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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol talks to Arjun

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kajol thinking Arjun lied to her. Anu asks Kajol to come. Apu asks Kajol to see what to order. Chandrika says if Arjun da was not busy then would have come running here. Everyone order for themselves. Kajol says she doesn’t want anything. Naina asks if your stomach got full seeing the rates and asks her to order something. Arjun’s phone rings. Kajol thinks this is his phone. Apu says it seems someone has forgotten her phone, I will give it to Manager. Kajol says what everyone will think if Arjun returns to take his phone. Anu, Chandrika and Apu ask Kajol if she will miss them. Shreya tells Arjun that they shall not go home, instead shall go for shopping. Arjun says it seems he has forgotten his phone and is coming inside. Apu tells that burger is small, but nice. Naina taunts him. She asks Kajol to behave normally. Anu sees Chandrika and calls him. Everyone greets him.

Baba comes to take loan from someone. The guy tells that you have not returned the old debt and asking you. He says you shall do the marriage as per your status. He says if you can take loan of 60 lakhs then shall repay my money. Baba says after Kajol’s marriage. Arjun comes there and tells that he has come with the foreign delegates for the meeting and has to drop them now. Naina says next time he shall give them treat. Arjun asks them to order and says he will pay the bill. Kajol says no, Baba has given us money. She says I will call you in the evening, needs to talk to you. Arjun comes out and tells that he met some foreign delegates inside.

They all come home. Pishimaa asks them to show the bill. She checks the bill and says 7000 bill. She says it would have brought ration in poor house. Chachi says its ok, show what you have shopped. They show the things brought by them. Chacha asks why is she upset? Chachi gets emotional. Naina asks them to keep some tears for marriage. Chandrika tells that they met Arjun in the hotel. Apu says he was ready to pay the bill, but Didi refused. Kajol asks where is baba? Her mother asks her to call him.

Kajol calls Baba and asks where is he? she hears traffic sound and ends the call. Baba is about to get hit by the car, thinking he didn’t get the loan. He comes home. Kajol shows the clothes brought for him. She asks did you talk to Arjun’s father. Baba says he says he didn’t get the time to talk to him. Kajol asks him to tell Arjun’s father that they can’t give him car. Baba says he will try to give car. Baba says this is not dowry. Kajol says this is dowry and wrong. He says he has promised to fulfill his promise, will do and if he can’t then will refuse. Kajol says but baba. Baba says now we will not discuss anymore. She thinks I have to lie to you, I need to talk to Arjun. Arjun calls Kajol and asks my Jaan and my princess, were you thinking about me. He says we will be in each other embrace after 7th. He says he couldn’t join her due to the meeting. Kajol asks her to stop lying and says I have seen you going out of restaurant with bhabhi. Arjun says I didn’t tell you full truth, it was my mistake. He says he found Bhabhi in the restaurant after the meeting and she gave me the shopping list given by Maa. He makes an excuse. Kajol says he couldn’t bear any lie and asks him to tell the truth. He promises her and says I will not break your promise. She asks can we meet tomorrow? Arjun says yes. She asks him to meet in the temple. Arjun says ok, and says you know I love you. She ends the call. He thinks what is this new thing, Kajol never talks like this.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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