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Mukamal Ishq #RiAnsh Short Story (Intro)

Hi guys, first of all very sorry for not updating anything from two days actually I was in punjab and there was a fair at my place so I got busy their. Sorry once again.

So let’s start with it.

Farishtey hi honge… jinka hua Ishq mukamal… insano ko to humne sirf… barbaad hote dekha hai….

Mukamal ishq (perfect love)

Two broken souls Riddhima Mehra and Vansh Raisinghania. One is betrayed by her boyfriend and other is betrayed by his own wife. Both are broked bartually. Will they unite ever and will able to mend each other?


When a girl got pregnant before her marriage people blame her for everything and nobody ever raise their finger towards the boy. Why because she is GIRL.


Girls are not allowed to go out at night.
They are not allowed to wear their favorite and short dresses.
They are not allowed to hangout with boys.
They are not allowed to befriend and get closer to boys.

Where as for boys, people have no problem with their clothes.

They are not being asked where are they at late night.
People have no objection with their clothes.
They are not being questioned with whom they are hanging out, with whom they are talking or with whom they are being friendly.

Why Because they are BOYS!!! They are meant to live their lives as they want. But for GIRLS their are many rules for them to live their lives.

This story is about 6 month unmarried pregnant  girl Riddhima Mehra who got betrayed by her boyfriend. And now she is broken beyond limits but still for her unborn child she is living her life with happy mind 💖.  And now she got so much taunts from people that now she is used to it.

And a man who used to live his life to the fullest Vansh Raisinghania in his small world with his small family. But later get to know that his beloved wife was betraying him with another man which broked him to the core. And now he is a workaholic stone hearted person who doesn’t care for anyone and is a cold hearted Mafia.

Let’s see how destiny will bring these broken souls together and will make them one. How will they mend each other’s wounded heart with their love and support.

DISCLAIMER: This story is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings it just that it came across my mind so thought to pen it down. HOPE YOU’LL DON’T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT.



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