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Eternal love (Ishq mein marjawan 2 FF) Chapter 14

Hello everyone. I am back with chapter 14 of our FF Eternal love.
And before starting I want to say that ki I know my readers want update frequently but what to do yrr due to my online class I got late. So hope you understand.

Now moving to chapter here you go

Vansh saw a nightmare and shouted
V : Aarvi

He is breathing heavily and started sweating. Fear is clearly visible in his face. The great VR is in fear for some Aarvi

He come out from that state of shock by knock on the door. Then he realised that it’s morning. He wipes sweat and clam himself

He open the door and see Sia standing at the door with Mrs Disouza who is holding tray of breakfast. Vansh become confused. He take them inside. Mrs Disouza kept tray on table and leave. Then vansh ask Sia.

V : Why you bring my breakfast here. Mein aa hi raha tha.

S : Bhai you are late. Everyone did their breakfast only you are left, just see the watch.

Vansh see the watch and realise he is actually late.

S : bhai aap ghabraye hue kiyu hai.

Then realised

S : You again saw that…

V : nothing like that

S : you can’t hide anything from me. Why don’t you accept that aapko aj bhi fark padta hai.

Ignoring Sia he went inside washroom for getting ready. Sia sighed and started arranging breakfast. He eat breakfast and then they both headed toward hall.

V : good morning everyone

Dadi being concern asked him for reason for getting late. He assure Dadi that he sleep late last night as he is doing his work. He didn’t tell her about his nightmare.

Vansh is looking for Riddhima, Dadi realise and tell him that Riddhima went to hospital for some work. Vansh noded.

Aangre comes in hall and sign something to Vansh, he noded and goes not before informing dadi that they are going for some work and he already had his breakfast.

Here Vyom is doing some work that’s when he received some msg. He opens the notification and saw Sia message that Aangre and Vansh left for somewhere. He open his laptop to track their location.

(actually last night on insistance of his sunshine Vyom fix tracker in Vansh’s car so that they can keep tab on him and able to help him in sudden attack)

His eyes is Focused on laptop. He notice their car stop in outskirt of city. Vyom don’t want to take risk knowing very well that if his sunshine get to know about it then he will face hard time. So he leaves for there covering his face with mask.

On reaching the location he see Vansh car parked in deserted place near forest. He get down and started searching for vansh but to his disappointment he didn’t find anything. Almost half hour went he didn’t find him.

He is going to leave from there just then he see Vansh and Angre comes god knows from where. Vansh is about to sit in car but for a time his expression changes, he immediately composes himself, set in car and drive away. Vyom (masked man) also leaves from there.

Vansh and Aangre are sitting in vansh’s study.

A : Boss what are you thinking.

V : Us masked man ke bare mein pata lagane mein tumhe aur kitna time lagega

A : Boss we are trying

V : Just tell me did you trace that no

A : Vo call XYZ place PCO se aaya tha. Dr Anand also went there. Ho sakta hai vaha se koi information mile.

V : to kis chiz ka intzar kar rahe ho bhejo kisiko vaha par. That masked man is following us everywhere. Today also I saw him there.

A : Then he can be dangerous for us

V : No Aangre, He is following us for my security.

A : boss how you so sure

V ( with attitude) : VR dushman aur dost ke bich ka fark acche se janta hai

A : ji boss, but why he is concerned for your security. Uska rishta kiya hai aapse.

V : Vahi to janna hai Aangre…. As I told you earlier his voice and eyes are familiar

A : I will myself go there and check about him.

After that they started discussing some buisness stuff.

Vyom is calling Sunshine to tell about all the things which happened in forest and also one more important thing. Call connected

SS : what happened vyom

Vy : I followed vansh. They went outskirt of city near forest. But vaha pahuchne ke baad I tried to search them but vo nahi mile and then God knows from where they come and drive away.

He said all this in breath. So sunshine said

SS : stop stop take a deap breath. Why are you panicking.

Vy : I am not ok

SS : ok. You send me the location. I will go there by myself.

Vy : tumhe ese akele ni jane de sakta may bhi chahlunga.

She knows that Vyom ko kuch bolna bekar hai so she just said ok. Then again Vyom said

Vy : Sunshine Vansh par jo attack ho rahe hai they are not alone in All this. Someone is helping them

SS : Who

Vy : ***********

SS : Whattttttt. So that’s why you panicked. But why… Vo help kiyu. I thought they don’t have enmity with vansh.

Vy : Now I am thinking it is not that simple jesa hum samjh rahe hai waha jakar pata lagana hoga.

SS : Then I will go there

Vy : Are you out of your mind. You will not. Give me sometimes I…

SS ( cutting him): Time hi to nahi hai hamare pas. Aur ye janne ke baad ki who is behind the attack how can I. Danger is increasing day by day

Vy : you trust me or not

SS : ye bhi koi puchne vali baat hai

Vy : then don’t worry I will not let anything happen to vansh.

SS : ok

Then she cut the call and take a deap breath.

Riddhima is passing through corridor. Aryan come in front of her started flirting.

Ar : hey beautiful

Riddhima is not understand why he is behaving like that

R : what

Ar : Aren’t you too hot to be doctor

R : Aryann… 😡😡

Ar : just chill. I am just stating the fact.

R : Aryan behave

Ar : I am impressed by you wanna have fun with me

Saying this he started taking step forward. Riddhima is disgusted she started taking back step till she hit the wall. He is going to touch her. She closed her eyes in fear. Just then he received a tight punch on his face. She open her eyes and sees Aryan is on floor and his lips are bleeding from one side. Then she see who is responsible for his condition.

Their stading our Vansh in Angry VR mode. He is shooting dragger to Aryan with his eye. If one can get killed only by eye Aryan is dead by now.

Listening voice of Aryan fall everyone gather around. Chanchal trying move toward Aryan seeing his lips bleeding but vansh show hand and stops her. Dadi asked Vansh

D : what is all this beta. Aryan ko kiyu mara tumne

V : he is misbehaving with her
( Pointing towards Riddhima)

Sia move toward Riddhima and held her hand. Riddhima assure Sia that she is fine. Dadi look toward Aryan in disgust she is going to say something but Aryan speak

A : it is non of your business Vansh bhai

V : it is, It is my business as I appointed her as Sia’s physio. So like you all she is also my responsibility.

Listening this Sia smiled and Riddhima looked at vansh with unknown emotion. Then Ishani intrept

I : bhai why are you shouting at Aryan jarur iss Riddhima ne hi kuch kiya hoga. Gold dig…

And unable to control himself before Ishani complete the sentence he slapped her. Everyone is shocked. Everyone knows Ishani is spoilt but this is the first time vansh slapped her. Vansh warned her. Ishani stormed out there to her room angrily cruising Riddhima under her breath.

Vansh said to Aryan

V : I am warning you Aryan stay away from her otherwise it will be not good for you.

A : Otherwise what Vansh bhai. Aap ghar aur buisness sambhalte ho to iska matlab ye nahi ki aap hamper rule karoge.

Dadi interpt

D : bus bahut hua Aryan

A : No dadi. Vansh bhai humpar rule nahi karsakte mujh par to bilkul nahi. Agar mujhe moka mila hota to mein bhi Buisness sambhal raha hota

Vansh said

V : tumhe bahut moke de chuka hu. Aur I don’t think jo galtiyan ki hai tumne mujhe yaad dilane ki jarurat hai.

A : every person make mistakes. Esa nahi hai apne koi galti nahi ki.

Rudra intrept

Ru : enough of you Aryan. Koi is tarah se baat karta hai apne bade bhai se

A : Dad ap to chup hi rahiye. Agar bade papa ki death ke baad apne buisness sambhala hota . To aj ye sab nahi ho raha hota.

Now vansh loses his cool. Vansh said angrily

V : Thik hai tumhe moka chahiye. Tum ab se france vali branch sambhaloge. And this is your last chance.

Saying this he started leave from there. But after two- three steps he stop and without turning said

V : and you are going to leave for france today only.

And without listing anything he goes from there followed by Aangre. With that everyone goes to their room. But Riddhima is confused somewhere about what just happened.

That’s it for today

What do you think about what nightmare they are talking. Where vansh goes with Aangre. Why vyom panicked who is behind vansh life. Why Riddhima become confused. Tto know all this STAY TUNED

and ya please ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes 😅😅

I will try my best to update soon.

STAY safe and happy

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