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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya Keeps Karvachauth Fast

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rama insists Jaya to have something and tries to feed apple. Jaya hesitates. Bua calls Rama and asks where is mehandi. Jaya asks Rama to go, she will eat apple. Rama leaves. At Sarika’s house, she gets ready and walks in front of her husband. Husband before leaving for work asks reason. She says today is teej and she is fasting for his long life, asks if he can stay at home today. He acts as calling his secretary and asking to cancel today’s meetings even if he incurs huge losses as he has to be with his wife today. Sarika asks him to go and not incur losses. He happily leaves asking secretary not to cancel meetings. She asks him to return home soon. He nods yes and leaves smirking.

Surana family’s ladies apply mehandi on their hands. Jaya with Rama,

Jyoti and others dance on Whole family enjoys. Samar’s eyes glue on Jaya. Jaya feels weak and sits. Satya calls her. Jaya short of breath says she was dancing. Satya asks if she is fine and not fasting. Jaya crosses her fingers and says no, she is fine. Satya says she just called to check on her.

Shikha fasts for Karthik and applies mehandi on her hand. She reminisces her and Karthiik’s first karvachauth after marrriage when he gifts her silver bangles and sari and says he cannot afford gold bangles, so he brought silver bangles. She wears them happily. Out of flashback, she feels sad. Naani walks in. Shika hides her hand. Naani checks hand and asks if she is fasting. Shikha says yes and requests not to inform mamma. Naani says she will not and says she is happy that Shika realized her mistake. Shika says she has divorced Karthik and does not repent on her decision, she is fasting just for Kabir’s father.

Jaya feels drowsy and walks towards him to rest when Samar pulls her and gifts her bangles. She slips due to weakness. He holds her and asks if she is fine. She says yes. He asks her to have something. Rama brings food for Jaya and tries to feed her when Lallan inform that moon has risen. Jaya asks Rama to go, she will have food herself. She then prays god to give her strength for 5 minutes to complete her fast. She walks to garden and joins family.

Satya gives food to Kabir and asks Shika to join them. Shikha says she is not hungry. Kabir says mamma will not fast. Naani stuffs his mouth and says she will feed him. Shikha says she will have food later and walks to her room. Satya says Jaya must have not have food, she will call her and check. Naani asks to finish food and not disturb Jaya, call her after finishing food.

Jaya with Rama and others performs teej pooja, and Samar feeds her water. Bua says let us have food.

Precap: Jaya collapses. Lallan informs Satya that Jaya collapsed and cannot speak to her.

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