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Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Tulika becomes pregnant with Suresh’s baby

Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suresh is sitting with Tulika. He gets a call from his boss and says I am coming right now. He ends the call and says I am worried, what if I lose my job? Sunita says how will we run this house.. Nima says just think positive. Tulika says maybe her new daughter brought this bad luck to our house. Sunita says she is ill-fated. Suresh asks them to stop it and leaves.

Nima is playing with her daughters. Sia asks if her mother used to play with her also? Nima gets sad recalling her parents. Sia says when will I start school? Nima says I will talk to your baba today.

Tulika, Sunita and Madhuri are playing cards. Madhuri says Sunita always cheat. Sunita orders Nima around for refreshment. Suresh comes back home and is tensed. Nima brings water for him but Tulika sits beside him. Suresh starts laughing. Sunita says he has gone crazy. Suresh says I got an increment, I will earn more now. Sunita and Tulika are excited. Tulika says I will go for a honeymoon now. Nima thanks God and brings sweets to them. Suresh smiles and makes her eat with his hand. Nima smiles. Tulika says I brought good luck in this house, I should get sweets. Suresh doesn’t make her eat but puts the sweets in her hand. Suresh tells Nima that I have some work with you. Tulika says you can tell if you have some work. Suresh says I have a work with Nima, he takes her from there.

Suresh sits with Nima. She asks what happened? Tulika is trying to spy on them. Suresh holds Nima’s hand and puts some money on her palm. Tulike stands on the stool and looks through the window in their room. Nima asks why this? Suresh says you and the daughters are my responsibility, God gave this money to me so I can take care of my family. Do you still have a problem with me? Nima says I never had a complain, thank you for thinking about us. She starts to leave but Suresh stops her. He shows her a gajra and puts it in her hair. Nima smiles. Suresh and Nima come close to kiss each other. Tulika screams and falls down from the stool. Nima tells Suresh to think about Tulika, this is not right.

Scene 2
Tulika has hurt her back. She tells Sunita that Suresh gave so much money to that devil Nima. Why would she need it? Just stop him. Sunita says you will separate them. You are a good looking girl so try to seduce Suresh. You have to give birth to a boy.

Nima tells Suresh that Sia would be excited to go to the school. Suresh says I am really happy today. Tulika comes there and asks Suresh to come with her, she has to show him something. I need your time too. Suresh nods and goes to their room. Tulika tells Nima to go to sleep as we are going to have our marriage night.

Tulika brings Suresh to a room. She is dressed in a s*xy saree. Suresh looks at the hotel room and asks what is all this? Tulika says we need to spend time together. She throws him on the bed and says remember this date 27th July.

Later on, Sunita asks Suresh what’s the date? He says 31st August. Tulika says it’s the salary day so he will take me out on shopping. Suresh hugs her and says why not. Sunita says this couple is so nice. Suresh leaves the house. Nima is working in the kitchen. Sunita scolds her. She asks Tulika if there is any news? You consummated your marriage 1 month ago so you must have some news? Tulika says there is nothing till now. Nima brings tea for her but Tulika starts vomiting. Nima rushes to her. Sunita calls Suresh but he is not picking up. She says I will have to take her to the hospital now. Nima goes to bring a taxi.

Suresh comes home and sees Nima sadly sitting there. He asks why is she crying? Nima says Tulika got ill after eating my food. I am worried about her. Suresh says don’t worry, she will be fine. He asks her to give food to him. Nima smiles. Sunita and Tulika come back home. Tulika says you both are enjoying here when we were in the hospital? Sunita says Tulika is going to be a mother. Suresh is excited and says really? Nima looks on.
Sunita gives smoke to Tulika to cast evil eye from her. All cough so Nima tries to open the windows. Sunita tells Nima to not inform anyone about Tulika’s pregnancy. Suresh says she doesn’t have friends like you here. Sunita says Suresh will have a boy this time. Suresh lovingly makes Tulika eat sweets. Nima sadly looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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