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Lamp of Love Episode-14: Tapur, Som and Sampoorna are up to something.

The episode starts with Tapur asking whose marriage they are speaking about. KSj and Thakumaa looks at her and tells that they are talking about a girl in village. Tapur says, “Oh I thought you both were discussing Anirudh dada and Bondita di’s marriage, if it was the discussion I would have told you both something. Sampoorna and Som stands out and listen to them, Som tells hope this plan gets success maa. Tapur says no problem, you both continue I’ll come after some time and turns to leave, Tapur thinks someone stop me otherwise my plan will get spoiled. Ksj says, Stop Tapur. Tapur thinks, thanks duggamaa now we will execute it.

Anirudh asks Bondita is she fine now, she tells yes Sakha babu I am fine now. Bondita says, I am planning to meet school administrators today and shall finalize about arrangements and planning to meet women soon. Anirudh smiles and thinks you have grown up Bondita. Anirudh tells her to finish her work and return as soon as possible as they have planned for some work regarding polygamy paper work. Bondita leaves haveli to meet administrators.

KSj asks, what you want to tell us about Anirudh and Bondita. Tapur sits with them and tells, Thakumaa I know well that you and daadhu wants Anirudh dada to get married that too with Bondita di, am I right? They both look at each other, Tapur asks did I ask something wrong or murdered someone, why you both look like that you saw some ghost. Thakumaa tells nothing like that just thinking how you know this much? Ksj asks, did you listen to what we spoke? Tapur says, no exactly not like something I have heard, they both stare at her. Tapur tells, okay fine I will not interfere and decides to leave. Thakumaa calms her and asks her to tell what she knows. Tapur tells that if you want to know that Anirudh dada really want to marry Bondita di, fix Bondita di’s marriage with someone else. KSj asks, what are you mad Tapur? If we fix Bondita marriage with someone else then what will happen to Anirudh. Tapur says, arrey not like that you both are old but you don’t have enough smartness it seems, they both threw glance at her. Tapur says, I told you to fix not to do marriage. Thakumaa asks what are you telling, be more clear. Sampoorna comes and tells that is, we will arrange marriage just to bring out truth from Anirudh about his feelings. Thakumaa looks at her, Sampoorna bahu do you know this all. Som tells, everyone knows this kaakimaa. KSj asks you three are doing something then. They tell in same tone no. Sampoorna tells I will explain you about everything, so that we can make Anirudh realize that Bondita is not only her responsibility, but he loves her. Everyone smiles and gets excited.

Anirudh sits in study room and reads some article, telephone rings. Anirudh picks telephone and says hello. The person in opposite says, Hello Mr. Roy Chaudhary I hope you had not forgotten this friend of you. Anirudh gets excited and tells Kabir, how can I forget you man, how are you. He tells, I am fine Anirudh and listen I am coming there tomorrow, I am informing you in short notice. Anirudh asks are you serious? Kabir says, “Yes how can I not come after my friend asks”. Anirudh tells, okay tomorrow I will meet you and hangs up the phone. Anirudh thinks I am going to meet you after so many years and gets happy.

Bondita meets the administrators and tells them about villagers demand. Administrators discuss among themselves and tells they are okay with separate class, Bondita gets happy and thanks them. Bondita then says that some people cannot afford fees so, is there any way to reduce it. Administrators tell that it can be done only through viceroy if they agree then they can get education in less fees. Bondita says, “I will try to meet him and thanks for spending time for this work”. Everyone greets and leaves. Bondita thinks I have to discuss about this too Sakha babu.

Anirudh calls Bihari and asks him to prepare grand lunch tomorrow as his friend is visiting after so many years. Bihari asks what friend? Anirudh asks what friend means. Barrister babu is your friend boy or girl. Anirudh tells, Bihari it’s my best friend Kabir Dalal, the one I used to speak in telephone do you remember? Yes Barrister babu I remember him, but why he is here all of sudden. Anirudh tells he is going to join in our polygamy work, so he will stay in our village. Bihari says, I will prepare everything accordingly.

Thakumaa says, I don’t think this will be fine. Sampoorna tells Thakumaa there is no need to worry we have to just be careful. KSj tells for this first we have to talk to Bondita. Thakumaa says yes you are right, without her consent we can’t do this. Tapur says, Bondita di will accept this for sure. KSj asks how you are sure about this beta. Tapur says, because di loves dada. Thakumaa and Ksj looks stunned and surprised.

Bondita comes to haveli. Bondita calls Koyli didi. She comes there and asks what she want, Bondita tells she is having bad headache so need tea and asks her to bring to her room and not to tell anyone as they may panic. Koyli nods and goes to prepare. Bondita goes to her room and fresh up, she takes her diary and writes about the day, she turns to first page and reads it and smiles, Koyli comes there with tea. Bondita asks where the family members are, I haven’t seen anyone, Koyli tells Anirudh babu is in study room, Binoy babu is out for work and all others are in talk. Bondita asks about what? Koyli says, I don’t know choti malkin, if you need anything else call me. Bondita smiles and Koyli leaves from there.

Thakumaa says, okay now first we have to speak about this to Bondita then we can proceed further and everyone remember we must be very careful. A voice says, “What are you people discussing that too speaking about being very careful”.

To be continued…

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