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Ye Dil to pyaar maange hai #riansh #immj2 #forever #1

Hello guys!!!!
How are you doing? Well lemme introduce myself… Me Sudiksha class 10 student, riansh lover. So this is my first ff so please guys support meee🥺

Bakbak kuch zyada hii nai ho gayi…. Khair chhoro v let’s start.

So the episode starts with…..

A beautiful couple was seen sleeping in each other’s arms cuddling each other.

Sundays began to fall on the girls face and she yelled at her partner with droopy eyes” Kabirr! Haven’t you closed the window curtains?”

Ya that boy was Kabu.

He said” yaarr Riddhima! So Jao na aise hi face par pillow rakh lo na” and turned aside and slept.

And the girl was OUR Riddhima.(kis kis ko laga ki riansh Hain)

Finally fed up she worked up and saw that the birds were chirping in the window.. a smile crept on her face..

Her Pov

Hello I am Riddhima Raichand ooppss Riddhima Kabir Goenka. Here’s my sweet hubby is sleeping like an innocent child.. We had an arranged love marriage. Our parents arranged our marriage when they got to know about us. we had been married since 3 months. Now I have to go or else he will get started with his morning romance ughh that too without brushing eeww.

Pov ends.

“Good morning darling 😘!” Kabir said as he held her wrist and pulled her close to him and she landed upon him.

” Lemme go Kabir.” She said.

Then he made her lie in the bed and was about to kiss her then there was a knock in the door. He was irritated of this. He let her go.

She went and opened the door and saw Punam maid servant in the villa.

Punam told” Good morning mam. Today at 10am Sir has to go to Dubai for an important meeting.” She told and went.

Then Riddhima went inside and told Kabir” is it important to go? Don’t go naa I will miss u. How can I stay without you for a month?”

Then Kabir made her sit and told” It is very important meeting dear. I will have to go or else I will face a huge loss”

Then she told okay now get ready or flight will go to Dubai and u will remain here only.. gooooo

He ran to washroom.

And after completing her daily chores they had their breakfast and Kabir left .

After 1 month..

Riddhima is yelling at the servants ” finish the work fast he’ll be coming anytime still much is left”.

After 3 hours she was all ready to welcome her Husband.. and suddenly the door bell rang and she ran like maniac..

And she opened the door and thudddd…

Done for today guyss…. U can guess what would have happened after that…..

Please shower ur love for Mee …

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