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Dil Hi Toh Hai 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritwik and Palak get separated

Dil Hi Toh Hai 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Days pass. Palak searches for job outside while Ritwik just chill and drinks at home with his friends. One day Palak tries to stop him, but he says he can’t walk, can’t do anything else. Rent is due. Palak says she will arrange money soon. After few days, Vikrant meets her and asks her to work for him. He has seen her struggling and she will work for some company, so why not his? He also informs her that Gita has left. Other side, VP wonders where Gita disappeared.

At home, Palak tells Setu that she had no option, but to take Vikrant’s offer. Ritwik keeps party every day. One day Palak tells him that she doesn’t have money for his alcohol anymore.

Next morning, he’s drinking again. Palak stops him. Soon his friends arrive and bring more alcohol. Palak

tells them that she doesn’t like them partying everyday and asks them to leave.

Later, Palak shares Ritwik’s situation with Mamta saying he might be missing VP. VP hears their conversation. Palak says she is worried that Ritwik might become alcoholic.

Later, VP is angry at Palak. Rishabh says they know she works for Rahejas and as they doubted, there must be an affair between her and Vikrant. And this is all Gita’s plan. VP says he will go and tell everything to Ritwik.

Ritwik is drinking with his friends again. VP comes there and takes him to a room. He tells Ritwik that Palak is destroying his life. Ritwik says if he’s talking about affair, then there is nothing like that. VP reveals that Palak has been working in Vikrant’s company since months… and Vikrant is Gita’s son. He should have understood when Vikrant’s marriage was called off. If he doubts him, then he can ask Palak directly. Ritwik is shocked.

Later when Palak comes home, she is relieved that there is no party going on. Just then he takes out alcohol bottle. She reminds him that he had promised her. He says she has been working in Gita’s company, with Vikrant. When was she going to tell him that? She asks who told him that? He is amazed as she didn’t lie today. She says she didn’t know about all this when she joined. He says fine, but then she found out, right? She says he’s his brother. He shouts don’t call him his brother. Gita is not his mother. She says she was going to tell him, but Mamta told her not to tell. He is shocked that even Mamta knew. He asks except him who else didn’t know about it? She says she doesn’t even know where Gita is. She with Vikrant.. (works with). He asks what with Vikrant? What else she is hiding. She says she was helpless. She needed money to run house. He says so he has been enjoying on Gita’s money. She asks how it matters where she works. He says it does, she knows very well that Gita destroyed his life. He asks her to quit her job. She asks him not to say something for which he has to regret later on. Gita is not that bad. He says his dad was right.. any woman can be bought. Gita bought her with money as well. He now understands why she never let him meet Vikrant, never told him about her boss’ marriage. She started liking him, right? She tells him that he’s crossing his limit. He says Vikrant is handsome, rich. Gita left VP because he was poor and today Ritwik is poor. She asks him whether he is realizing what he’s speaking. He asks is there any more secrets? and then tells her that her and her not so bad Gita mom can go to hell. She says there is no point talking to him right now. When he’s in his senses, she will talk to him. She leaves.

VP tells Mamta that he had to tell Ritwik about Gita. She gets shocked saying she stopped Palak from telling him about Gita. Why he told him. He says he has right to know.

Ritwik is walking on street in drunken state. Ananya sees him and takes him with her. Later, she calls Mamta and informs her that she called Palak many times but could not reach her, so she took him to her house. She says he’s acting very strange. Mamta says nothing has remained like before, everyone is broken.

Precap: Ritwik, Rohit come to Vikrant’s house. They find Palak in Vikrant’s bedroom in a nighty and get shocked. Palak tells Ritwik until marriage it was fine, but after that he lost money, name, image. She is not happy with him.

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