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hi everyone!!. Iam back with 12 th episode ☺️.


Avni: amol…what about discharge?

Aman: I will ask about it to doctor..

Avni: okay..

Aman goes to doctor and..

Aman: doctor..shall we go home?

Doctor: wait for some minutes..we will examine her and will let you know.

Aman: ok doctor.

Doctor comes and examines her and..

Doctor: are fine. So you can discharge.

Avni: ok doctor.

Doctor: if you want to put injection for stopping those medicines then you can approach us anytime..

Avni: sure doctor..but I will decide later about it.

Doctor: okay..then you can discharge now.

Aman and Avni gets up and leave towards exit..


Teni comes out and goes towards out while neela and Jia gets shocked and runs behind her…

Neela: teni..stop there!

Teni stops and sees neela..

Neela: where are you going now? You should be there with rocky now..instead why are you going out now??…

Teni gets reminded of Rocky’s ignorance and riya’s evil act and tears fall from her eyes and she goes without answering to neela..

Neela: teni..iam asking you only.where are you going?..


Aman and Avni walks towards exit area..


Teni goes towards exit area while neela and Jia follows her and suddenly neela hits Avni…

Neela: ohh…iam sorry.

Avni sees neela and gets shocked..

Avni whispers: neela maa..

Avni gets reminded of her and neela’s moments..

Her eyes gets filled with tears while aman sees it and…

Aman: hi neela aunty.

Neela: amol? here?

Aman: yes aunty..

Neela : what are you doing here and who is this girl?

Aman: she is av…I mean ananya. She is our guest and she have fainted and that’s why I and neil took her here to check and now we are leaving as she is fine.

Neela: ohhh..

Teni goes away during their conversation which is not noticed by jia or neela..

Avni gets shocked hearing aman and neela’s conversation..

Avni in mind: how do aman remember neela maa? Why is he calling neela maa as aunty?. If neela maa knows aman is alive then why is she calling him as amol? What’s going on here??..

Aman calls Avni..

Aman: ananya di..

Avni thoughts gets broken on aman’s call and..

Avni: yes..tell me ama..amol.

Aman: she is (pointing towards neela) my favourite aunty.she is my mom’s friend.she often visits our house and she used to play with me always when I was young.

Avni gets shocked..

Avni in mind: I think dayawanti lied to neela maa also and that’s why she is behaving like this.

Avni: ohh..hi aunty.

Neela smiles and..

Neela: hi!.iam happy to see you.

Avni: even me too..

Aman: is teni?

Neela gets heartbroken and..

Neela sadly: there is big disaster in her life..I will tell you tomorrow about it.

Aman gets shocked..

Aman: aunty.. don’t worry.. everything will get fine soon.

Neela suddenly remebers that teni was going out..

Neela: ohh I forgot..I have some works okay? I will meet you in your house tomorrow.

Aman: sure aunty..

Neela goes fast from there to see teni while Avni remains shocked..

Avni: who is teni?

Aman: teni is neela aunty’s daughter.

Avni gets more shocked..

Avni in mind: what is happening here??iam totally confused..neela maa never married when I was there and that too she can never get pregnant according to her reports and how do she have a child now?it’s totally confusing me…

Aman: Avni di..

Avni doesn’t respond as she is blinded in thoughts while aman jerks her..

Aman: what happened di?

Avni comes out of thoughts and..

Avni: n..nothing.

Aman: you are fine right?

Avni: yeah..and amol you go home and I will go to my house myself.

Aman: di.. please return to our house soon as it belongs to you also..

Avni: amol..I need some time to reveal my identity to everyone because I have a big motive behind for some days I have to be away from my own house.

Aman: but promise will reveal everything to me.

Avni: promise.

Both smiles at each other and they go..


Sejal finishes her cook and calls everyone for lunch…

Sejal: everyone..please come for lunch.

Everyone comes except mishti..

Sejal: omakara..where is mishti?

Omkara: how do I know mom?

Sejal makes a face..

Sejal: stupid..instead of spending time with her then what were you doing??

Ruhaan: but mom.. she went to her room sadly as you scolded her and so maybe she is upset…

Sejal:ok..go and call her.

Ruhaan makes a face..

Ruhaan: me??..

Sejal hits her head..

Sejal: don’t make me angry.. someone go and call her.

Omkara: I will go and call..

Omkara goes to mishti’s room to call her while ruhaan’s phone rings and he picks..

Ruhaan: hello..

Someone: are ruhaan right?

Ruhaan: yes..who are you?

Someone: iam rakesh.

Ruhaan: hello are you?..if you had informed me before then I would have arranged lunch for you also.

Rakesh:it’s okay..I came here as i had some work and suddenly I saw your passport lying in the street and that’s why I called to inform you.

Ruhaan gets shocked..

Ruhaan: ohh did I be careless??ok, tell me where are you so that I can come and collect my passport.

Rakesh: iam standing near kuldevi temple.

Ruhaan: ok..I’ll come there to collect my passport and please come with me to my house.

Rakesh: no..iam sorry. Don’t misunderstand me..I have lot of works so I’ll surely come next time okay?

Ruhaan: ok..I will reach there is some minutes.

Rakesh: sure.i will wait..

Ruhaan cuts the call and..

Ruhaan: maa..I will come within some minutes okay?

Sejal gets confused..

Sejal: where are you going?

Ruhaan: I left my passport in my friend have seen and taken it so iam going to him to collect my passport.

Sejal: you never change your habit of being careless.atleast I hope your wife changes you…

Ruhaan makes a face while parth silenty laughs and ruhaan stares him..

Ruhaan: parth..if you laugh now then I will make everyone laugh on you tomorrow at engagement.

Parth tries to control his laugh but suddenly he bursts out laughing as he couldn’t control which makes ruhaan furious..

Ruhaan: paaarthhhh…

He takes the jug of water and pours on parth while parth stops laughing and stares ruhaan..

Parth: hey..ruhaan what did you do? You spoilt my dress..

Ruhaan: even you spoilt my mood.

Sejal: ok..both brothers please shut up!.you are not kids to ruhaan go and get the passport and come.

Ruhaan goes from the house while omkara comes down is shock..

Sejal: what happened omkara? Where is mishti?

Omkara: i don’t know where is mishti..she is not there in her room.

Sejal gets shocked while some voice comes behind..

Voice: hiiii…everyone!


Ruhaan goes near kuldevi temple and gets the passport from rakesh and goes from there..

Ruhaan in mind: i came here after so many I will pray and go in this temple.

Ruhaan goes to temple and prays..

Ruhaan: ohh lord..keep my family happy always.

He finishes his prayer and walks out but suddenly he gets shocked seeing a lady lying unconscious and he runs to her..

Ruhaan: excuse me mam..

He bends down to check the lady and gets shocked seeing mishti..

Ruhaan: mishti..

He tries to wake her up but she gives no response so he lifts her and looks her…

Ruhaan takes mishti to his car..


Sanskar goes to his house and sits on his bed and looks at his album and cries..

Sanskar in mind: this album is filled with our love story mishti…

He takes the album and sees mishti and his photos..

He cries seeing it and..

Sanskar in mind: why did you do this mishti?why did you cheat me..

He gets angry and throws the albumand shouts..

Sanskar shouts: I will surely take revenge for what you did mishti..


DD looks here and there and sees a camera and gets idea..

DD in mind: if I check on this CCTV camera..then the truth will be out. I’ll tell this to neil sir immediately..

DD runs to neil who is walking angrily and worriedly and stops him..

Neil: now what dd?

DD: sir..I know you won’t believe me but for that women’s sake you have to do this.

Neil: what?

DD: sir..I saw a camera fixed on that we will check the cctv camera from hospital to know about that nurse.

Neil gets angry..

Neil: dd..why don’t you understand that no one entered that room.

DD: sir.. my eyes are not fault..iam saying the truth. I really saw a nurse men going inside and he never came out..

Neil shouts: stop it dd.. I asked doctor atself and he checked everything and told then what is bothering you?

DD: sir..iam Doing this because I really saw that nurse men.

Neil shouts: why are you repeating the same dd?. Why can’t you understand that no one entered..

DD: sir..please dismiss me if iam lying but please check the cctv camera once atleast for my sake sir.

DD pleads so much while Neil gets concerned..

Neil: fine..I’ll ask the hospital management and check and if I find nothing then I’ll suspend you for a week okay?

DD: okay sir.

DD in mind: iam sure neil sir won’t dismiss me as I really saw that men and now Neil sir will also find it..

Neil: ok..I’ll go and ask about it and you wait here.

Neil goes to the management and asks them to show the cctv video ..

Management sir: sorry sir..this is illegal to check the video.

Neil shows his police id to the management..

Neil: iam inspector Neil khanna..iam instigating for a purpose so kindly help.

Management sir: sure sir..

Management sir shows the cctv footage and Neil checks everywhere and gets shocked seeing the nurse men entering room no.502..

Neil in mind: how is This possible??I..I..doubted dd unwantedly. Is hospital’s are hiding something or is this man someone who is in disguise??..

Neil: can you show the video inside the room no.502..

Management sir: yes sir..

He shows the video inside the room no. 502 and Neil gets shocked seeing vidyut pressing juhi’s face with pillow…

Neil in mind: is this possible? He is gauri’s brother then how can he do such things…

Neil stumbles in shock..

Neil in mind: I’ll better confront him..

Neil: sir..can you send this video to my phone?

Management sir: yes sir..I’ll do it immediately.

Management sir collects that video of vidyut pressing juhi’s face and sends it to Neil’s phone..

Neil: ok thank you so much..

Management sir: ok..


PRECAP: vidyut forces Avni to marry him. Teni slaps riya before Sharma family. Ruhaan cares for mishti.sanskar recalls the past..

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