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Bigg Boss 12 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 45
Inmates wake up to song hai re.. larka ye. Vikas and Shilpa wakes up. Sristy dances around with Jasleen. Vikas dances with Deepika and Shilpa.

Shilpa says to Romil that your enemies make you winner here. Romil says competition is tough, KV, Sree and Deepika have fan following.
KV says to Vikas to give him tips. Vikas says you are not taking lead in tasks, you dont show aggression like Deepak, you have to get involved in tasks, you saw how Shilpa started fighting in task as soon as she enters house, there is nothing wrong or right here, dont think too much.

Urvashi says to Somi that sorry but I know you feel uncomfortable when they link you with Deepak, Somi says yes. Urvashi says then clarify that you dont have those feelings, you

have to go out of this house too and face family. Somi says he is like my brother.

Deepak starts behna.. Urvashi starts tum mile.. KV dances with Somi.

Firecracker starts, Romil and KV runs to store room, they collect things. KV gives it Deepika. Somi starts making rangoli. Surbhi says you people take so much white. Jasleen asks Somi if she is making tyre? Megha is making rangoli. Somi tries to attack her, Shiv tries to stop but Somi destroys rangoli. Megha washes her platform. Rohit throws water too. Shiv runs and steals Shilpa’s team’s colors. All hoot. Vikas asks Shilpa to hug him, she says eww and runs away. Shilpa says we dont have colors. Romil tries to take colors from Vikas but Vikas asks girls to come forward. Shilpa takes Romil from there and says let them relax. Vikas gives colors to Megha. Romil is destroying colors. Shiv says thisis not allowed. Somi writes ‘happy diwali’ on her board. Vikas says this is not allowed. Shilpa tries to destroy Megha’s rangoli, Megha says referee cant do it. Vikas says this is not allowed. They see colors thrown on Megha’s platform, Deepak says its like five pimples. Megha says its pimples from your face. Deepak says you are spitting poison, dont comment about my face, I didnt comment about your face. Megha says you are commenting on my rangoli. Bigg Boss asks to tell their decision. Vikas says she is not giving us point. Shilpa says this is not rangoli, we cant reach a decision. Bigg Boss says this round is cancelled too.

Sree asks Vikas who is going to store room from team? Vikas says same KV. Sree says you cant do this, you have to switch. Vikas says family can protect, you are not allowed to go, we have to make team win.
Vikas says to Sristy that Sree has gone mad, he is not doing anything.
Sree says to Shiv and Jasleen that who is he to not let me go? I was sitting near rangoli last night, Deepika says why are you sitting alone now? Sree says I want to protect this time. Jasleen says you have to show that you are working for team. Vikas comes there and says we are in one team. Sree says we can sit anywhere we want. Vikas says you have to understand all are watching. Sree says I know all about you. Vikas says dont cross the line. Sreesanth is angered by how Vikas has talked to him as Jasleen, Dipika try to calm him down. The argument between Vikas and Sreesanth heats up. Sreesanth calls him a ‘fake mastermind’, while Vikas calls him mannerless. Jasleen says to Sree whats the guarantee that you will play for Vikas only? Sree says to Vikas dont call me mannerless. Sree says you are an idiot, he charges to him, Vikas keeps saying mannerless to him. Romil says Vikas dont call him that. Sree says he is fake, this is the mastermind? Sree says to Megha that I can sit anywhere in house, he is fake and came to me. Megha says they are guests, dont do it. Sree says he called me mannerless, I will not spare him. Megha says you cant do it. Sree goes to sit with Shinde family. Shinde family welcomes him. Jasleen says to Sree that you cant do it. Sree says your Gupta parivar head is calling me mannerless.

Sree calls Vikas fake and line producer. Vikas says this is the first time someone is going against their own team. Sree goes and runs to Vikas. Vikas says you are mannerless, too much. Sree is about to throw water on him but Deepika tries to stop him. Vikas says you are mannerless. Sree says thank God I was not in last season. Vikas laughs at him, you cant stand because you are not a man. Vikas says you dont deserved to be talked. Sree shows him some sign and says something. Vikas says what did you say? you are cheap. Sree claps and says stand up. Sristy says to Sree that you are being mannerless by clapping. Surbhi says to girls that you cant fight alone? Megha shouts at her to be in limits. Surbhi jokes about Megha, Surbhi says she was winner? eww, throw on her face, character. Megha says see what audience does.

Jasleen asks Sree to not do this, I wont play like this, I thought you were doing that to go to Shilpa’s team to become captain.

Firecracker pays, Romil and KV runs to take colors. KV takes most colors. Sree goes to him. KV hides. Vikas asks to call Jasleen and Sristy. KV asks Sree to not touch. Deepika says brother please, Sree says dont call me brother, he asks her to not touch. KV says tell me what you can do? Shiv stands infront of KV. He holds Sree. Deepika says I cant do it anymore. She leaves. Sree says to KV that if you have guts then come out. KV says who the hell are you? Megha destroys the rangoli being made by Surbhi. Megha asks Surbhi to play. Surbhi says this is her strategy to win? Rohit says you keep doing this. Megha says it will take 10 seasons for you to win. Shiv throws water on Surbhi’s rangoli. Sree says I will push KV. Vikas tries to stop Sree. Sree screams at him. KV tries to attack Sree too. Vikas calms KV down. KV pushes Sree away.

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