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Hi guys, here is chapter 6 of my FF. hope you like it. Thanks for the comment in last chapter. Here is its link

Here it goes….

Vansh pov

Since Ridhimma mentioned abnegation all my past came swirling before me. The memories which I chose to keep away again replayed in my mind. I snapped out at her immediately as told her to shut up. But another thing which scared me was that her straightforward attitude may land her in problem especially with Eric. I have never seen such a curious abnegation this led me to another theory and if that theory is correct she has to be careful . I said her to be careful in a calmer tone and left from there immeadiately as it was so much for me to contain and came straight here the training room and started boxing.

Suddenly I heard the sound of door opening and turned to find Ridhimma there. There was less brightness but still enough to see her face. Her face was radiating some other kind of aura . She was different he knew since the moment she first jumped and that feeling was getting stronger and stronger. Her eyes held guilt and that made me feel guilty as well. I shouldn’t have shouted at her after all she knew nothing about me. Setting aside all the emotions I asked

Vansh: what are you doing here that too at this time.

Ridhimma: ac..tually I wanted to talk about dinning hall incident . I am..

Before she could speak any further I interrupted her and said in a calm voice

Vansh: there is nothing to talk about but you should remember that I belong here and you will remember me by that only. Tomorrow you have training at 8 AM sharp so go and sleep.

Ridhimma stayed for a moment as if wanted to speak something but decided against it and just nodded and was about to turn when I called her out.

Vansh: Ridhimma, be careful

Saying this I turned back to boxing and after sometime heard sound of closing door.

Next day

Ridhimma pov

Since last night conversation with Vansh I was tensed to meet him. At 8AM along with all the initiates we reached the training room. I saw four keeping guns on the table . I also saw Eric standing behind him. As soon as we got Organized properly Vansh and Eric came in front of us . Eric started speaking

Eric: I am Eric the leader of dauntless and as you all know that your dauntless training starts today . There will be three stages of training and at the end of exam stage there will be ranking . The bottom 4 will be cut and they will become factionless . So be careful or ready to become factionless less . Vansh will explain you in detail. Right Vansh??

Vansh: sure

All of us gasp listening that cuts will start from stage 1 only. Eric smirks seeing the fear in our eyes. I must say he is a pure sadist even by the looks he gives to Vansh I feel he is insecure about his job while Vansh being here.

Looking at our shocked faces he goes out of the room .

Vansh: as Eric said there will 3 stages . First stage will be physical second stage will mental and third stage will be emotional . Dauntless believes that we should strong in all these aspect in order to protect others and ourselves.

Your first stage starts from today and the first thing you will learn is shooting .now carefully look at me.

Seeing this Vansh positioned himself in front of target levelled the gun and pressed the trigger . The bullet went straight through the middle hole .

We all take our gun and stand infront of target. If I were in abnegation holding a gun would have been considered defiance to the faction but here its normal . I position myself in front of target and press the trigger . The sudden recoil pushed me back the gun hits my nose. I rub my nose wincing. I fire again and again but bullet is not even near target . Vansh was on other side of room . Suddenly peter who a little away from me yawning says

Peter : what is even need to practice it ??

Unfortunately it was loud enough for Vansh to hear . He comes in front of him presses the gun on his forehead and pulls the trigger . Peter froze on his place

Vansh: if you think it is useless then I will be more than happy to let you become factionless. You are holding a loaded gun so idiot act like that .

Vansh snaps out at him and goes . I don’t want to be snapped out like that so I return to my practice . My next two shots also miss the target . Aryan who was beside me says

Aryan: by stats you should have hit target by now

Me: is it??(raising eyebrows)

And the next shot finds the target making me smile.

Aryan: you see stats don’t lie. (smiling)

Me: yeah

By the time practice finishes it was lunch time . I along with Aryan Christina and Al (Albus) find a table and sit taking our food. I see Vansh sitting with his friends and yesterday incident comes in my mind . I see the girl sitting beside Vansh putting a hand on his shoulder but Vansh brushes it off and the boy opposite to Vansh laugh and somewhere I also find a smile. I return back my attention to my friends . We start talking on random topics . Aryan jokes inbetween I and we all laugh . I find myself laughing freely which feels good .

After lunch Vansh leads us to another room it emptier than prevoius one. There is a board where our named are written in alphabetical order. Vansh comes in front of us starts speaking

Vansh: the next thing you will learn is to fight. It will help you to against threatening situations and to survive dauntless life. I will show some move and you all will practice from tomorrow you will start fighting.

Vansh names some moves and punches and demonstrates them . After demonstration we start practicing . I try to copy Vansh moves and get in correct position. Vansh is moving around the room and supervising everyone . He stops near me and looks at my body . His eyes doesn’t linger anywhere and gives a practical scientific look.

Vansh: you don’t have much muscles so you can work more on elbows and knees

He keeps his hands on my stomach and says

Vansh: don’t forget to keep the tension here

Saying this he went away while I can still feel the pressure of his hand around my stomach . I almost stopped breathing when he did that.

After getting normal I again start practicing . Soon practice ends and we all eat our dinner and retard to bed . I was so exhausted and immeadiately fall asleep as soon as my head touches pillow .

Precap: getting tattoo and fight.

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