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Choti Sardarni 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav finds out Karan is his child

Choti Sardarni 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vikram looks in the office. He sees Aditi’s room. He goes in and looks for the file. Nurse says Vikram sir you here? She’s on leave. Vikram says she asked me to get her a file. Where’s Meher’s delivery file? Aditi needs it. She says it’s on the ground floor. Meher calls Sarab and says how are you now? He says good. She says did you eat fruits? Sarab says Vikram came here. He was talking about weird things. He said Manav is alive. If I love Karan or Param more. He said he has a meeting. I hope he reaches on time. Meher is confused.

Manav says Meher delivered Karan in 7th months. This means.. He calculates.. He recalls Meher told him she’s pregnant. Manav is shocked. He recalls Aditi said Meher’s child isn’t Sarab’s. Manav recalls he shouted I will be papa. Thank you Meher. He sits down and cries. He looks at all the babies in the nursery. Manav looks at them and cries. Manav says Karan is my child. He goes to all kids and says Karan is my child. He looks at nurse giving baby to a man. The man says I am a dad now. Manav says I thought I lost everything. Karan is my child. He’s my everything. He is my son.

Scene 2
Karwa chauth starts. Meher video calls Sarab and says we will all break fast with our husbands. All ladies do pooja. Aditi is uspet. They discuss the story. Sarab says to Meher you are my life. Sarab looks at Aditi. He says why is she so upset? He recalls Vikram’s behavior with her. A girl asks Aditi what are you thinking? She leaves.

Some transgenders come to the man in the hospital and say it’s a boy. Many congratulations. Manav says sorry Karan. I couldn’t recognize You smiled looking at me always. He recalls holding Karan. He says I always felt something with you. I am sorry my son. I won’t stay away from you for a second. I am coming Karan my baby. Your papa is coming. He cries. Karan comes to the transgenders and says I also have a son. Pray for him as well. Manav looks at his hand and cries. He says Manav has a son. He says Karan I am coming. No one can keep you away from your papa. I am coming. He goes out in tears.

Scene 3
Param says Karan see I made a card for papa. Get well soon papa, world’s best papa. Karan cries. Param says why are you crying? Let me write your name on the card as well. He write from Karan and Param. Param says don’t cry. I wrote your name as well.

Manav jumps around the hospital. He’s very happy. Nurses look at him and smile. Manav dances. Param says stop crying Karan. Karan keeps crying. Someone comes in. Param says let me check what’s there. Param opens the door. There are hundreds of balloons. Param smiles. He says so many balloons. Let me check who sent them. Manav comes in and holds Karan. He sings tu hi tou jannat meri. Manav hugs Karan. He cries. Karan stops crying as well. Manav smile and dances around with him. He shows Karan balloons and kisses him. He says your papa is here with you. Smile. Param comes back. He says mama says no one will pick Karan. Did you sanitize your hands? Vikram says but his papa can pick him up. He says what do you mean?

Scene 4
Meher comes back to the hospital. Sarab says on anniversary day I told Vikram please don’t hurt my sister. If she has done anything please forgive her. But if you hurt her I will cross any limit. Meher says you can’t take stress like that. Harleen says she’s our sister. We can’t see her like that. It’s her first karwa chauth and Vikram isn’t even there. I am sure he won’t come there. This wedding won’t last this way. Meher says every wedding needs time. Struggles happen, we should all support both of them. Sarab Aditi’s fast will be broken by Aditi. I will make sure he’s with Aditi at the time moon comes out.

Episode ends.

Precap-Param video calls Meher. He says see Vikram uncle is playing with Karan since long. He’s not going. Meher is shocked. Vikram says Meher where are you? I have to talk to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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