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Taken for Granted (RUMYA FF) – Character Sketch

Saumya Tendulkar/Saumya Rudra Singh Oberoi – Used to be a bubbly, happy girl but now is a stone-hearted person. She is very hurt by the betrayal of the Oberois (except Gauri) but hates Rudra the most. The reason behind her ‘betrayal’ to the Oberois is only known to her and the Kapoors. She worked as Love Angel but now is a CEO of her brother’s company. She and Rudra got married due to the influence of drugs.

Rudra Singh Oberoi – He got married to Saumya under the influence of drugs and doesn’t accept the marriage. Hates Saumya for her ‘betrayal,’ thinks he is in love with Bhavya who has got the looks and body to be his perfect wife. He loves his brothers the most and would do anything for them. He shares a special bond with his Anika di. He only acts to be immature but is very smart for his age. (You will soon find out how). (BHAVYA AND RUDRA ARE ALREADY MARRIED)

Shivay Singh Oberoi – Married to Anika (forcefully) and believes that she cheated on him. He believes on evidence rather than the person. He hates Saumya as he believes that Saumya was the cause of the problems that arose in Omkara and his bade papa’s life (He believes Svetlana came because of Saumya). He loves his brother a lot and could do anything for them. He believes that money has the most power and he can get anything with money.

Anika Vardhan Trivedi/ Singh Oberoi – She is the long-lost daughter of Vardhan Trivedi. She got married to Shivay by force and is pregnant with his child. However, due to the lack of trust in the relationship, she is kicked out by her husband on her marriage anniversary. She never hated Saumya but just conformed with everyone. She holds a special bond with Gauri (doesn’t know the reason) and also with Saumya (even though Bhavya is there, she likes Saumya better) and with Rudra (pranking people). She wants to prove that Saumya is innocent.

Omkara Singh Oberoi – He has married Gauri (for revenge) and hates her. He has become a carbon copy of Shivay and would believe on whatever he sees. He thinks that Gauri is a cheater and a gold digger. Somewhere in his heart, he knows that Saumya is innocent but he refuses to acknowledge it. He hates his father (his father is cheating on his mother for a long time) but he is stuck with him as his mum loves his father too much. His bond is really strong with his brothers and could do anything for them. Had a special bond with Saumya, but after she left… he feels guilty.

Gauri Vardhan Trivedi/ Singh Oberoi – She is the long-lost daughter of Vardhan Trivedi. She got married to Omkara a few months ago and thinks that he loves her. Unfortunately, Omkara has misunderstood her and doesn’t want to see anything in her perspective. She holds a special bond with Anika (don’t know the reason). She doesn’t know Saumya well so she just did what people in her family told her to do (hate her). She wants to help Anika prove Saumya’s innocence (after reading the letter).

Bhavya Kapoor/Singh Oberoi – She is the 3rd sister of the Kapoor and is the mastermind behind everything happening in the Oberoi Mansion. She is faking her love for Rudra and faking to be a police officer so that she can separate the Oberois and take their properties. She is taking revenge because her parents were killed in an accident at one of the Oberoi’s factory and therefore her and her sisters are seeking revenge from their family.

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