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Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan is about to get engaged with Manisha

Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer asks Shrishti what happened, she says that Sherlin got into an accident, Shrishti then says that she must not talk rubbish, Preeta then takes the phone and asks her o saty in the hospital and keep an eye on Sherlin, She runs away and Shrishti also follows them.

The nurse says that they have no women who is alone, Prithvi then explains that they have talked to eacvhoher and she is really alone, the nurse however says that there is no girl who is alone and all of them have their families, then Prithvi gets rude and starts to argue with the receptionist, she also gets angry and then he leaves. Preeta also reaches the hospital, she asks for Sherlin’s room and goes to it.

Prithvi reaches outside and is very angry saying that he would have killed the nurse if she was alone, he start

to call her again, just then Shrishti and Sammer pas him, he decides to go to her house t check if the warden made any mistake, just then he thinks that at her house her mother would d be there and she does not like him.

Preeta is looking at Sherlin, Shrishti and Sameer ask her what she has planned, saying that they know that she cannot feel happy at Sherlin’s accident, Preeta stays that she feels that Sherlin is preganant, Kartika is confused, Preeta says that she will test her for the pregnancy because she knows that Sherlin will become the mo0ther of some other guys son, She says that she feels sorry that Sherlin is hurt but do not like That she is getting married to Rishab.

Just the a nurse passes by and Shrishti starts to create a scene forcing her to get the tests ready and completed, she says that the nurse will have a pay a heavy fine if something happens to Sherlin, she starts to create a scene and Kartika asks Preeta to stop her, she goes and asks the nurse to hurry and ge5 the teats result they then say that she will get the results the next day.

They start to enjoy, Rishab comes and asks why are they enjoying because Sherlin is hurt, they all stars to make excuses, he goes inside to check on her, Karan asks what has happened, {Preeta says that she has made arrangements for her blood test so that they can be sure if her pregnancy, he also gest jopuyed on the news, Rishab comes back, Karan says that they can now postpone the engagement, Preeta and Rishab stop h9m, he gets angry, both of them make him understand the situation.

Karan says that he feels very annoyed to think of the news that Manisha is to be engaged to him and wants to delete this mode of his life. Manisha is looking at her engagement dress, she is very angry and thinks that she will wear it just for the sake of money, she calls Prithvi, he picks it up and starts to argue asking why she called him, she says that she will not wear the dress, Prithvi says that he will not listen to this rubbish but she says that she knows that he is not her boyfriend and she does not like his questions, she says that she is not ready to marry Karan and become a family of Luthra’s, he says that she must just get engaged, She orders Prithvi t bring a blank cheque, he say that he will back out if she pushes him any further, he says that he will not give any money an this will cause her to go straight into jail.

Kartika gets a call and it is Prithvi, he asks if he could talk with Sherlin, Kartika says that she met an accident and he phone is with her, she does not recognize him, he gets relieved and then makes an excuse saying that he is her family carpenter, she is not convinced and tries to look into it.

Rithwik gets a call and it is Manisha who says that she feels that Prithvi is a fraud and will not give them the money, there is a network problem and they both cannot hear each other. She says that she will not get the money and will get married with Karan who will then divorce her and she will have to bear the consequence, he asks her to not worry as he has got a very nice clue gains Prithvi. Rithwik say that he has planned a lot and that they will have a new game tomorrow.


Precap: Karan and Preeta are having a fight, he says that she does not want him to succeed and he will marry her then, Prithvi tries to enter Sherlin’s room, he gets caught by her mother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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