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Mukamal Ishq #RiAnsh Short Story (Part 1)

A girl in her mid twenties is seen sitting on a bench in a park holding her baby bump securely. She was wearing a beautiful pink kurti and salwaar with minimal makeup and hair tied in a indian style braid and gajra. Looking heavenly beauty.

She was Riddhima Mehra.

Because of Pregnancy her face was glowing and was shining brightly. Even though she had gained some weight but she was looking more cute and beautiful with chubby cheeks.

Just then some ladies saw her and started gossiping or in shot taunting about her and her unborn child making her sad and upset.

Lady 1: look at her how shameless girl she is, first she spent a night with her boyfriend and now she is carrying his illegitimate child in her womb before her marriage.

Lady 2: Hmm.. I don’t know who will accept her with her this naajayaz (illegitimate) baccha.

It was enough for Riddhima she got up from her seat and went towards the ladies with a sarcastic smile on her face.

Riddhima: Ohh hi Himani aunty. I think you care for me a lot right? But you do one thing do care for you daughter umm.. what’s her name ohhh Haan Mahira because she need your care and sympathy more than me as she is changing her boyfriends daily. Go to her and tell her to not get pregnant before marriage or else who will accept her.

Riddhima: Aree Sharma aunty how are you? Long time no see haan!! Don’t worry about who will accept me with my child. Someone in this world will accept me with my problems and he will have a beautiful mind with great thinking not like you both who don’t know anything other than taunting a girl daily. Haan once again thank you so much for your care but keep it with you your children will need it.

She said sarcastically while both the aunties looked at her shocked and angrily.

Riddhima glared at them and caressed her baby bump softly and went out from there.

Riddhima: baccha don’t worry your mumma is not weak she will fight for herself, for you baby. I will never let anyone say anything to you. I will protect you from everyone. And your mumma doesn’t need any man in her life to protect you from this cruel world. I love you baby.

She said and smiled she looked at her watch and panicked. She went to the roadside and stopped an auto for herself.

Scene shifts:

Some where in a big and huge building like a office, a man in his mid twenties is seen sitting on his huge and comfy chair criss crossing his legs and playing with a paper weight.

He was wearing a professional black tuxedo with hair well settled with gel. A expensive watch in his wrist and glasses on his face with his attractive and dangerous aura.

He was Vansh Rai Singhania.

Just then Angrey his PA entered with a file in his hand.

Angrey: Boss, today new PA for you is coming for interview as I will not be here for a year so new PA will help you whenever you need.

Vansh: Okk Angrey.

He slightly nodded and Angrey went out from the cabin.

After some time all the new PA who were appointed by Angrey for their interviews.

Riddhima also came their and took a seat out side his cabin waiting for her turn while others who were there for the interview were laughing at her but she ignored it and continued waiting for her turn to come.

One by one every one entered and gave their interviews but everyone was being rejected by Vansh.
Now it was the turn of Riddhima for the interview.

Angrey: Miss, Riddhima it’s your turn you can go inside.

Riddhima simply nodded and went inside the cabin with confidence visible on her face. She looked at Vansh who was sitting on his seat watching outside his window while his back was facing Riddhima.

Riddhima: Good morning Sir.

She said while Vansh turned around and looked at her and got lost in her beauty staring her cute and chubby face.

To be continued….

Precap: Riddhima’s interview, Riansh’s past.

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