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My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-21)

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Author’s POV:-

Riddhima opened her eyes feeling a sudden pain in her head, she got up and looked at Vansh who was sleeping holding her hand. She smiled just then a slight pain grabbed her head. She jerked his hand, due to which he woke up.

Vansh: Riddhima

He opened her eyes and looked at confused Riddhima.

Riddhima: Who are you?

Riddhima asked the question in confusing and held her head once again. Vansh was shocked by her question he face palmed himself and then looked himself in the mirror to check if everything was ok with his face or not.

He took a sign on relief and then looked at Riddhima’s confused face.

Vansh: No way please.

He mumbled and moved towards her.

Vansh: Riddhima, I Vansh.

He told her she held her head and feeling the bandages looked at him.

Riddhima: How I got hurt? Who I’m?

Riddhima asked him in confusion. Vansh got another shock and in anger he threw the lamp with wires on the floor. Riddhima closed her ears getting scared. He looked at her scared face. Moving to her he cupped her face.

Vansh: Riddhima, I-I V-Vansh, your husband.

He told and again looked at her confused face. He left the room in anger but came back again.

Vansh: Rest…I’ll come after a while.

He was about to lock the door when she stood there.

Riddhima: Wait…you can’t lock me. I don’t trust you.

Riddhima told him, he took a deep breath and entered in again she moved back. He took more step and she moved back. She was about to say something when he saw the broken lamp near her feet, she was about to step on it when he scooped her in his arms.

Riddhima: What? Keep me down….Leave me Mr.

She wriggled in his arms.

Vansh: Vansh yours Vansh. Whether you agree or not. Unfortunately I’m your husband.

Vansh told her and kept her on the bed.

Riddhima: I’m not. First of all who I’m? See Let me go. You can’t keep me here.

She moved when he grabbed her hand and pulled her. She collided with his hard chest.

Vansh: Riddhima.

He shouted on her.

Riddhima: Huh?

She asked confused and looked at his face. She knew he was already angry and she was adding fuel to the fire.

Vansh: Riddhima, my Riddhima, my wife. Now shut up and sit here. I’ll come after sometimes and dare you to even move out.

He said and making her sit on the bed. Riddhima looked at him as he left the room.


Vansh came out of the room and moved towards the hall where all his servants were standing. He eyed them with anger.

Vansh: Who had spilled oil over the stairs?

He shouted on top of his voice and saw everyone bowing down.

Vansh: I want the answer.

He said with calmness still his voice held that power to scare the hell out of them. But when none answered he left towards the kitchen with anger.

Entering he took a pan and filling it with water kept on the gas stove.

Vansh’s POV:-

From last two days, I was busy for my meeting which ended today. Two days back when at late night I entered in my room. I saw….

Flashback starts:-

Vansh entered his room after completing his presentation. He looked at Riddhima who was sleeping on the bed. Looking at his watch it was 2 am. He took a deep breath just then his eyes fell on the half eaten plate.

He went to the other side of the bed and taking her in his embrace slept.


Riddhima opened her eyes and looked at other side, she saw Vansh sleeping there. She left for the washroom and when she came back she saw the room empty.

Knowing he might have again left for his presentation. She sat on the bed.

Riddhima: Why we came here? It would have been better if we were at home only with Aryan and Mom, not with him.

She mumbled to herself. On hearing the knock on the door she opened and saw one of the female servant standing there with the trolley.

Servant: Mam Vansh sir had asked you to have your breakfast on time.

She said and Riddhima took the trolley in.

Whole day went in the same way, Riddhima sitting all alone in the room while Vansh was busy with his presentation. Remembering something a smile crept on her face and again she slept without having her dinner. But that day Vansh didn’t came as next day was his presentation.


Vansh closed his laptop and took a deep breath.

Vansh: Finally it’s over.

He said and kept his head on the table closing his eyes. On the other side, it was enough for Riddhima she don’t want to stay caged in the room all alone talking with the walls.

She moved towards his study room, when she slipped on the stairs because of the oil. Hearing her scream, Vansh came out of his study and looked at unconscious Riddhima. Blood was oozing out from her forehead.

He took her in his arms and moved towards his room.

Flashback ends:-

When I saw her unconscious lying on the bed while doctor was treating her, I felt as I wasn’t able to breathe.

“Mr. Raisinghania, as you know she fell from the stairs so she should rest. Even, falling from such a height she might suffer from a short term memory loss but only if she get hurt in her brain.” I again recalled doctor’s words.

Huh, First that meeting then this memory loss. Why all the issues were assigned to come only on my honeymoon? Now I’ll have to face her.

Vansh’s POV ends-:

Author’s POV:-

Taking the soup he moved to his room. He looked at Riddhima who was sitting on the bed pouting.

Vansh: I asked you to rest.

He said and kept the tray on the side table.

Riddhima: Am I jumping over here?

Riddhima replied back and she saw him sitting in front of her.

As soon as he sat in front of her, she got up

Riddhima: Why are you sitting over here?

He immediately got up looking at her.

Vansh: Why? What’s the issue?

He asked looking at her.

Riddhima: See, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. How can you sit with me?

She said and he rolling his eyes, sat back.

Vansh: We’re married, Riddhima.

He said and saw her throwing angry glares. She marched towards him and stood in front of him bending just a bit over his face, looking into his eyes.

Riddhima: First of all stop calling me Riddhima and secondly I don’t remember anything then how can you say I’m married to you.

Riddhima said, bending more with each sentence which made him bend more. She got up noticing their close proximity.

Vansh: Done.

He asked her and sat back straight.

Vansh: Now sit here, Ri-ddh-i-ma.

He said stressing on word Riddhima and pulled her back.

Riddhima: What’s your problem?

She asked and again got up.

Vansh: Nothing now sit.

He repeated and pulled back.

Riddhima: No I will not.

She said and stood back once again.

Vansh: RIDDHIMA, I said sit means sit.

He shouted on top of his voice and she immediately sat not willing to make him more angry. He took the bowl and blowing over the spoon forwarded it to her.


Aryan was going through a blank file making Angre believe that he was actually working. He removed fake sweat from his forehead.

Aryan: Angre, now I’m tired can I have my lunch.

He said and kept the file back on the table and Angre nodded. He excitedly left the room but came back again.

Aryan: Angre, I have a suggestion for you.

Angre nodded while working.

Aryan: Never approach a girl because I know you won’t be able to romance with them.

Aryan said smirking.

Angre: Aryan get back to your work or I will tell bhai that you were enjoying whole day rather than working. Now you decide whom bhai will believe you or me.

Angre said and without looking at his face he got to know he was shocked. He noticed him getting back to the same file.

Angre: Aryan you are going through the same file since around an hour. Let me even see what’s there.

Angre said and Aryan looked at him then at the file.

Aryan: Focus on your work or I’ll tell bhai you were disturbing me.

He said and turned back with the file.

Angre: Who will disturb a mentally disturbed person?

Angre mumbled to himself and got indulged in hiswork.


Vansh looked at her face as she wasn’t looking at him. Keeping the empty class on the table, he smirked and pulled her towards himself.

Riddhima: What the……?

He ignored her words and taking her in his arms made her lie down on the other side of the bed. He was about to get in the duvet.

Riddhima: What the hell? I said I don’t remember you. Don’t you understand?

She yelled back while he looked at her, throwing the duvet over her face he left the room not before locking the door.

Riddhima: Had I spoken too much?

She mumbled to herself and laid back not wanting to face his anger.

Outside, Vansh went to some other room and was roaming around.

Vansh: This memory loss…… Let her recover than I will tell her about her behavior. I’m her husband, why I can’t sleep with her? I will sleep there only and let me also see how she will stop me.

He mumbled to himself and moved towards his room. Peeping inside he saw her sleeping. A smile crept on his face and he moved inside after latching the door.

Getting inside the duvet he hugged her tightly from back resting his hands on her waist while she covered his hand with her as if feeling his presence. He smiled more and placed a kiss on her forehead.


As the sun raise fell over her eyelash, Riddhima opened her eyes and turning her head she looked at the most enchanted face. She kept looking at him for few minutes but when realization dawn upon her, she pushed him due to sudden which he fell from the bed on the floor.

He opened his eyes as his felt hurt. Looking around he saw her face. He face palmed himself.

Riddhima: What were you doing over here? Didn’t I told you to stay away from me? Don’t you get that?

Riddhima shouted at him.

Vansh: Didn’t I said that I’m your husband and I will sleep here only? Don’t you get that?

He yelled back and got up.

Riddhima: Ok I understood but still I don’t remember you. Don’t you have patience or what?

Riddhima said and looked at him. He ignored her and went inside the washroom.

Riddhima: It’s mine. Vansh….

She ran behind him and started knocking on the door.

Riddhima: Vansh….Open the door.

Riddhima shouted while knocking.

Vansh: I’m not in my dress. Shall I open like that only?

Vansh asked from inside.

Riddhima: Eeeh….Shut up.

She shouted and moved towards the bed. Just when he pulled her inside and pinned her to his chest. She gasped by the sudden movement.

Turning on the knob, he looked at her face. Flowing water was helping her angelic face to look more beautiful. He brought his hand on her face and slowly caressed it. Placing his other hand on her waist he pulled her more.

She was lost in his black dark eyes. His eyes, it can make anyone fall for him, it sometimes yells his dangerous aura and sometimes his love for her. His face, his face held the power to make anyone bow down in front of him. His lips, when it curves into smirk it can kill anyone and when in smile, it might become your guiding light.

Vansh moves his hand from her face to her head and slowly opens her bandage. As soon as he removes the cotton and throws aside, dried leftover blood drains down from her forehead. He slowly rubs her head not make her fell any kind of pain. Until then they were fully drenched in water.

He moves close to her ears.

Vansh: Get ready carefully and don’t hurt yourself, please.

He whispers to her and leaves from there. Coming out of the washroom, he leaves from the room to let her get ready.

His phone rang and he took a deep breath on seeing the caller Id.

Vansh: Yes Angre.

Vansh said while drying his hair from the towel.

Angre: Boss, Aryan is going to work in office from today. Are you sure we need to…?

Angre said and was interrupted by Vansh.

Vansh: I’m sure Angre. Send him.

He said and hanging the call threw his phone on the bed.


Riddhima looked around and saw the room empty. She moved towards the vanity and started making plates of her saree. After getting ready she opened the door to move out when she saw him standing there in front of her.

Vansh: I knew you would go out of the room as soon as you will get ready. Didn’t I asked you to rest?

Vansh asked and moved a bit forward while latching the door behind him.

Riddhima: I was….Wait…Why should I tell you? Who are you to ask these many questions?

Riddhima said and crossed her arms on her chest. He held her hand and made her sit on the bed and took out the first aid box.

Taking out the antiseptic bottle, he poured it on the cotton ball and slowly placed it on her wounded area blowing on it to soothe the pain.

Vansh: Why you weren’t asking these questions when we were in washroom?

He said casually but she blushed hard on hearing it.

Riddhima: You…You said you are my husband.

He smirked and placed the Band-Aid on her forehead.

Vansh: Then where was this thought when I was sleeping beside you?

He asked making her more embarrassed.

Riddhima: Listen, don’t behave too casual with me. First prove that you are my husband.

She said and got up as soon as she saw he was done bandaging. He moved towards the door and left making her shock by his behavior.

After a while, he came back with their breakfast. She looked down in the tray to see fresh fruits, milk and sandwich was there.

Both sat on the chair, he passed her the fruits. She took it and raised his eyebrows at her. He ignored it.

While eating the fruits she was continuously looking at his face.

Riddhima’s POV starts:-

I was sitting on the sofa while looking at him, from last night he is claiming to be my husband by doing everything literally everything and when I asked him to prove it. He went on silent mode.

Idiot…stupid…I want to yell these things right now. But no I can’t if he will get angry. No…No….I can’t. But if I can’t don’t he have a bit of brain to show me the photos at least. No, for that he will have to waste his useless brain. Ok not useless he is way too smart. Huh….

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

Author’s POV:-

Vansh was drinking his juice while smiling feeling her questioning gaze. Picking up the glass of juice she gulps down.

Riddhima: Do you have any proof? Or I’m leaving.

She said and moved to door. When he pulled her on his lap. And forwarding his phone showed her the photos.

Vansh: Done. Now also you need any proof.

He said and placed one of her hair strand behind her ear.

Riddhima: These can be morphed too. I don’t believe it.

She was about to get up when he tightened his grip on her waist.

Vansh: You don’t know anything but you know that how photos are morphed.

He smirked while whispering near her ears.


Aryan was driving his cars after keeping his files on the passenger seats. Due to wind, one of the paper fell down. Seeing the road clear, he bent down to pick it up.

Aryan was driving his cars after keeping his files on the passenger seats. Due to wind, one of the paper fell down. Seeing the road clear, he bent down to pick it up.

Just when a girl came in front of his car. He got up and saw her and applies the brake because of which his car was about went over the puddle splashing all the muddy water over her.

He didn’t noticed that and drove back knowing if he went late his brother will kill him.

Entering in his assigned cabin, he looked around and saw it neat and clean. He was about to sit on his chair just when his leg slipped and he fell on the floor.

He got up and heard a cute girly voice,

Girl: Good Morning sir.

He was about to turn but didn’t as he don’t want to show his embarrassed face.

Angre: Aryan, Boss assigned her as your PA. As you are going to work here now.

Angre said shocking him and he instantly turned back to look at the girl.

Angre: Aadhya, he is Aryan your boss.

Aryan eyed her from top to bottom. Aadhya Khurrana, a 5’3″ inch and an ambivert girl with soft spoken words but sharp mind, hard-working. She was wearing a perfect traditional salwar-suit, making her look simple, beautiful and elegant

Angre moved towards Aryan and pulled him aside.

Angre: Bhai has strictly instructed you not to flirt with her. So don’t

Angre told him.

Aryan: She is not of my type but still she is too cute.

Aryan said while looking at her eyes.

Angre: Aryan…. Don’t.

Angre said warning him and eyeing him he left from there. Aryan came and stood in front of her, he was about to move more when again his leg hits with the chair and she held him but it was impossible for her to hold him. So both fell on the floor.


Precap: Proposal

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