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Eternal Love Story (Part-2) #Our Riansh (Chapter-1)

💘New Beginning or ??💘

Author’s POV:-

A girl was sleeping on a huge queen size bed hugging her pillow as if it was having that peace. She got up suddenly, screaming.

Girl: Arjun……

She looks around the room as if finding someone, she comes down running and without even thinking enters in a room, she saw a kid and a man were sleeping hugging each other. She took a deep breath.

She immediately rushed to him and pulled that 5 years old kid into a bone crushing hug breaking their sleep. Both opened their eyes in shock.

Kid: Mumma…. What happened?

Kid asked as she leaves him and cups his face.

Man: Riddhima…Are you ok? Why are you sweating?

Getting down of the bed, he asked her and made her sit down.

Riddhima: Kabir, woah dream…. Vansh…

She mumbled under her breath which was only audible to Kabir, he looked at the kid and then pointed at Riddhima. Kid immediately hugged her.

Kid: Mumma…. Good Morning. I love you.

Riddhima smiled at him and pulled him on her lap kissing his face.

Riddhima: Love you too Arjun.

Kabir smiled and thought to tease them.

Kabir: Oh Mr. Arjun, what about your chachu?

He asked spreading his hands in air, Arjun winks at Riddhima and getting down from the bed. He stood in front of him. Kabir looks at him and before he could understand anything. Arjun started tickling him making him fell down laughing. Kabir hugged him to stop him.

Arjun: Chachu…Leave me.

Kabir left him and he ran to Riddhima.

Riddhima: When you came here last night? You know how much I was tensed when I didn’t saw you beside me. You should have at least told me.

Riddhima asked him in concern.

Arjun: Mumma I came here when I confirmed that you slept. I wanted to sleep with chachu.

He told her while winking at Kabir.

Riddhima: Ok go and freshen up.

He ran out of the room and Riddhima was about to leave when Kabir pulled her and made her sit on the bed.

Riddhima: What?

She asked him and he held her hand.

Kabir: You tell what happened?

She raised her eyebrows at him.

Kabir: I’m talking about Vansh…. I know, you know, we all know that he is in jail since 5 years as you wished. Right? Then why you are worried now?

Kabir asked her and she got up trying not to look into his eyes.

Riddhima: Kabir, you know that much only how much I want you to know. And I just hope we don’t have to face them. Especially Arjun, Vansh loved him a lot. I know after Bhai and Bhabhi, Vansh came more close to Arjun. I don’t want to talk about this.

Riddhima said and without looking at him left the room.

Kabir: Now who will tell you, Riddhima? This case is calling us back. Huh… 1 year and we both lost so many peoples from our lives.

He said to himself while looking at the closed door.


Riddhima entered the kitchen and taking out the pan poured water in it, while chopping those vegetables.

Riddhima’s POV starts:-

5 years Vansh and I still hate you the most. I don’t know you coming to my life was good or worst. I know you being Vansh Raisinghania can easily come out of the jail then for whom are you waiting there? I married you because of Sejal, after what she told me I should have told you. And just one lie and I myself destroyed my whole life and you helped me into hating you more.

You killed my whole family, now I just have Arjun. That’s why I came back here. But now if I got a chance I swear I’ll destroy your blo*dy life. I just know now that how to hate you.

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

Taking the tray she came out and keeping the dishes on the table she left to her room.

In India:-

VR Mansion:-

Boy looked at the girl in shock who had listened to his talk.

Boy: What the hell, Ishani? What are you doing here in my room?

Ishani entered in ignoring his words.

Ishani: Angre, whatever you said means… Bhabhi did that because of Sejal

Angre squeezed his eyes shut because of his foolishness.

Ishani: Angre tell…

Ishani asked again.

Angre: Yes…. She was innocent then also and now even. But don’t call her as your bhabhi now. Where was that love for your best friend when she needed it the most? Go and call Sejal your bhabhi. She is now going to be your bhabhi.

Angre said looking at her excited face.

Ishani: Aaahhhh Angre….Riddhima is innocent. I got the best news today on my mehandi. One more question, please please…

He nodded and looked at her.

Ishani: How are they? And where? And even when will bhai get bail?

She asked him all these.

Angre: You said just one.

She raised her eyebrows.

Angre: Fine…They are fine and in Spain. After three days he will get bailed.

She took a deep breath.

Ishani: Angre… Just one more question. Then I’ll leave, promise.

She said and he shook his head.

Ishani: Think about it and you know the consequences. You have 5 seconds.

He again shook his head.

Ishani: 5…4….3….2….

Ishani said when he interrupted.

Angre: Say…

He asked her.

Ishani: When they will return back?

She asked and looked at his confused or unknown face.

Angre: As soon as Kabir will tell her about Vansh getting bailed.

He asked she nodded and was about to ask another when without waiting he left the room to get collided with Aryan.

Angre: Can’t you walk properly.

He shouted at him.

Aryan: I very well know how to walk, so you don’t need to teach me.

Aryan replied back at the top of his voice.

Angre: Aryan, is this the tone to talk.

Angre said shocked by his tone.

Aryan: Listen Angre….

He was about to answer him when Ishani came in middle.

Ishani: Aryan calm down…We are sorry about that Angre…

She said and without waiting for anyone of their reactions pulled Aryan with him. Angre looked shocked aver Aryan’s behavior, Siya came and saw him tensed.

Siya: What happened Angre?

He ignoring her left from there making her more shocked. Meanwhile someone was smirking at the broken family.


In Jail:-

Jailer looked at Vansh who was smiling without any reason. He frowned.

Jailer: Why are you smiling without any reason? Did you remember something funny?

Vansh smiled at him and shook his head.

Jailer: Ok… Three days more and you’ll get bailed.

He left.


In Spain:-

Riddhima looked at the frame in her hand. She hanged it back to the wall and wiped her tears.

Riddhima: Miss you mom.

She smiled thinking about some moments. Arjun came in and saw her looking at the picture.

Arjun: Mumma….

He shouted she turned back and looked at him. Kabir entered and stood at the door with file in his hand. She scooped him into her arms and kissed on his forehead.

Arjun: Mumma… I want to go with chachu

Riddhima looked at him then at Kabir who frowned.

Kabir: Where am I going?

He asked him.

Arjun: Don’t lie chachu, you are going to office. I want to come with you.

He smirked and looked at Kabir’s face.

Kabir: I’m not going anywhere I want to talk to Riddhima. Now you leave…

Kabir said and frowning Arjun moved out of the room showing his tongue to Kabir.

Riddhima: What happened?

Riddhima asked Kabir handed her the file.

Kabir: Riddhima, Vansh is getting bailed. He will find us anyhow even Angre knows we are here. So….

Kabir said and Riddhima looked at him shocked while flipping through the papers.

Riddhima: How can he again get bail? He was inside for the charges of taking 3 lives.

She asked looking at him.

Kabir: I don’t know anything but as per his order Angre helped him.

He told her, she threw the papers on the bed.

Riddhima: Now?

She asked in anger.

Kabir: We have just a way that’s to go back there or if he’ll find us then it will be worst.

Kabir told and saw Riddhima.

Riddhima: I’m not scared from him, but Arjun.

Riddhima grew more tensed about Arjun but knowing she’ll be there with him, she nodded. Kabir smiled knowing if they want they can bring them back. But who knows, after 5 years their past is calling them back.


Next Day:-

Sitting on her seat, Riddhima looked at Arjun who was sleeping on her arms and Kabir who was reading something. Turning around, she looked out of the window of the plane.

Looking down she was only able to see clouds all around, making her remember the moments which is making her hate herself more. Closing her eyes, she smirked but she knew the way she was going, it’s going to be difficult. She knew fighting from your own love for whom you gave her life twice, that’s difficult.


In Jail:-

Vansh looked from his eyes up at the bars in front of him. A smirk lingering on his rough lips.

Vansh: Just two more days, sweetheart.

Even he knew whatever he planned is going perfectly. Or is someone else planning for them. He laid his head back over the wall looking the bulb. He closed his eyes reminiscing those days.

Flashback starts:-

5 years ago:-

Vansh entered into his room and just a name came out of his mouth.

Vansh: Riddhima…….

He rushed and saw Riddhima lying on the floor, looking around he saw none there. He took her into his arms and made her lie down on the bed.

Vansh: Riddhima…Open your eyes.

He started rubbing her eyes but nothing happened. She didn’t opened her eyes. He threw few water droplets on her face trying to wake her up and finally that worked. She opened her eyes and looked at his tensed face.

He instantly hugged her.

Vansh: How you fainted?

He asked her breaking the hug.

Riddhima: I’m hungry since morning so may be…

She said and saw his angry glare.

Vansh: Who asked you to stay hungry? Wait… Let me bring something for you.

He told and was about to go when she held his hand.

Riddhima: Don’t leave me alone.

She said innocently and he looked at her face. He sat back and called Angre asking him to bring food for them.

After 5-10 minutes, he came. Vansh made her eat it and both ended up sharing their dinners. Riddhima looked at him.

Riddhima: Sorry…

Usually these words are used to melt someone’s anger but for Vansh it added fuel to the fire. He kept the plate on the table and was about to get back to the couch when she held his hand.

Riddhima: I know I should have told you.

He jerked her hand and holding her shoulders pinned her to the bed post.

Vansh: What you should have told me? That Sejal blackmailed you to marry me and then leave me, just because she said without asking or refusing her. You agreed. How can you decide about our relationship without asking me? Didn’t you felt right before telling me. If I wouldn’t have heard you both, you would have never told me and after few months you would leave me alone here. Right?

Riddhima shook her trying to make him understand but his eyes just held anger. He loosened his grip on her hand on seeing her teary eyes. But he didn’t left her hand.

Riddhima: Vansh, I was going to tell you that I won’t leave you ever, promise.

Her words somehow melted his anger and with soft eyes he looked at her.

Vansh: Promise me.

He said and she nodded her head. He pulled her into a kiss

Flashback ends:-

Tears came out of his eyes. Taking a drop of his tear he looked at it.

Vansh: You broke that promise Riddhima….You left me without any mistake…Its ok…You did wrong and now punishment is inviting you back to India to me.

He smirked again closing his eyes.


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