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Twist Of Fate KKB – Episode 5

Previous Episode:

Next day morning :

Everyone wakes up and after completing the morning routine, everyone comes to the breakfast table around 8 AM, except, Pranbir and Sid. They are still sleeping.

Pallavi – Rhea, where is Sid?

Rhea – Aunty, he is sleeping.

Didaa – He is working very sincerely for the company. Let him sleep some more time. By the way, where are Ranbir and Prachi?

Pallavi (irritated by listening to Prachi’s name) – They also must be sleeping. After all, there were no restrictions on them for 2 years. So, they are doing whatever she wants. That girl has spoilt my Ranbir too.

Didaa – It’s not like that Pallavi. They are not used to be living in the family. Once we tell her, she won’t repeat this mistake again.

Prachi hurriedly goes downstairs as she was super late for breakfast.

Prachi POV:

Prachi, today is your first day in Sasural, and today only you had to wake up late. Already mummy had not forgiven me. Now she will be more upset. I should have wake up early.

At Breakfast table:

Seeing Prachi late and without Ranbir, Pallavi gets angrier.

Pallavi – Prachi, you are late for breakfast. Don’t you know there are some breakfast, lunch and dinner timings fixed in this house? Now you are with the family and I have to tell you these small things? And where is Ranbir?

Prachi (Stammering) – He is sleeping.

Pallavi – What? You are new to this house, But Ranbir knows all rules, Still sleeping. What have you made of my son!!

Didaa – Let it go pallavi. They will not repeat this mistake again.

Prachi – I will go and wake him up.

Pallavi – No need, you have breakfast and after that, you and Rhea take breakfast for Ranbir and Sid in your rooms only.

Everyone completes their breakfast and goes to their rooms. While Rhea and Prachi were plating breakfast for Sid and Ranbir in the kitchen.

Prachi – Rhea, Please wake up Sid, as he has meeting at 10:30 AM in KPR company. And I have heard that the owner is very punctual. If Sid gets late, it won’t be good for our company’s impression. This is a very big project.

Rhea nods in agreement.

Rhea – Why didn’t you tell everyone that you were awake and doing office work till morning?

Prachi – Rhea, no one knows that I work and help Sid in Business. And you also never mention anything in front of anyone. It’s a secret.

Rhea nods and they both leave for their respective rooms.

Pranbir Room :

Prachi opens the curtains and stands in front of Ranbir letting little light fall on his face. She kisses his forehead and asks him to wake up.

Prachi – Ranbir, wake up, It’s already 8:30 in the morning. We all had our breakfasts already and I have brought yours in the room. Wake up and have your breakfast Ranbir.

Ranbir smiles while sleeping and pulls Prachi closer while sleeping.

Ranbir – Chikchiki, let me sleep and you also sleep with me. After all, you were also awake the whole night.

Prachi – Baklu today is my first day in this house and you are asking me to sleep. In fact, you should be awake by now. Already Mummy is very angry about you not waking up on time.

Ranbir – Mummy is always angry with us. I don’t care.

Prachi – Ranbir please wake up. I have to clean this room and get ready. Wake up Ranbir.

Prachi releases herself from Ranbir’s grip and pulls Ranbir out of the bed and asks him to get ready till she completes room cleaning and serves breakfast for him.

Ranbir goes to freshen up and Prachi starts cleaning their room.

SidRhea Room :

Rhea goes to the room and pulls curtains so that sunlight will fall on Sid’s face and he will wake up. But he puts a pillow on his face to block sunlight. Seeing this Rhea goes near him to wake him up.

Rhea – Siddharth, please wake up.

Sid – Rhea 5 minutes.

Rhea – Okay then, I will go and get my shower.

After about 15 minutes rhea comes out and is getting ready while some drops of water from her hair fall on sid’s face, due to which he wakes up. Sid was mesmerized by seeing rhea’s beauty and wakes up. He was constantly staring at Rhea while she was getting ready and smiling. Rhea did not notice all this

After rhea gets ready, she sees that Sid was sitting on bed awake and looking at her.

Rhea – Sid, don’t you have a meeting today for which you were preparing the whole night yesterday.

Sid – Yes I have it at 10:30 Am.

Rhea – I know that and it’s already 9 am.

Sid – what?

Rhea – Yes.

Sid – I am gone. I am super late for the meeting.

Rhea – I know that so I brought breakfast here only in the room. Get ready, have it and leave for the meeting.

Sid – Thanks a lot rhea. You are the best. What would have happened with me if you were not here.

Rhea smiles listening to this and sid goes to get ready while Rhea plates his breakfast.

After some time, Sid completes his breakfast and leaves for his meeting.


Pragya’s car had a breakdown and she was getting late for the meeting.

Pragya – How long will it take to mend this car?

Driver – Ma’am I am not able to recognize the problem. I think I should call a mechanic.

Pragya – Do that fast.

Driver – Ma’am, you can go in a taxi, I will mend this car and bring it as soon as possible.

Pragya – Okay.

Pragya tried to book a taxi but the app was not working. So, she was standing on side of the road to get a taxi or at least a lift.

Sid was traveling on the same route and was thinking about rhea while driving. Due to this, he was moving off track and was about to hit Pragya. He heard a scream: NOOOO… and came out of his thoughts about Rhea and was Shocked…

Precap: Pragya – Rhea hit and miss, Prachi’s first day in the house…

P.S.: I want to know if you all want a Pragya Sid scene like Abhi Sid or not ??

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