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Ghar Ek Mandir 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Varun refuses to marry Genda

Ghar Ek Mandir 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun gets angry and asks everyone to stop, Santosh asks Harsha abd Pankhuri to get Genda down, Varun thinking about Nisha’s word, Bunty asks Varun to calm down, Varun puts Garland on Genda, Bunty sees Varun upset and asks him to smile for photos, Varun looks at Genda’s Jewellery and thinks if she is fooling us that won’t be good and decides to talk to Kundan.
Kundan takes Sadhus blessings and they leave.

Genda sits in Mandap, she sees Varun isn’t beside her, Panditji asks to call Varun, Anuradha asks Ratan where is Varun, Ratan says he said he will be back soon.
Varun goes to Kundan says he won’t marry Genda, Kundan says do you find this a joke, Nisha says to Anuradha she saw Varun with Papa, Anuradha and Manish walk to them, Madan asks Bunty is all good, Bunty says yes all is good.

Kundan takes Varun aside and asks what nonsense is this, Agrawals join them, Kundan says tell your whole family what is wrong with you, why you don’t want to marry when people are waiting for you in Mandap, Varun says Genda is wearing fake jewellery, and this is against our ritual, Kundan asks who told you, Varun says why, can I not understand and even someone else feels same and looks at Nisha, Nisha says I shouldn’t talk but I am just supporting Varun and even I think its fake jewellery and its our insult to wear fake jewellery and our ancestors must be so angry at us.
Panditji asks to call Varun quickly.

Ratan says this might be true, Kundan says you people must be waiting for my take but they are original, and you guys are pointing at me and not Genda, you are questioning my choice, you think my choice is cheating us, they are 100% real, and Varun let’s go, don’t you trust me, Varun says I do and what if something comes up later, Kundan says if these Jewellery are fake this wedding won’t take place.
Guest’s start asking about Varun and family, Genda asks Harsha where is everyone, Harsha says don’t worry.
Kundan says I am proud of my jewellery knowledge and if they come out to be fake, I will give away my work as jeweller, Manish says Papa what are you saying, Kundan says go check now, and Ratan even you will test my knowledge, Ratan says yes I want to, Anuradha says how will this happen, everyone is waiting in Mandap, Nisha says I have an idea.

Madan asks Gopal what is wrong, Gopal says don’t worry all is good, Genda is ours I will go call them. Nisha walks to guests and says sorry for keeping you waiting and we have a ritual to do Pooja of jewellery worn by bride, and we missed it because of rush and so can I take your bangle for same, Genda says okay and gives it to Nisha, Nisha says I will get it back after pooja. Genda says okay.

Nisha gets bangle to Manish, Manish says Nisha don’t do this and why question Papa and this is your biggest fault, Nisha says mistake isn’t mine but her, and all will know what Genda has done.

Kundan apologize to everyone, and asks Varun to go and take seat beside Genda and says Varun trust me there won’t be phere before Manish calls, Varun goes sit beside Genda, Panditji starts pooja. Pandit asks Santosh to come for Gatbandhan, Santosh sees Anuradha isn’t happy with her going and asks Nilam to go do it.
Chachi asks Bunty where is Nisha and Manish.

Manish reaches shop with Nisha, an Uncle sees Manish and asks why is he here and they are on their way to marriage, Manish says I was here to pick Jewellery for shagun I will see you in temple.

Pandit ji asks Varun and Genda to hold hands for havan. Ratan whispers to Anuradha that Kundan has taken a huge decision, it is very difficult now a days to choose between real and fake, even I have some experience, Anuradha says I trust Kundan thats it and goes stands beside Kundan.

Manish starts testing bangle, Nisha asks him how do you find its right or wrong, Manish says patience. Nisha asks again, Manish asks her to keep quiet, Varun thinking why is Manish taking so long. Varun is asked to apply sindoor, Varun looks at Kundan.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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