 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Adi agrees for adoption

Hamariwali Good News 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Navya arguing with Adi. She asks are you ashamed of my weakness that you lied to Renuka. Adi says there is a reason, don’t you know me, its not our problem, this problem is for everyone, our family, Sumitra will be deciding for us, she will separate us, she will get me remarried to someone for baby’s sake, I agreed to mum because she wants to save our relation. He says mum is so worried for us, she didn’t tell this to anyone, not even to Preeti and Kusum, she knows what you mean to me, I can’t lose you, I love you a lot. Navya cries. She hugs him. Renuka looks on and cries. Adi says I love you Navya. Navya says I love you too. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…plays… Adi says I did this to save our relation, that’s it, I can do anything for it. Renuka goes and cries.

Its morning, Renuka thinks of Navya and burns the food. Preeti comes and alerts her. She asks what were you making. Renuka says halwa for your dad, go and sit, I will get breakfast for you. Preeti asks why is your mood upset, you can make halwa again. Renuka says yes, I always do what your dad likes. She starts making the halwa again. Preeti takes her breakfast and goes. Renuka cries. Preeti greets Mukund. He says you here, how are you, hold this prasad. He goes. Renuka sees his feet hurt. She says I will get medicine for you. Mukund scolds her and asks her to do her work. Renuka says I m glad that Adi isn’t like your dad, Adi loves Navya from his heart, he takes a stand for her respect. She says I wish your dad loved me 10 percent of that. She cries. Alok calls Renuka and asks do you want to break your daughter’s marriage. Renuka asks what are you saying. Alok says if you don’t send her in an hour, then keep her always, don’t send her again. Renuka gets shocked. She asks Preeti does Alok beat her, why did she fight with her.

She asks Preeti to go home. She explains Preeti that Alok and her children are her family now. Preeti cries. Renuka asks her to go back home and not fight for small issues. Renuka says I wish I could fill the emptiness in Adi and Navya’s life. She prays. Adi asks what, we can’t convince dad, he will get angry, I don’t trust even mum, she will be scared of dad, they will just accept their blood. Navya says it will be problem in the start, who knows they melt their heart on seeing the baby’s innocent face. He says it happens in films, not in reality. Navya’s mum says I will tell something, Renuka will support you to become a Dadi. He says but this will take few years time. She says I work in child welfare department, I will help you, I will send the social worker to your house soon. Adi says its not possible. Navya says please. Adi nods and promises her. They smile.

Renuka talks to Preeti on video call. Preeti complains of Alok. Renuka says Alok has done right, Sandhya has come to stay with you all, its fine to keep her heart, Sandhya has lost her husband, she just came back to family, Alok is doing his duty. Preeti says you always lecture me. Renuka says don’t know when will she grow up. Sumitra comes home and meets Navya. She asks Navya to take care of herself. Navya says Renuka went nearby. Sumitra asks her not to wear tight clothes now. Mukund comes and greets Sumitra. She asks them to welcome Sanjay’s mum. He asks Navya to handle everything. Navya nods. Renuka looks on and signs Navya. Adi asks Navya to come, he will drop her to school. Mukund asks Navya to take leave today. Sumitra asks him to command Adi and Navya, its about Anchal’s alliance. Adi says I will come soon, its new job, I have to go for some time. Sumitra says come soon. Adi goes. Renuka asks Navya to change clothes. Sumitra asks Navya to take care of baby. Navya thinks this drama will be hard to keep. Renuka wishes Navya doesn’t say anything, there is no other way than lie.

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