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Mere Sai 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Dr. Pillai agrees to get treated by Sai

Mere Sai 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai says fruits blossom only when its time. There is a right time for everything. You don’t become successful by trying harder. Jhipri must learn this from her experiences too. We fall so that we can learn to balance ourselves. Jhipri wants to rise so she must fall and rise again. She must face the problems herself to become independent. Baizama nods.

Dr. Pillai is screaming because of pain. He prays for his death. Nansaheb and Swami look on helplessly. Swami tells Nanasaheb he cannot see Appa writhing in pain like this. Nanasaheb says there is only one solution, one hope now – Sai. Only He can help us now. Swami says he wont go to Sai. Nanasaheb reasons that Sai can help people without even them knowing about it if needed. Only Sai can help your Appa now. Go to Him. He can make anything possible. Swami decides to call out to Sai for help. I will follow the way that He had advised me of. He heads to his room.

Swami is holding his Sitar. You (Sai) said that music is very powerful. I want to witness it today. I will pray this Sitar till the time you do a miracle for Appa. He starts playing Sitar. Nanasaheb looks towards his room.

Sai sits on the floor and closes His eyes.

Nanasaheb sits holding Dr. Pillai’s hand.

A light emanates from Sai’s foreheads and travels to Dr. Pillai’s house. Dr. Pillai’s eyes widen in shock as he notices something. Someone touches his forehead. It is his wife. He holds her hand and apologizes to her. I couldn’t save you earlier and now I don’t think I would be able to live for our son. She requests him not to say so. You cannot lose faith. You must recover at any cost for Swami’s sake. He wont be able to .live alone. He is very emotional. You have to help him fulfil the dream that I had seen for him. Have faith. Everything will be fine. Dr. Pillai reasons that this pain is unbearable. I can bear physical pain but mental pain is too much to bear. I cannot live with the stain of not being able to save my wife. I couldn’t bear this physical pain and now my name has been stained. How to clear it? She says you are ready to bow down to such attractions and to leave your son alone. Listen to Sai once for your son’s sake. It is a better option than leaving your son alone. She gives him her swear. Please don’t say no. He falls asleep.

Sai opens His eyes.

A string breaks. Swami looks down and his fingers are bleeding. I don’t hear a sound from Appa’s room. He goes to check on his father and finds him asleep. Please listen to me once and go to Sai. Nanasaheb also tells Dr. Pillai to stop being stubborn. We know you don’t want to go to Him but we cannot see you in this condition. Sai has always taught us to help people in pain. We will do it. Dr. Pillai nods. Swami smiles.

Dr. Pillai is brought to Dwarkamai. He is still in a lot of pain. Sai tells him not to worry when Ram ji is here. He will fix everything. Dr. Pillai tells Him that the pain is unbearable. I don’t believe in you but people do. If it is true and you can do something for me then help me get rid of this life. Please let me die. Everyone is stunned. Sai says it isn’t right to end life just to end your pain. I have told you already that you are precious to us. We wont let anything happen to you. Dr. Pillai says there is no way this wound can recover. Sai asks him how the disease will end if we don’t hit at the roots. I am not a doctor like you but I know that this happens because of contaminated water. Things wouldn’t have aggravated if you had started drinking hot and clean water. Bheeva asks Sai why He dint alert Dr. Pillai. Sai says he dint listen to me. How could he accept my suggestion when he wasn’t even to drink warm water upon my request? Dr. Pillai admits that he made a mistake by not listening to Him. I don’t have time for penitence though. Help me get rid of this life. Swami tells him not to say so. Sai tells Dr. Pillai to have faith in God. A crow will come and flying away after pecking at your leg in some time. It will hurt a little but everything will be fine then. Everyone is confused.

Sai asks villagers to help Dr. Pillai sit next to the pillar. They oblige. Sai tells everyone to do bhajan kirtan till the time the crow comes. We should pray to Ram ji for help. Champa agrees.

Rihana says I never even dreamt that we will be able to do it. Jhipri says the giver is Sai and He is also the one who will guide us.

Dr. Pillai’s leg has been covered with a cloth. Everyone is singing Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari. Dr. Pillai is still in pain. Abdul looks at Sai from outside. Sai smiles when He notices Abdul. Abdul starts walking towards Sai in a trance. Sai looks at Dr. Pillai’s leg with a smile. Dr. Pillai screams loudly as Abdul steps on his leg. Everyone’s eyes widen in shock. Blood oozes out of Dr. Pillai’s leg. Sai hugs Dr. Pillai and comforts him. Abdul feels guilty. Sai tells him to do what he has been ignoring since some time if he wants to get rid of his pain.

Precap: Dr. Pillai is singing bhajan while Sai tends to his wound.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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