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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam rescues Amrita from danger

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pritam saying you have to decide, will you all go to jail, or these two. Angad says listen to me once. Pritam says what’s this drama when you asked me everything. Dada ji says lets end the matter, we were worried, times are such, we don’t know anything, they made me doubt you. He asks Baljeet and Pammi to leave. Everyone leaves. Dada ji says forgive us for the mistake. Guneet says we made a mistake, dad apologized to you, but matter doesn’t end here, we will talk later. He asks Angad to come. Angad says sorry and goes. Amrita gets tensed.

Angad says Pritam didn’t say wrong, we were breaking his room lock. Nimmo says its our room. Soni says we gave it to rent. They get the mosquito repellent smoke smell. Amrita shuts the door. Dada ji jokes. Baljeet says come on the same topic, make Pritam out. Kamli cleans the stove. The gas pipe gets loose. Pammi asks is he a lawyer. Baljeet says they don’t know anything. Pammi says make him out of the house. Kamli goes to get the vegetables. The pipe gets removed. The gas leaks. Pritam says its good I came on time, I have to control my anger, who would have got this idea, that fake doctor, did she tell them about me, I have to do something of her. Amrita says this idea wasn’t good, its illegal. Baljeet says now Amrita also became a lawyer.

Nimmo says make him leave. Amrita says I agree. Guneet says I called him to meet. Pammi gets the bad smell. Soni says its coming from outside. Baljeet says its lunch time. Pammi asks Soni to get something to eat. Amrita says I will make something. She goes to the kitchen. Pritam also gets the milk to boil. He gets the gas smell. He checks his stove and cylinder. Amrita goes to cook. Pritam goes out and gets the smell. He says did they leave the gas open. He shouts to them that gas is leaking. Nimmo asks Amrita to make tea, she will make pakodas. Pritam runs downstairs.

Amrita takes the matchbox to ignite the stove. Pritam comes there running. Everyone sees Pritam running. Pritam throws away the matchstick and pulls Amrita by her arm. Everyone shouts seeing this.

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