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Kaleerein 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Tulika’s Karvachauth Plan Fails

Kaleerein 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karvachauth celebrations start at Meera’s house. Everyone wait for moon on terrace. Dolly describes story behind Karvachauth. Tulika spoils Meera’s thali’s water and halwa and thinks Meera will get ill and Vivan will die with this water and halwa. Once moon is sighted, Vivan heads towards thali when Sunny rushes and picks thali. Vivan picks other thali. Meera looks at moon via sieve and then Vivan’s face. Tulika does same with Prince. Vivan feeds water to Meera. Prince extends water mug when Tulika hesitates. Prince says it is a ritual. She drinks water and feels uneasy. Prince brings halwa and feeds it to her. She eagerly waits looking at Vivan and Meera. Vivan feeds halwa to Meera. Meera feeds him back and asks how is it. He acts as collapsing. Tulika gets happy.

Vivan says he was joking. Tulika stands shocked and thinks why he is did not die, reminiscing mixing black magic done poison in halwa. Vivan says he had mixed salt instead of sugar in halwa, so he exchanged it with sweet shop halwa. Tulika stands fuming.

Tulika returns to her room and starts black magic and thinks Vivan will die and celebrate karvachauth with her sister from next year. She hears door knock and opens door, finds Prince standing shying and says everyone are calling her down for mehandi. She walks down with him. Vivan and Meera dance on mehandi hai rachne wali song…Prince dances with Tulika shyingly. Daadi asks him to stop and asks Meera to apply mehandi now. Meera says she will apply mehandi to Tulika and asks her to sit. Tulika sits on chair. Meera says she brought mehandipur Balaji’s oil for mehandi, it will give her bright red color, asks to extend her feet. Tulika thinks she will vomit and her real face will come out, so she has to do something. She says she will not apply oil from Meera’s hand as she is elder to her. Meera gets impressed and asks to extend her hand then and applies oil. Tulika runs to kitchen.

Vivan and Prince run behind Tulika. Tulika thinks she has to bear a small pain to win big. She washes her hand writhing in pain. Vivan asks what happened to her and sees acid bottle in kitchen. Tulika says someone is trying to harm her. Prince asks who mixed mehandi. Tulika says Meera and acts saying Meera cannot harm her, then says solution for this problem is mehandipur Balaji, howmuch ever big dayan has possessed Meera, it will ward off, if they take her to mehandipur. Meera hears that and stands shocked.

Precap: Vivan tries to stop Prince and Tulika’s marriage and asks Tukila if she is not dayan, she should light home temple lamp.

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