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Fate separated us once again.

Scene shows Riddhima reaching VR mansion

She got own of car

and rushed with full speed

As she stopped suddenly she felt a jerk forward due to her speed

In front of her

Vansh was inside the mansion

In the hall

His sisters were resting their head on his shoulders

Everything was just..white

Vansh was sitting


For the first time

He had not realised her presence

But she knew

How would he

He had lost his father

Just some months more

Were left for their marriage

She had thought

She would enter the mansion when it would be decoration everywhere

Destiny had planned something else

“Dont step Inside…”,She was stopped by Dadi. That moment Vansh saw her.

She could feel the pain

Pain is perhaps a small word

Ajay Raisinghania,Vansh’s soul.

He had lost him,or to say he had lost,,his own self.

“Girl can not enter the house before marriage.”,

Rituals,their alliance was fixed,so had to follow up the rituals.

She never believed any ritual to be above their feelings,but today already so much happened with Raisinghania’s…she didnt wish to hurt them more.

Vansh …

Her eyes signed him to hold on. To not break. To stand up and stay strong. To move to his mother and hold her . To make his sisters ,feel safe.

But Vansh lowered his teary eyes,signing that…he is broken.

Riddhima stayed outside,

While her parents went inside .

Scene was such that Vansh and RIddhima both were sharing pain,through eyes,she wished to hug him tight,and he ,he needed a shoulder himself,he needed someone from whom he could beg to bring his father back.

But he had to stay there,

She had to stay there.

“Its late night….you all may stay with Angre..”

Riddhima followed her parents,turned to see Vansh,

Signing himself that please…please hold on.

He shaked his head slowly,in a no.

Following some days.

Were tough.

She called.

But he didnt pick up.

He was not in state of uttering anything.

“Before marriage ,Ajay got attack,I think girl is inauspicious, break the alliance “,were recommended by all,

This reached to Vansh too.

His mom broke the alliance,

Riddhima asked,

You too think the same?Is it due to me?

He turned his face.

She was broken.


She left.

It ended with Vansh’s soul getting out of his body,

And moving behind her,

That he can not leave his mother and sister in this condition,

And can not see her breaking down every moment mom will stare her In that way.

Her soul went behind her

“I know why you did it..

but you ,

In place of protecting me,

Yourself proved that society is right,”

It ended on both of them,

Crying overthe..


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