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Bigg Boss 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Weekend Ka Vaar

Shardul says what Rubina predicted was the reaction. Rahul didn’t take my bag.

Salman says they take the decision with mutual understanding but this house never agrees on anything. Salman connects the call to the house. He asks the inmates if they had any pain this week? All laugh. Salman asks who is nominated? Kavita, Rubina, Jasmin and Nishant are nominated. He says Jasmin did great this week, all laugh. Salman says threatening is not allowed in this house and especially a guy can’t threaten a girl. Jasmin says nobody can threaten anyone. Salman says we will come to that but can you cry one time? You cried so painfully that people were crying and couldn’t see much. Salman says Kavita was the captain and now in the red-zone while Eijaz is the captain now. Who is changing the scene here? Salman asks Eijaz why does he look sad? You are the captain now. Nikki says he takes too much tension that people will break rules. He wakes up at 5 AM so he can keep an eye. Eijaz says I like to follow the rules and make others follow it too.
Salman says Bigg Boss gave you a task about Rubina’s puppets but there was no decision taken. We know for sure who are her puppets but we want to see what you think. You tell me who is her puppets in two minutes? They all do the voting. Abhi says Jaan and Rahul, Kavita says Jaan and Eijaz. Rahul gets 5 votes, Eijaz gets 4 votes. Salman asks how many votes for Abhi? He gets 5 votes. Salman says so you people think Jaan, Rahul, Eijaz and Abhi are her puppets but we know for sure. He says Nishant and Jasmin are Rubina’s puppets. Pavitra laughs and says I knew it. Salman asks Pavitra why she is so happy? Pavitra says I took Nishant’s name but he argued with me that he is not. I see him dancing to Rubina’s tunes. He gets influenced by her. Salman says to Jasmin what she has to say? Jasmin says I don’t think I am her puppet, I have arguments with her too. Rubina says I cheer her on and we have the same ideologies that’s why it might look like Jasmin is my puppet. Salman says you people are playing your own game but we can see for sure what is happening. Nishant says I discuss with Rubina and I listen to her when she is right. Salman says it depends when you follow her decisions without rational thinking, you are getting influenced. You both are following her orders. Salman asks Rahul that he wanted to take Jasmin’s name? Rahul says they are Sita-Gita, it’s a comedy movie. I feel like they are representative of each other. When Jasmin cursed at me then Rubina it was not right but it was justified. Abhi says Rahul said that Nikki cursed the situation and not Jasmin so what’s his stance? Rahul says Rubina was justifying Jasmin cursing at me. Rubina says he is misquoting me and I was not talking to you at that time. Rahul says they both rescue each other. They are each other’s puppets.

Salman says
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