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DESTINY UNITES – Part 4 (New beginning)

hi everyone!!.iam back with 4 th episode ☺.

Pragya and abhi runs to the cliff end and sees kiara falling and shouts..

Pragya shouts: kiara…

Abhi shouts: kiara..

They both starts crying and recalls their moments with kiara…

Suddenly shekhar laughs evilly and..

Shekhar: why are you wasting your time here? Go and check down the hills whether your princess is alive or not..

Abhi gets more angry and holds shekhar’s collar..

Abhi angrily: if anything happens to my daughter then I won’t leave you alive..

He leaves shekhar angrily and goes towards hills down while pragya too follows him cryingly…

Pragya in mind: my lord..please save my child please.

They teach down the hill and see river flowing and they search for kiara…

Abhi shouts: Kiara baby..where are you? Can you hear your paap’s voice??

Pragya shouts: kiara..come to your mumma my child.please come to me…where are you?

They both cry on not finding kiara and they get shocked seeing kiara’s bangles lying down near the river and they go and take it and cries…

Abhi shouts: kiara.. don’t play with us. Please come to us..I know you are here only.

Suddenly an aged man comes behind them and..

Aged men: excuse me sir and Madam..

Pragya and abhi looks at him ..

Abhi: yes..what do you want?

Aged man: are you searching for a kid?

Abhi gets shocked..

Abhi: do you know?

Aged man: I saw a kid drowning in this river and I tried to save her by holding her hands but I couldn’t and she flowed in this river and died..

Abhi and pragya gets shocked and they cry..

Pragya : this is not possible..I will not believe this. I know my child will be alive only..

Pragya bursts crying while aged man looks her..

Aged man: iam saying the truth..even after sometime I got this shawl from the river.

He gives kiara’s shawl to pragya while pragya sees it and cries…

Pragya shouts: nooooo…

Abhi: I’ll phone police now..

Abhi phones police and police arrives there and..

Abhi: sir..please help us to get our daughter..she is drowned in this river.

The aged man secretly signs a couple to go away soon who was hiding behind a tree…

Police: iam sorry sir…there are three persons who have fallen in this river and none your daughter also is declared dead..

Abhi gets shocked and cries…

Abhi: sir..please send some life savers to check atleast.

Police thinks..

Police: as you are pleading I will send some life savers to check…

Police calls the life savers and tells them everything and they agree..

Police: ok send your men’s to this place soon

Life savers department: sure sir.

After sometime the life savers comes and they go and check deep in the river putting the suits and search as far as they could and finally they come…

Abhi: did you guys found my daughter?

Those mens bows their head and nods as no..

Life savers: we are sorry to say that your daughter is not found but we found a necklace..

They give the necklace to abhi and pragya while abhigya gets shocked seeing the necklace..

Pragya: th..this is kiara’s necklace..

Abhi and pragya looks at each other and they cry…

Life savers: so your daughter is declared as dead..maybe fishes would have eaten orelse river would have taken away..

Aged man goes away silently from there…

Abhi and pragya cries more while police confirms as dead..

Police: sir…we too are worried for your loss but please accept the truth and move on.

Police goes away while abhigya cries rembering kiara’s moments..

Abhi thinks..


kiara is seen boxing a pillow while abhi comes there..

Abhi: kiara..what are you doing?

Kiara hugs abhi and..

Kiara: papa..I like boxing. So can you please make me a boxer.

Abhi stares her for sometime and then smiles..

Abhi: sure..I will make you a boxer one day.

Suddenly pragya comes in and..

Pragya: what is father and daughter are sharing without me?

Kiara comes to pragya and pulls her and makes her sit near abhi and..

Kiara: lovely parents..please listen to my request..

Abhi and pragya smiles seeing kiara’s cute attitude and..

Pragya: tell me my little princess..

Kiara: I want to become a will you both make me a boxer one day?

Pragya makes a face..

Pragya: a boxer?

Kiara: yes…

Pragya: I won’t allow you to become a boxer because it is a dangerous field..

Kiara becomes shocked and pleads..

Kiara: mummaa…please..I want to become a boxer please.

Pragya gets tensed..

Pragya: I said’s not a game like chess or cricket but it’s some dangerous so I won’t allow you.

Pragya goes away while Kiara stands upset..

Abhi: kiara..

Kiara doesn’t respond as she is standing upset and so Abhi hugs her and..

Abhi: kiara.. don’t worry I will make you a boxer one day without knowing to your mumma..okay?

Kiara stares abhi and..

Kiara: really?

Abhi: yes..

Kiara: then promise me..

Abhi: promise.

Kiara gets happy and kisses abhi..


Abhi shout crying: I promised you that I will make you a boxer but why did you leave me kiara??

Abhi falls on the ground and cries…

Pragya too cries more and gets angry on abhi and comes and holds his collar and shouts..

Pragya shouts: why did you kill my child abhi?

Abhi gets shocked..

Abhi: what are you telling pragya?

Pragya shouts and cries: you are my child’s murderer. You killed my child..

Abhi gets angry..

Abhi shouts: pragya..

Pragya stares abhi and..

Pragya: why are you shouting as if iam lying?

Abhi: it’s my child too will I kill my own child?

Pragya: because of your violent bad behaviour..god took away our this called as murdered my child.

Abhi : will you be silent if someone tortures a girl in front of your eyes? I saw shekhar and his goons were troubling a girl before my eyes and that’s why I tried to save her…

Pragya: if I was at your place then I would have called police immediately..

Abhi stands dumb without knowing to answer pragya while pragya shouts and cries..

Pragya: why did you do murder abhi?..

She holds his collar and shouts..

Pragya: you broke my promise and also you failed to be a good father. You should have atleast been quiet for kiara’s sake failed..

Abhi gets angry..

Abhi shouts: pragya..mind your language. Don’t tell that iam bad father or I murdered.. because kiara is my child too.

Pragya: iam telling the I lost my child because of you and you are my child’s murderer and I won’t forget this.

Abhi gets more angry and was about to slap pragya but he controls and shouts..

Abhi shouts: if you think that iam murderer then get out of my life at this moment..

Pragya shouts: don’t overact abhi..

Abhi: iam not over’s my decision. If you feel that iam murderer then get away from me..I can’t live with a women who accuses like this.

Pragya: I’ll go from here..but I will inform you one thing before I leave..

Abhi shouts: I don’t want anything to hear from you..if you think that iam murderer of my own child then get away from me now.

Pragya turns to leave and..

Pragya: you will regret for not hearing this from me later abhi..

Abhi: I will hear from you only if you don’t see me as a should see me as kiara’s father as well as your husband.

Pragya: how can I see you as kiara’s father abhi? If you cared for her then you would looked her safety first but you dint..and if I should see you as my husband then did you fulfilled my promise?

Abhi: you have decided that iam not a good father and husband right?

Pragya: ofcourse…

Abhi: then go from here..I will never hear anything from you.

Pragya : fine..I’ll go now. You are not ready to hear anything right?

Abhi: yes..

Pragya: then I’ll go..

Both look at each other once and..

Pragya turns and walks leaving abhi…
while abhi too doesn’t see her as he is in full of anger..

tum hi ho song plays in background..

Pragya goes to her car and..

Pragya: driver..please go to railway station again..

Sarita behen gets shocked…

Sarita behen: but why pragya?

Pragya tells everything and she bursts out crying while Sarita behen tries to console…


20 years later…

11: 45 PM:

Sahana slowly enters pragya’s room and..

Sahana whispers: aunty..are you ready?

Pragya shows thumbs up sign and they both smile…

Pragya: come lets work out our plan. But don’t make noise okay?..

Sahana: sure aunty..

They both slowly go to a room and silenty opens the door and they see Prachi sleeping on the floor and Rhea sleeping on the whole bed…

Sahana whispers: aunty..why your two daughters sleeping like this?

Pragya slowly whispers: because no one can sleep near Rhea..if we sleep near her then surely she will push you down at night.the same thing is happening with Prachi everyday.

Sahana tries to laugh but pragya stops her by closing her mouth..

Pragya: shshshh..if we make sound then they will wake up..we have to execute our plan very carefully.

Sahana whispers: aunty..I really feel pity for rhea’s future husband..I don’t how he is going to tolerate Rhea whole night..I think Rhea will change her bed into her husband and husband into her bed…

Pragya silently laughs and..

Pragya whispers: yeah..ok let’s execute the plan.

Sahana: okay..

Sahana takes the cockroach box and slowly puts three cockroaches near Prachi and both goes out..after they go out they do hi fi and..

Sahana: hope our plan works aunty..

Pragya: it will surely work.

Both goes somewhere while in room cockroaches climb Prachi one by one and Prachi feels something strange and wakes and sees cockroaches on her and shouts…


Prachi throws every cockroaches from her and sees many cockroaches roaming in the room and gets shocked…

Prachi in mind: how did many cockroaches came in the room?..let me wake Rhea first.

Prachi tries to wake rhea but she doesn’t get up..

Prachi in mind: this Rhea..she won’t wake up even if ghost sits on her.

Prachi thinks and goes to pragya’s room and finds her missing and then she goes to sahana and Sarita behen’s room and finds them also missing and gets shocked…

Prachi in mind: where did everyone go?

Prachi sees time and..

Prachi in mind: it’s 11: 52 pm then where did everyone go at this time?..

Prachi again goes to her room and pours cold water on Rhea and Rhea wakes in jerk..

Rhea: aaaaahhhh…

Prachi: cool’s me only.

Rhea shouts: have you lost your brain Prachi? Even animals won’t disturb human’s at this time but what did you do? You spoilt my beautiful dream.. atleast can’t you wake me normally?

Prachi makes a face and..

Prachi: except kicking you  I did everything to wake you up but you was sleeping as if you are the sleeping master and that’s why I did this..

Rhea makes a cute face and..

Rhea: ohh my cutie sister..please tell me what’s the matter.

Prachi; I know..when I find the fault you will change the topic.

Rhea: because iam Rhea..Rhea is always like that only.

Prachi: ok be silent..I wake you because there are many cockroaches are in this room.

Rhea gets scared..

Rhea fearfully: where?

Prachi shows the cockroaches and Rhea gets scared and hugs Prachi and..

Rhea: please..let’s go out soon.i won’t stay in cockroaches room.

Prachi: yeah ..we will go out.

Rhea: come lets sleep with mom..

Rhea and Prachi goes out and..

Prachi: but there is no one in their room..

Rhea gets shocked..

Rhea: what??where did they go at this time??..

Prachi: I don’t know..I thought to check downstairs but I was scared to go down alone and so..

Rhea: now iam come we both will go and check downstairs.

Rhea and Prachi goes downstairs and finds no one and gets shocked..

Rhea shockingly: where is everyone?? Already time is going  to strike 12’o clock and where did these people go at midnight..

Prachi shouts: mumma…sahana..dadi..where are you guys?

Rhea sees the main door opened and gets shocked..

Rhea: Prachi..see there(pointing towards the main door) the door is opened..

Prachi too gets shocked..

Prachi: ohh godd..why is the door opened? Did thief’s entered our house and did something to our family or..

Rhea: shhhhh…don’t make noise. I have an idea..we will take broom and sticks in our hands and we will check in the garden and if we find any thief’s then we will beat them with that..okay?

Prachi: yeah..your idea is good.

Prachi and Rhea takes broom and mob in their hands and they slowly go out to garden..

11: 59 PM:

they check here and there and find a shadow of some people and they got shocked…

Rhea whispers: our thought is right..there are thief’s here.. come lets go and beat them..

Prachi: yes..

Prachi and Rhea goes to beat them and suddenly clock strikes 12 and the dark garden gets lifted with many decorative lights whick shocks Rhea and Prachi…

Prachi: what’s happening here?

And garden is filled with happy birthday wishes to Rhea and Prachi and everyone comes out and they sing happy birthday song to Rhea and Prachi together…

Pragya, sahana and Sarita behen: happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to Rhea and Prachi.. happy birthday to you..may god bless you dears..may god bless you dears.. happy birthday to you both!

Pragya ,sahana and Sarita behen claps and smiles seeing Rhea and Prachi…

Rhea and Prachi gets suprised and they get emotional..

Rhea: did you all planned this suprise for us mom?

Pragya: is your 20th can I forgot?

Rhea and Prachi gets happy and they go and hug pragya happily..


It’s next day..


a girl is seen boxing with opponent in a ring and everyone cheers shouting a girl’s name..

Everyone: sirat!! Sirat!! Sirat!! are the real winner..

Sirat punches the opponent and wins the competition and smiles seeing everyone…


PRECAP: abhi misses pragya. Rhea and Prachi gets selected in delhi university. Sirat to go delhi?  Meet new mehra family…

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