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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha and radha take radheshvar form.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with guru gargacharya going to radha and kanha’s body. He has tears and says no, I have to do something. Rishi gargacharya takes help of rishi’s of his ashram and they pick the bodies of kanha and radha. Rishi says in the sundervan forest, the grea tree of pabhu Vishnu can help, it will give life back to radha and kanha if we pray to the tree. the rishi’s say okay and they follow rishi gargacharya taking the bodies of kanha and radha.
Bhadraksh and kansa mhaishasura go to destroy the bodies of kanha and radha. Kansa says where did the bodies go? bhadraksha says I am scared bhagwan, right now kanha and radha were here but where did they go? kansa mhaishasura closes his eyes and sees gargacharya taking the bodies of kanha and radha inside the forest to the

great sundervan tree. kansa says before gargacharya goes there, we have to go and kill everyone, I will not leave gargacharya alive as well.
Kansa and bhadraksh go. as they come near the forest, they are stopped at the entrance by 8 trees. Suddenly the souls of 8 rishi’s appear form the trees and one main rishi say stop there kansa mhaishasura. Kansa says who are you? you dare stop mhaishasura, get away. The rishi says how did you forget us kansa mhaishasura? Kansa you know us very well, because you killed us. bhadraksh says bhagwan, what is this? They are stalling us. kansa says I may have killed you, if you don’t get aside then I will destroy your souls. The rishi’s say try and enter the forest kansa. Kansa tries to go in but he is pushed behind. The rishi says we all rishi’s were once doing a yagya of prabhu Vishnu, you came and killed us by cutting our heads, since then we have lived here in the form of trees as our souls live in it. kansa says I will bring you out of those trees. Kansa mhaishasura uses his power and attacks the souls of the rishi’s, they come out and fall down. Kansa then says now I can kill you again old fools, you tried to stop mhaishasura!
The rishi’s use their powers together and using a spell they hold kansa mhaishasura by golden strings around his body. Kansa mhaishasura says leave me.
There rishi gargacharya prays to the great tree and says prabhu and mata, please come back alive as only your form can end kansa mhaishasura and save this world, please prabhu and mata come back. kanh and radha lie under the tree and a golden light falls on them. Kanha and radha merge together and then they become a form of radheshvar, half radha and half kanha. Both kanha and radha come back alive. Rishi gargacharya says pranam prabhu and mata, radheshvar form is divya as you both are. Radha says kansa mhaishasura shall soon be killed for his sins.
There bhadraksh says bhagwan see that golden light is coming from the forest, it seems radha and kanha have come back alive. Kansa gets angry and he destroy the golden strings with his power.

Precap: Radheshvar form attacks kansa with a trishul and mhaishasura dies. All people are saved as they get their lives back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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