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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruhi accepts Karan’s proposal

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ruhi thinking of Karan and smiling. She imagines him with her. They dance. He gives her roses and a balloon. She sees him gone. Song plays…. She smiles and sleeps. Everyone wakes up at 4am. Mrs. Bhalla compliments Aaliya. She hugs her bahus. She asks did your Saas send sargi. Karan comes with Sargi. Karan says I didn’t know I would have to wake up so early. He jokes. He looks for Ruhi. She says you are looking for Ruhi, she will be directly come to the temple. He says Rohan and mum will be coming there. He goes. Ishita asks Aaliya to go and read love letter sent by Rohan. They laugh. Everyone sits to have Sargi. Aaliya asks Ishita to feed her Sargi like every year. Ishita feeds her.

Amma says Shagun they didn’t come yet. Shagun says they would be coming.

Ishita, Aaliya and everyone come. Karan says the groom’s family has arrived. Ishita greets them. Mr. Bhalla asks Rohan to come with him and get ready. Rohan says but I m dressed well. Mrs. Bhalla says these Tamilians will make you wear different clothes for puja. Karan asks didn’t Ruhi come. Aaliya says I don’t know. Simmi asks Ruhi to come fast. Ruhi says I can’t walk in this saree, just send Shagun and Ishita here. Simmi goes in. She asks Ishita and Shagun to go out, Ruhi is calling. They go out and see Ruhi. They compliment her. Karan comes and says Ruhi called me here, what’s the matter. Ruhi says I have decided something, I accept Karan’s marriage proposal. They smile. Ishita hugs Ruhi and recalls her childhood.

Tere dil se…plays…….. Ishita asks do you really want this, are you doing this for family, your happiness matters a lot to us. Ruhi says I know, I don’t love Karan, but he is a nice family, he belongs to decent family, he has become my friend, everything will be fine, Aaliya will be there for me, it will be a nice happy family. Ishita says yes, he is a nice guy, and this is a plus point, but take time if you want. Ruhi says few things should be unplanned, we should accept it and move on, I m not planning anything, I m just going with the flow, my fate also has arranged marriage like you, if you have mended Raman’s ways, I promise I will also mend Karan’s ways if he does something. Ishita hugs her and asks her to call Raman to give him this great news. Ruhi calls Raman. Raman says yes Ruhi, I m expecting an urgent call, I can’t talk now. Ishita says he was expecting some call, he told me, let him do his work, he will be happy when he knows it, lets go and meet everyone else, I can’t believe it, you have grown up. Shagun says Ruhi gave her consent for marriage. Ishita hugs everyone.

Aaliya says I m so happy. Kaushalya says Lord fulfilled all my wishes. Ruhi touches her feet. Kaushalya says Ishita ji, I m so fortunate that your two daughters will become my bahu. She asks Karan and Ruhi to sit in puja as well. Ishita goes to call Ruhi. She calls Raman and says his number is busy, so much is happening in Ruhi’s life, he doesn’t even know, can we get them married at the same time. Raman talks to Vijendar. He says I m a respected businessman, I never did this, I m doing this for you, I can’t turn you down, don’t call again, my family members are doubting. Romi hears them and thinks Raman is in problem, I won’t let him go out. Kaushalya says it will be good that we keep both marriages in same mandap. Ruhi says whatever Raman and Ishita decide will be right for me. Ishita says we will decide after talking to Raman. Amma says he will be happy knowing this. Mr. Bhalla says if Raman agrees, we will prepare for marriage.

Romi asks where are you going now. Raman says I have imp work. Romi says wedding is in four days, where are you going, office work, or to meet your new friends. Raman says don’t spy on me, don’t interfere in my personal matter. He leaves. A couple comes to temple. The girl asks can we get married now. The guy Kartik asks pandit. Pandit says no, this puja has to happen. The girl says its necessary. Ishita asks did you two elope to marry. The girl says its really imp. Ishita says I can help you, tell me. The girl says my dad is in hospital, its his last wish that we get married, we have to go there. Ruhi says I think we should let them marry first.

Kartik says let us get married, goons are after us, we will tell you truth later. Ishita asks pandit to get them married first. The girl says we forgot to get garlands. Ishita goes to get garlands. She calls Raman again. Raman is on the way. He disconnects. She calls Romi. He says how do I tell her that Raman has gone to meet Vijendra, I have to find out what’s happening. He answers call. She asks what happened. He says sorry, I was inside the bathroom. She asks where is Raman. He says he has gone to meet Tina, he got busy in work. She says I had to give a good news, Ruhi has accepted Karan’s proposal. He says what, great, congrats, did she agree by her wish. She says yes. She says tell Raman to come if he can. Mihika says congrats, I will go and give this good news to Bala and Kiran. Some goons come. Ishita looks on.

Ishita follows the goons. She reaches some place. Vijendra says your daughter’s wedding is happening because of the money I lent you, just do what I say. Raman looks at him.

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