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An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -8

Days past like light and so on devakshi’s wedding ceremony which they enjoyed but they didn’t get to spend more time alone during that duration but after the meet at the xyz place they became friends. Today is the d-day they’re getting married though they are happy seeing their family happy but in inside there is nervousness which is seen common and when they see each other, they have a eye lock which makes them forget their nervousness, the ceremony ends sonakshi bose becomes sonakshi dixit.  Ishwari and everyone welcome her happily into the house. Nikki and Vicky takes sona and dev to their room where on the way they tease them but once they enter that room nd were left alone they became awkward .

Dev and sona: that

Dev: you say first

Sona: can I change first

Dev: ya sure there is the changing room and maa told me that she has kept your luggage over their but before you go there can I just take my clothes so that I can change here.

Sona: ya you can till then I take of all my jewelry

Dev goes nd comes back with his clothes nd then sees sona struggling with her hair

Dev: do u need my help

Sona: ya plzz I mam trying to take off this hair pin but it’s not coming

Sonakshi stands near the bed dev stand on his toes near sona to take out the pin he slowly was taking it out but it hurts sona

Sona: ouch !

Then she backs her head which makes dev loose his balance as he was try to take out pin that too standing on toes ……….dev falls on and sona on bed nd while falling she holds dev…………well while dev falls on sona dev mistakenly gives peck on sona’s lips nd they have a cute eye lock which was interrupted by sona’s phone and they both sit properly nd then sona attends the phone call

Sona : ok I’ll be their in 20 mins till then u manage

Dev: what’s wrong sonakshi

Sona: dev there is an emergency at the hospital

Dev: what happened

Sona: actually my patient’s condition is critical and since he is under my observation I have to go hospital but I don’t know how will I ask maa (ishwari)

Dev: we can go from back side of the house since everyone will be in the hall no one will notice nd if i’ll be with u so maa would be less worried for ur safety if she got know

Sona: ok then I’ll change and come

Dev: y and I’ll change too

Both get change and left to hospital sneakily from the house

Hope u like the episode ……..plz support me if u want me to continue guys ….

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