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Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 21

Hello friends, I am back with another episode. Loving your response. Keep supporting to all the writers of IMMJ2 fan fictions. Love you all. It is good to see people coming out to write a story and showcasing their talent.

Replies for the comments of previous episode:

Aww Priya, yes dear you have commented first. Thank you for your concern ma. I am glad you liked the episode. loved your comment. When first comment is like this then it gives us immense pleasure dear, my sweetheart. Love you sweetheart….

Hey RiyaVaghani, your ff is very interesting dear and the way you are interacting with other writers and readers is quite impressive. Keep up dear. Thank you for supporting me dear. Keep loving…

Hey S, I am happy you liked the episode. Keep loving.

Hey Chhavi, I am glad you liked the episode. Keep loving.

Hey KV2711, loved your comment dear. I am glad you liked the episode. Hope for the best dear. Keep loving. Thank you for your concern as always.

Hey SM, glad you liked the episode.

Aww Disha(Riansh_fan), I am glad you understood my explaination. You are really special for me dear because you have butterflies in your stomach( remember your comment in which you said about it). Just kidding dear. I loved your comment. it was so humorous dear. I will surely keep up with my works dear. Love you Sweety…

Hey SUMISHA, loved your comment ma. I am glad you liked the episode. Keep supporting. My dear friend.

Aww Shivanshi Singh, I am totally impressed with your words dear. I am glad you liked the episode very much so as with the story. Keep loving ma…(Nice name-Shivanshi Singh)

Hey TSA, I am glad you liked the episode. I am happy that you can really feel the motions through my writings, am blessed for it. Yes, Ragini is just bestfriend of Vansh.

Hey Shivani(Riansh Lover), I am glad you liked the episode dear. Keep supporting ma…

Hey Seanna_0044, loving you ff’s dear, keep up your work. I am very happy that you are inspired by me to write the ff. Well, your comment is quite impressive as it tells the most of the story of upcoming ones but not all is correct dear. Fine, Aanchal is a nice name. Thank you for suggesting me a name dear. Love you.

Hey Abhipsha Banerjee, you are a bubbly girl dear and I am always your dii for sure. I am glad you liked the episode. Keep supporting.

Hey Poojitha, wow then my guess was correct that you were from Vishakapatnam, such a lovely place. Sare ma nenu mimalni andi ani pilanu. Keep loving…

Hey Ravi, I didn’t watch that Hamara dil aapke pass hai movie but after you mentioned it I have read its story in wikipedia. I didn’t knew my story is similar to it. Keep loving…

Hey Rianshfan, loved you ff. Thank you for your support.

Hey Naira U Singh, glad you liked the story dear. Keep supporting…

Hey Bhuvaneshwari, I am glad you liked the episode ma. Keep supporting.

Hey Maggi, I am glad you liked the episode. Feeling bad for Ridhu? Keep supporting.

Hey Disco Priya Ravichandran, such a long name actually but cute one as well. I am glad you liked the episode and my writings as well.

Hey Diha, thank you for your concern dear. I am glad you liked the episode. Well, you question will be answered later.

Hey Kaivalya, I am glad you liked the episode ma. Loved you comment. Keep supporting me dear.

Aww Riya Thakur, your comment filled much positivity within me. If I receive your love then I will surely reach 100 episodes very soon dear until and unless I have enough story. I am glad you liked the episode dear. Keep supporting.

Hey Metu, Ragini and Vansh don’t love each other, it was just an assumption of Ishani. Thay both care for each other and are best friends. I am glad you liked the episode. Keep supporting.


Hey Shaina, welcome to our family dear. I am glad you liked the episode. I am surprised that you are eager for my episode as well. Keep supporting.

Hey Xyz, glad to know that you belong to hyderabad. Thank you for your support, keep loving.

Hey Krithi Poojary, for a reason I am happy to know that you are eagerly waiting for my next episode and for another reason I am sad to know that you are tired of waiting. I ams orry for the late dear but my story is taking much time to iprovise the dialogues inorder to be effective. I am trying my best to post soon as well. Thank you for your support. Love you sweety.

Episode starts with…..

Vansh comes to Ragini’s room and finds Ishani and Siya along with Ragini there. He comes to Ragini and asks “Are you fine Ragini?” Ishani says “Bhaiya, Ragini is having high fever.” Vansh checks her forehead and worries as she is having much fever. He says “What happened Ragini? You are having much fever and look very weak. Did you eat anything?” Ragini nods and says “Leave it Vansh, it is just a normal fever. I will e alright if I take some rest. I told Ishani to not disturb you but she didn’t listen to me and called you. You go and take rest as you should go to office tomorrow.” Vansh says “No, Ragini. It is not a normal fever. By the way why are you thinking that I will be disturbed to be with you. I care for you as well Ragini. As per my office, I can take a leave tomorrow as there are no important meetings. First you should take care.” Ragini is overwhelmed with his actions and lies on the bed. Vansh checks for the medicines but doesn’t find them. He leaves to his room to get medicines. Ishani thinks “ Don’t know how Ridhima Bhabhi will feel seeing Vansh Bhaiya taking care of Ragini.”

Ridhima is crying in her room holding the crushed rose flower. She lies on the bed and cries with misery. She even doesn’t understand why she is crying. Vansh comes to the room calling Ridhima. Ridhima closes her eyes and pretends to sleep. Vansh comes in and finds her sleeping. He comes to her. He finds her holding the crushed rose flower and recalls him stamping the flower. He feels bad about it. He takes the flower out from her hand and places it on the side table. He thinks “I think Ridhima is again hurt with my behavior. Whenever I try to win her heart, I end up hurting her. I am sorry Ridhima. Don’t know when will this distance end between us.” He caresses her face and sets her hair correctly. He then moves back thinking it might be uncomfortable for Ridhima. He then says “I forgot that I should go to Ragini.” He then searches for the medicines. He takes them and leaves. Ridhima who heard him saying all this opens her eyes and cries again. She recalls him caressing her and suddenly moving back. She says “Why does he feel uncomfortable when he is near me and moves back every time he comes close to me?” She looks at the crushed rose flower on the side table.

Vansh comes back to Ragini and gives medicines to her. He is upset as Ridhima is still hurt by his behavior. Siya notices it and takes him aside saying Ishani will take care of Ragini. Siya then asks “ Bhaiya, why are you looking upset?” Vansh says “Don’t know Siya, from the time Ragini came Ridhima is looking upset. When I trying to cheer her up she is even more hurt by my behavior. I am not able to win her over. I decide to do something but ends up doing another thing. I am totally confused. I cannot see her upset.” Siya thinks something and says “ Bhaiya, even I noticed this. Ridhima Bhabhi is upset with something. She even didn’t eat dinner.” Vansh recalls Ridima leaving the office without having lunch and says “ Did Ridhima ate lunch?” Siya says “Bhaiya, Ridhima Bhabi said she ate lunch with you. Didn’t she ate?” Vansh understands Ridhima idn’t ate anything since afternoon and leaves from there without answering anything. Siya looks confused and informs Ishani who just comes out about everything. Ishani gets into thinking.

Vansh brings food to Ridhima. He goes to Ridhima and wakes her up. Ridhima opens her eyes and finds Vansh close to her and gets surprised. She then gets up and asks “You, here?” Vansh says “Why Ridhima, shouldn’t I be here?” Ridhima doesn’t say anything. Vansh takes out the plate with food and offers her. She thinks “Vansh brought food for me. He realized that I didn’t had food from afternoon.” She is still upset with his behavior and refuses to eat. He then says “It’s Ok Ridhima. You don’t have food. If you will not have food even I won’t eat.” Ridhima gets surprised and says “You didn’t eat still now. You should eat first.” Vansh refuses and says “ First I care for you so you should eat.” Ridhima gets overwhelmed and eats the food when Vansh feeds her. She then feeds Vansh. They both enjoy the food together. Vansh notices some food near Rishima’s lips and comes to close to her to clean. Ridhima blushes as Vansh comes close to her. He then moves back and says “Sorry, there was some food near your lips, so I have cleaned them.” Ridhima thinks he didn’t accept her to be his wife and is uncomfortable to be close to her. Siya come there and smiles looking at Vansh and Ridhima eating together. She comes in and says “When wife and husband eat together in one plate then their love increases.” Vansh and Ridhima look at each other and blush without letting the later to see them blushing. Siya then says “Bhabhi, I have said to Vansh Bhaiya that you didn’t ate dinner, so he brought food for you.” Siya then stops and recalls her words and says “Sorry Bhabhi, I didn’t mean that Vansh Bhaiya brought food on my saying.” Vansh nods at Siya asking her to go. She leaves. Ridhima is hurt listening to her words. She then reduces to tears. Vansh notices it and holds her to console. She shoves him away and says “Don’t touch me. Did your sister told to hold me and console me?” Vansh says “Ridhima, what happened to you suddenly?” Ridhima gets up and says “What happened to me? I must ask What happened to you? Why are hurting my feelings? Whenever I feel you care for me you make me upset. You always do things to make me cheer by someone’s insistence. Even now you brought food for me on your sister’s insistence.” Vansh says “What is wrong with you Ridhima? Why are talking like this? I do care for you but not on someone’s insistence.” Ridhima turns another side and says, “I know Vansh, whom you care about.” Vansh who is hurt with her words says “Ridhima, I know what you mean. I know that I have hurt you but that doesn’t give you right to insult me about my emotions. I always try my best to make you all happy.” Ridhima recalls him stamping the rose flower and says “Vansh, the problem with you is you just try to make others happy but indeed you make them more upset.” Vansh gets teary eyed and says “Thank you Ridhima for telling me about myself. Now I understand what your thoughts on me are? I can’t be happy in my house either. I feel suffocated now.” He then recalls his words and apologizes to Ridhima. Ridhima is totally devastated by his words and decides to move from his room as he is feeling suffocated by staying with her. She takes a pillow and leaves from the room. Vansh holds her hand and asks her to not go. She shoves his hand and says “Now, will you even force me to stay in your room like you forced me to marry you on your sister’s insistence?” Vansh is taken aback by her words and allows her to go out. Vansh gets angry that Ridhima is still unhappy with their relation. Ridhima recalls her words and thinks Vansh might be hurt by her words. She turns to him but he doesn’t look at her. She calls Vansh but he closes the door on her face forcibly. Both turn to the opposite side and lean on the the door. Tears flow in their eyes as they recall each other’s words.

It’s morning and Ridhima wakes up. She recalls sleeping near the door itself. She opens the door and finds Vansh lying on the floor crunched in himself. Ridhima feels bad looking the state of him and goes near him. She finds him shivering and holds his forehead and finds he is suffering with fever. Vansh wakes up and finds her near him. He recalls her words and moves back. He is feeling weak but manages to get up. He is about to fall when Ridhima holds him. They share an eye lock. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays… Vansh gets into his senses and moves back. Ridhima stops him and says “ Vansh, please don’t go. You are having fever.” Vansh doesn’t listen to her and begins to get ready. Ridhima insists him to take rest. Vansh says “It’s Ok Ridhima, I can take care of myself. No need to worry about me. Basically, I am habitual to take care of myself before your arrival. Your arrival can never change my habits.” He leaves from there. Ridhima thinks “She shouldn’t have reminded Vansh about their marriage. He is still feeling guilty about it”.

Anupriya comes to Siya’s room and finds her getting ready. She goes to her and makes her get ready. She gets emotional looking at Siya. Siya notices it and says “Maa, what happened?” Anupriya smiles and says “Don’t know why but I am feeling emotional looking at my daughters. I have missed a lot in my life. You both are grown up and Vansh is married. Now, even you both will get married and leave the house.” Siya says “Oh god! So you were thinking about my marriage. No need to worry Maa, it will happen as per my destiny. By the way even I don’t have any hopes on my marriage. I don’t even know whether I will ever get married.” Anupriya gets shocked and says “What are you saying Siya?” Siya recalls her health conditions and becomes upset. Suddenly she feels Dizzy and falls. Anupriya shouts in fear. Vansh hears it and runs to her room. Ridhima goes behind him. Vansh comes to the room and finds Siya unconscious and shouts “Siya”.

PRECAP: Ridhima consoles a devastated Vansh. Anupriya asks Ridhima about her parents. Ridhima is upset. Vans looks a Ridhima.

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