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Desire to the Throne_A Saga – Episode 2

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Recap: Arjun and Panchali get stuck in cyclone. Adithya and Avantika meet and fall in love.
Here we go!!!
Scene 1
Arjun and Panchali continue to float and come to an island. Due to the intake of excessive water, Arjun faints. Panchali lifts him with great difficulty and bring him to the ground. She looks at him and caresses his face.
Panchali: Forgive me Rajkumar. If I had not left the rowing stick in water, this situation would had not occurred.

She touches him and finds that Arjun is having a high fever. She worries.
Panchali: I need to save him at any cost. If not, I could not see anyone in our country and I will also die.
She sees stones and makes fire. She goes deep inside the island where only forests are found. She sees some leaves and pluck it. She grinds the leaves and pour the juice into Arjun’s mouth. She grinds some other leaves and ties his head with that paste using her saree cloth. She makes him lie on her lap and take care of him.
After sometime, Arjun gets conscious. Panchali gets happy.
Arjun: Panchali, where we are?

Panchali: Rajkumar, we are in an island. You had a high fever. I treated you. Now, how do you feel?

Arjun: I feel better now. Thanks for saving my life.
Panchali: Sorry Rajkumar. This happened due to me.
Arjun: Panchali no need of sorry. Actually, I’m happy to be here at this place with you.
Arjun holds her hand but she moves farther.
Arjun: Don’t you like me? I saw the love in your eyes.

Panchali: Yes, I do have love and affection on you but you are the crown prince. You cannot become a king if you marry an ordinary boat rowing girl according to your tradition.
Arjun: Leave about the kingdom. Let us live here itself. We will marry and have children. We will lead our life in this island itself.
But Panchali refuses.
Arjun: Listen, I fell for you seeing your beauty at first sight. Then seeing your bravery, my love has increased a lot. Let us marry now.
Panchali: Now???
Arjun: Yes now.
He sees some lengthy leaves and make a hut quickly. Panchali is surprised to see this much quickness from him.
Arjun: This is our home.
Panchali stands there with tears.

Arjun then takes leaves and make it as garlands. They exchange garlands and Arjun takes a jewel and make her wear it. They both take vows.
Ek Dil Ek Jaan plays

Panchali is in happy tears. Arjun hugs her. They both go into the hut. They have a passionate consummation.
Scene 2
Adithya goes to the park where he met Avantika for the first time. He goes there in order to meet Avantika. He sees a girl sitting there. He feels strange and his heart beats fast while nearing her. That girl is Swastika. Her heart too beats so fast and she realizes that he must be Adithya. So, she gets shy. Adithya touches her back. Swastika turns and looks down in shy. He is shocked.

Adithya: Oh sorry. May I know who are you?
Swastika: I’m one of the princesses of this kingdom.
Adithya: That’s good. I’m Adithya.
Swastika: Yeah, I know.

Adithya: Oh, that’s nice.
They see a goat giving birth.

Adithya: It’s a wonderful sight.

Swastika: Yes. Look at the goat. Its face is filled with pride of becoming a mom.

Adithya looks at her and smiles.

Adithya: Even your face looks happy and pride while you talk about becoming mom.
Swastika: Yes, every girl gets complete when she become a mom.
Just then one girl come there and ask Swastika to come immediately as the queen searches her. Swastika greets Adithya and leaves.
She goes happily and collides with Avantika.
Avantika: Didi, why are you so happy?

Swastika: I met him.

Avantika: Who?
Swastika: That prince whom mom told.
Avantika: So, you had romance with him?
Swastika: No, we saw a goat giving birth and talked about it.Avantika: Achaa….
Avantika teases Swastika. Queen calls Swastika and she goes. Avantika goes to meet Adithya.
She sees Adithya near the park and ask him to follow her. He agrees.
They both go to an old ruined temple.
Avantika: Only here, we can talk peacefully. No one will come here.

Adithya drags Avantika to him. They both sit near a pillar where Avantika lies on his shoulder and he hugs her. They both share a kiss.

Adithya: Avantika, what you do you think of becoming a mom?
She sees him and feel shy.
Avantika: I will be proud and happy that I will be carrying your child in my womb. We will have many children. I love children.

Adithya: As you wish, we will have more kids.
Avantika smiles and they kiss again. He slowly kisses her back, neck, hand and waist. Avantika feels shy and closes her eyes.

Suddenly a thunder strike. She hugs him tightly.
Adithya: What happened? Such a brave girl getting scared for a thunder?
Avantika: Yeah, I’m scared for this. I don’t know how will I live without my sister.

Adithya: Don’t worry. I’m there nah. I will take care of you. I saw a girl at the park. She told that she is a princess. We both saw a goat giving birth. It was such a wonderful sight.
Avantika is shocked.
Avantika: Oh, that’s my sister. Wait a minute. Why did you come to our place?
Adithya is puzzled.
Adithya: I came here for suyamvar of yours.
Avantika is hell shocked. She removes herself from his hug and moves away. Adithya is shocked seeing her behaviour.

Adithya: What happened?
Avantika: This is wrong. I made a mistake. My mom’s fear came true. But I won’t make it true.

Adithya: What are you speaking?

Avantika: I’m the younger princess. You came for my sister Swastika’s suymavar. She was the one whom you saw at the park today.
Adithya is shocked.
Adithya: So, what, you are also a princess. I won’t win. After your sister’s wedding, I will ask for you to your dad. If he does not agree, we will elope.

Avantika: No, you should marry my sister. She loves you. She has more dreams of your and her life together. Please don’t spoil her dream.
Adithya: What about your dream? Our dream?

Avantika: Let’s forget each other.
Adithya gets angry. He holds her and ask her to look into his eyes. They both share an eyelock.

Avantika then break his clutches.
Avantika: Listen to me. Already my mom had a fear about both sisters sharing the same husband. So, she asked me to leave this place. But unfortunately, I saw you and fell in love with you. I swear on me and telling this, if you love me truly, then you have to marry my sister. If you don’t marry her, then I will die.

Adithya shuts her mouth with his fingers.

Adithya: Ok fine, I will marry her. But I will marry you too. I can’t leave you. You are my life.

Avantika: That’s not possible. I’m leaving now.
Adithya holds her hand and drag her towards him. Avantika’s heart gets distracted.

She sees him and cries.
Adithya: Look at my eyes and tell me. Do you love me? These 2 days which we spent together are real right?
Avantika breaks and tells him yes. The rain starts pouring heavier. Adithya and Avantika hug each other. He makes her lie down and removes her jewels. Avantika too kiss him and they consummate!!!

Meanwhile Swastika feels some strange and bad feeling in her heart!!!
!!!To be Continued!!!
Precap: Swastika and Adithya get marry. Ram and Sita share a letter. The soldiers inform king about Arjun’s boat and the cyclone which shocks everyone. Karan and Urvi’s talk.

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