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One For All…All For One!!?(Three Shot – TS)[Part – 2]

Every time they think something positive about him, their brain whispers,

“He killed your father.”

It’s been 4 years since their father was dead. But they were engaged in the conflict between their heart and brains.

The best part is that the brothers who share everything are fighting with themselves for the same thing and none of them knew it!!!

Om was battling with his thoughts when Rudra sat with him. It’s time for their brother who’s their father’s murdrer to come back from his imprisonment.

Om used to feel bad when he used to separate Gauri from his Bhabhi, but his bhabhi was supporting his father’s murderer. She should have supported the right side, which is their side. But she supported him. He and Ru supported her when Shiv left her. But why did she do it?

He sat on the couch battling with his thoughts. Just then Ru too sat with him.

There was a deep silence for a few min. Just then Ru spoke.

He spoke all the battles he was fighting, which brought a relief for him as he understood that it is not the live which made him think like that, It’s their instinct.

They knew someone was hiding something. They can’t ask their Bhabhi because she will not tell the truth.

Who will tell them?

They thought. Whom can we trust?

That’s when Khanna passed by. Their instinct told them something was wrong. They told him to take the CCTV footage of that day.

They saw the scene again and again, it was the same. No flaws. It was their brother.

Suddenly, Ru remembered something which Bhavya told him.

“Sometimes the answers you want can’t be found out through shortcuts. The answers could be found through the basics. So, we have to start from the beginning.”

That’s what happened to them. They saw the moment when their brother shot their father. They didn’t see the the clipping before that.

The thing what they saw shocked them.

Their brother did it for them. For them!

They felt guilty for not trusting him. They felt guilty for separating two sisters. They felt guilty for being the children such a person.

They didn’t know how will they repent for their mistakes. They have committed a lot because of their anger.

3 Years Later…..

Tears started flowing from their eyes. Tears of guilt, they just wish somewhere things come back to normal.

They were crying loud. They want to hug their brother like before. They just want to resume their old relationship.

Suddenly, Om felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see….

O: Bhabi..

A: Why are you both crying?

R: How could you be so selfless? We troubled you and you, in fact, is showering your love towards us.

A: You’re my brothers. My Shiv’s brothers. How can I let you down? You both supported me when even Shiv left me.

O: We are regretting each moment we troubled you.

R: We regret each moment we cursed Bhaiyya.

O: We never trusted him.

R: We was not there for him, when he needed us.

A: Forget those and talk to him. He will be happy if you people talk to him when he comes back. As before….the brothers will be together.

O: No, We can’t talk to him.

R: We are scared how he will react.

O: We didn’t even visit him while he was in jail.

R: We never had the courage to see him like this.

O: And it’s all because of us.

Will Anika be able to make them understand?

Will Shivaay accept them??

Are you ready for the next part???

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