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Riansh : An Incomplete Love Story – (Part-2)


Author’s POV:-

Riddhima entered in the apartment and saw Aryan sitting on the sofa keeping his hand on his head. Taking a glass fill of water, she moved to him and passed it to him. Aryan looked up and saw her. He getting up bowed down his head.

Aryan: Sorry Bhabhi, it all happened because of us.

Aryan said closing her eyes, his voice was having guilt.

Riddhima: Aryan now stop blaming yourself. Even Ishani is doing the same. Anyway I talked to Maa about you two. Maa have called you in the evening. Don’t let Kabir know anything about all this, Please.

She told and he was shocked by her last words.

Aryan: Bhabhi, Kabir will hate you. He will think that you have married Vansh for his money and on top mom will also hate you. No bhabhi at least they should know what you are doing for their family.

Aryan told her and was about to pick up his phone when Riddhima snatched it.

Riddhima: Are you mad? That only Vansh want and that’s even my family. Please do as per asked or everyone time I won’t be able to save you from Vansh.

Riddhima shouted at him and threw the phone on the couch.

Aryan: Bhabhi, I won’t tell but at least you tell everything to Kabir………..

He said but before he could complete she interrupted him.

Riddhima: Aryan please stop it, please. You both have to get married within this week. It’s already very difficult to convince mom and after telling Kabir what do you think will happen? Vansh won’t let him even come here.

Aryan now got to know that’s its difficult to save her now.

Riddhima: I shouldn’t have slapped him in front of the whole media, just because of that slap his image got tarnished in front of the world and now I’m going to pay for it.

Riddhima told him and sat on the floor.

Aryan: First of all you weren’t at fault bhabhi, he was the one who disrespected you and what do you think bhabhi just for a slap he will marry you? He definitely had some other motive about which we aren’t aware of.

Aryan told her a bit suspicious about Vansh.

Riddhima: No Aryan he told me he just have want to destroy my self-respect. So definitely he don’t have any other motive. Are you coming with me now?

Riddhima asked him making him come out of his confused world.

Aryan: Bhabhi are you sure? No I mean are you doing right?

Aryan asked again and saw her face.

Riddhima: I’m myself confused.


As soon as the Vansh opened his eyes he was greeted by his daily companion, headache. Opening his eyes, he saw the blur vision in front of him. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around to see he was still in the pool area.

He face palmed himself and got down from his chair. Entering to his room, he moved to the closet. As soon as he opened it he looked at the official papers. It was the copy of their marriage certificate.

He smirking remembered about the incident of yesterday.

Flashback starts:-

Vansh enters into the hospital where Ishani was admitted. He saw Riddhima sitting on the bench in front of the ward room. He moved to Riddhima and grabbing her arms, he pulled her inside a cabin, ignoring her shouts.

Vansh looked at the doctor sitting on the chair, gesturing him he asked him to leave the room. As soon as the doctor left, turning around the chair he sat there and looked at Riddhima.

Riddhima: What are you doing here? That slap wasn’t enough for you. Where is Aryan?

Riddhima shouted at him, making his anger rose. Getting up immediately he grabbed her neck and pulled her towards himself.

Vansh: Don’t you dare to shout at me once again. You already are going to pay for the slap and you still have the audacity to shout. Don’t forget that Aryan is in my clutches.

Riddhima stood there confused.

Riddhima: What do you mean?

He smirking gave her few papers, grabbing it she looked at them shocked for a moment and then burst into laughter.

Riddhima: I’ll marry you. Really? Don’t joke.

She said while laughing he was still having a smirk he again passed her another papers. Taking them she started flipping the papers.

Vansh: Now tell, what is your decision?

He said and sat down with one foot on the other.

Flashback ends:-

His thoughts were interrupted by Angre who was standing at the door.

Angre: Good Morning Boss.

Angre said and bowed down.

Vansh: Good Morning. What are you doing here at this time?

He asked him raising his eyebrows. Angre passed him the file which was in his hand.

Angre: Boss, Bhabhi is making Anupriya agree for Ishani and Aryan’s marriage. But what if Kabir got to know about this.

Angre asked confused and saw Vansh smirking face while reading the file.

Vansh: Don’t worry Angre. He won’t be able to get to know anything. My sweetheart is there to handle it.

Angre nodded his head and left after taking the file.


Riddhima looked at Aryan who was sitting in front of her while Anupriya was looking at him.

Anupriya: Ok I agree for the marriage because Riddhima and Kabir trusts you and that’s enough for me.

Anupriya said while smiling. Riddhima took a deep breath making herself ready for the thing which was going to come.

Riddhima: Maa, if you are ready and even they are then let’s get them married in this week only.

Riddhima told praying she would understand her.

Anupriya: Yaa that’s a good idea Riddhima. But Kabir is still not here.

Anupriya said while looking at them. Just then Ishani came and stood there.

Ishani: Mom, it will take more time for bhai to come back around 5-6 months.

Ishani said and looked at Riddhima whose fingers were crossed.

Anupriya: Then Riddhima, do one thing call the priest if there is any near date then we’ll get them married or we’ll wait till Kabir comes.

Riddhima nodded and left towards a corner. Scrolling through her phone she looked at the number.


Angre was sitting in the study area going through the files, just then his phone rang. Looking at the caller Id he immediately picked it up.

Angre: Yes Bhabhi.

He said and got up.

Riddhima: Angre, ask one of your men to come here as a priest and tell the date of day after tomorrow for Ishani and Aryan’s marriage and ask him to say if they didn’t get married then they can’t marry till next 3 years.

Angre nodded his head while humming and Riddhima disconnected the call moving towards Anupriya.


After 5 days:-

As per the plan everything went well, Riddhima made Anupriya agree to get Ishani and Aryan married without Kabir.

Riddhima looked at Aryan who was standing in front of her.

Aryan: Bhabhi, Angre is here to take you to VR Mansion.

Riddhima nodded and was about to move out but stopped.

Riddhima: Aryan, Take care of you and Ishani.

Aryan gave her a smile and she left.

As soon as Riddhima came out, she saw Angresitting on the driver’s seat while Vansh was sitting at the back. She moved towards the car and was about to open the door when she heard Vansh voice.

Vansh: Sit in another car.

Riddhima left the door and looked at the car standing. She sat in that one.


Entering VR Mansion, Riddhima looked at the decoration all around the hall. She was aware it was for their reception. She followed the girl walking in front of her leading her to the room which was assigned to her.

Girl: Ma’am your dresses are in the cupboard and Vansh’s sir room in on the other side.

Riddhima nodded and girl left the room.

Riddhima: Why he kept the reception tonight, does he want to just announce me as his wife or?

Shrugging her thoughts, she moved towards the cupboard and opening it looked at the red gown embroidered with silver stripes. She changed into it.

It was simple yet elegant and she was looking beautiful in it. Looking at herself for a last time in the mirror, she sat down on the couch waiting for someone to call her.

That only happened, after about 10-15 minutes, Angre came.

Angre: Bhabhi, Guests are here. Boss is calling you down.

She nodded and was about to move with him when she heard him.

Angre: Bhabhi you being announced as his wife will be LIVE. So…

She looked at him and understood what he meant. She passed him a smile after all he was only one with whom she was this comfortable in the whole VR Mansion.

She moved down and was about to take turn when a message came on her phone. Scrolling through the phone she looked at the name of the messenger, it was Angre.

“All the Best, Bhabhi”

She turned back to look at him but he was not there, she frowned at the message.

As she stepped down on the stairs, spot light came on her. She immediately covered her eyes because of the sudden light. Slowly removing her hands, she looked at Vansh and guests who were standing.

Vansh: So Ladies and Gentlemen meet my gorgeous wife, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania.

He said looking at her and forwarded his hand to her, she kept her hand on his. He winked at her and squeezed her hand tightly. It was so tight that his fingers were imprinted on her palm. She looked at him and tried to free her hand, their eye lock were broken by the sound of clapping.

He pulled her down and giving her a fake smile took the bottle of champagne flipping the cap, he looked at her face. She was already pretty and the red gown and spot light was adding more charm to her face. He smirked at her.

Filling two glasses with champagne, he passed one to her. She looked at him and then at the glasses.

Riddhima: I don’t drink.

She said in a low voice and that was golden chance for him, he kept his glass on the table and moved to her. Pulling her by her waist he forcefully made her drink. She looked at him shocked by his behavior but felling many gazes she didn’t pushed him. He left her after the drink was over.

Vansh: Let’s start the party.

He said and left her waist and moved to the bar counter. Sitting on the chair he was talking with someone but his eyes were just on Riddhima who was talking to someone smiling.

He looked at the girl who was wearing short dress, then he looked at Angre who was standing beside him. He pointed at the music system. Nodding he left, Vansh moved to the girl while looking at Riddhima. He forwarded his hands to her.

She was shocked by his action and getting excited for dancing with “The VRS”. She gladly kept her hand on his. He pulled her in the middle of the hall. Riddhima looked at him. He was dancing with her intimately by keeping his hands on her waist while girl had encircled her hands over his neck.

Vansh must be dancing with her but his eyes were just on Riddhima, he twirls the girl to some other man and pulled Riddhima towards him, her front hits his chest. She grabbed his shoulder to support herself. He twirls her and suddenly pulled her so hard that her leg got twist. She held his arms, but he didn’t stopped there he made her stand up.

All guest were just noticing there dance as Riddhima was trying her best to show themselves as a perfect couple. He smirked at her before she could understand his intentions he twirled her but this time he didn’t pulled her. As her leg was injured and his sudden twirl made her fell over one of the waitress. She balanced herself but the waitress fell on the floor and all the drinks were spilled.

Riddhima looked at everyone. Angre helped the girl to stand up. Vansh came to her and stood beside her.

Vansh: Tch…Tch…Riddhima what you did already there were less waiters and you hurt her even. So biwi go and serve everyone.

Riddhima looked at him shocked, not only she all the guests were shocked by his words.

Riddhima: Van….

She was about to talk to him but looked at Angre who shook his head knowing what Vansh was waiting for. She nodded. Vansh stopped one of the waitress and she gave the tray to Riddhima.

Taking it Riddhima looked at him with teary eyes, which might was a soothe to his heart. She started serving to everyone while Vansh again moved to his bar counter eyeing her. He looked at the same girl and winked at her. She passed him a nod.

Riddhima heard everyone gossiping about her, tears were about to make way from her eyes but she didn’t let anyone notice it. She came to the girl and served her, as she took the glass Riddhima was about to move when the girl herself, threw the glass full of wine on her dress making herself drench in it.

Girl: What the hell? You idiot…

She started blaming her gaining everyone’s attention.

Riddhima: I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to…

Riddhima said and looked at Vansh to gain some help. But it was of no use, he was just passing her smirks.

Girl: See…It was my designer dress. If you even sell yourself you can’t pay for it. blo*dy cheap.

Riddhima was about to reply back when she heard Vansh’s words.

Vansh: Don’t worry she’ll help you to clean it. Right Riddhima?

He asked looking at her. Might be it’s a shocking day for her.

Riddhima: I won’t. How can you say me to do? I’m your wife.

Riddhima exclaimed

Vansh: Riddhima, my wife… You can’t manage one thing and saying yourself as my wife wait then how were dating two guys at a time.

His statement came as a shocker for her, she looked around and saw everyone passing her a disgusting look. Tears made its way from her eyes. She wanted to reply back but knowing someone life is at stake, wiping her tears she left the party.

Closing the door, she crying laid down on the bed hugging the pillow. She closed her eyes when cold water was splashed on her face, she opened her eyes and looked up to see Vansh. He held her by her shoulder and pinned her to the wall hitting her injured leg with the table. She closed her eyes.

Vansh: So how you felt after getting insulted?

Riddhima opened her teary eyes.

Riddhima: Why are you doing all this? 

Riddhima asked and he tightened his grip on her shoulder.

Vansh: Don’t you know why? 

He grabbed her jaw and pinned her hand over the wall. She looked at him. He took her a lips into a forceful kiss, slowly sucking her lips. She hits his leg by her leg, making him fall on his back. She then slapped him tightly.  


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