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College love to Evergreen love (Riansh) part 6 by [email protected]

Today’s episode starts…
At night
At garden

Ridhima was siting next to Vansh on the bench .

Ridhima – vansh what’s the future of our relationship ??

Being much insecure ridhima said so .
Vansh looked at her . He holded her hand and said .

Vansh – Ridhima I don’t know about our future but if we truly love each other then we will destined in each other’s destiny .

Ridhima hugged him .

Ridhima – waise if you will not marry me then I will marry anyone I mean if you are not in my destiny then I will marry someone else and I have to (teasing)

Vansh – achaaa

Ridhima looked at the sky  prayed for her and Vansh .

Vansh – Ridhima what are your hobbies ?

Ridhima – um..playing guitar is my one of the most favourite hobby .

Vansh – guitar ? I can’t play that

Ridhima – why ??

Vansh – I face some difficulties .

Ridhima – if u will pay attention and play na then your difficulties will fly ok .

Vansh – hmm

Next day

Teacher – students your final exams’s results Will be announce tomorrow . So good luck .

Everyone was tensed . (Yahin hota hai)

Next day
It was the day of announcement of results . 

Everyone was tensed but Ridhima was only looking at a small idol of Lord Krishna . She just thought that what may be the marks , she will just be happy .

Then the result sheet was pinned in the wall . Ridhima went and saw the result sheet . Then tears made way from her eyes . Vansh saw her with tears .

Vansh – Ridhima what happened ?? Why are you crying ??

Ridhima – vansh , vansh

She hugged him .

Ridhima – vansh I got 99.9 %

Vansh heard and he was very happy for her .

Vansh – I am so happy for you .

He kissed her forehead. 

Ridhima – vansh what’s your percentage ?

Vansh – wait let me check I haven’t checked .

He checked his percentage and he said

Vansh – ridhima I got 97.8%

Ridhima hugged him again .

Ridhima – congratulations

Vansh – to u too , I love you

Ridhima – I love you too

Then everyone went to their teacher and she greeted everyone . 

Teacher – so it’s the last year of you all
And after 4 days you all will leave this college but before that I think you should have a farewell party . So students tomorrow is the farewell party and everyone has to come .

Everyone was very Happy .

After that everyone moved to their rooms . Thinking about teachers words her face turned pale .

Ridhima – after 4 days everyone will be back to their home . Me and vansh too then what about us ??

The farewell day

All the girls and boys were wearing black as the dress code was black . Vansh was wearing a black tuxedo .
He was waiting for Ridhima .

Then everyone’s eye were stuck on the epitome of beauty our Ridhima . She was wearing a black saree .

Vansh was stuck on her . She was looking like a fairy . Her red lipstick was adding more glory to her face.  She came near vansh .

Vansh (whisper) – looking beautiful sweetheart

Ridhima blushed .

Ridhima (whisper) – you are looking very handsome vansh

Vansh smiled .

Then everyone started dancing on Raatan lambiyan .

Vansh – ridhima
Khushi – Vishal
Girl – boy

Teri Meri Gallan Ho Gayi Mashhoor
Kar Na Kabhi Tu Mujhe Nazron Se Door
Kithe Chali Ae Tu Kithe Chali Ae Tu
Kithe Chali Ae Kithe Chali Ae

Jaanda Ae Dil Yeh Toh Jaandi Ae Tu
Tere Bin Main Na Rahun Mere Bina Tu
Kithe Chali Ae Tu Kithe Chali Ae Tu
Kithe Chali Ae, Jaan Chali Ae

Vansh twirled ridhima and then back hugged her . Ridhima was feeling like heaven by vansh’s touch .

Kaatun Kaise Raatan Oh Saawre?
Jiya Nahi Jaata Sunn Baawre?

Ke Raataan Lambiyan Lambiyan Re
Kate Tere Sangeyan Sangeyan Re
Ke Raatan Lambiyan Lambiyan Re
Kate Tere Sangeyan Sangeyan Re

Cham Cham Cham Ambran De Taare
Kehnde Ne Sajjna
Tu Hi Chan Mere Is Dil Da
Mann Le Ve Sajjna

Tere Bina Mera Howe Na Guzara
Chhad Ke Na Jawin Mainu
Tu Hi Hai Sahara

The couples  exchanged .

Vishal – Ridhima
Vansh – Girl
Boy – Khushi

Kaatun Kaise Raatan Oh Saawre?
Jiya Nahi Jaata Sunn Baawre?

Ke Raatan Lambiyan Lambiyan Re
Kate Tere Sangeyan Sangeyan Re
Ke Raataan Lambiyan Lambiyan Re
Kate Tere Sangeyan Sangeyan Re

Riansh were still looking into each other’s eyes .they both were smiling .
Then again they came to each other .

Vansh (whisper) – I love you Ridhima

Ridhima (whisper) – I love you too vansh

Then they spent their day with each other like this .

At night

Ridhima was thinking that only 2 days are left and then everyone will move to their house .

Ridhima – only 2 days are left

After 2 days

Everyone was crying as they will both be able to see each other anymore .
Ridhima was in tears . She went to vansh and hugged him tightly .

Ridhima – I will miss you

Vansh – me too

Then vansh kissed her lips and Ridhima reciprocated too .

Then after some time they stopped .

Ridhima – vansh when you will reach uttarakhand then call me ok ?

Vansh – yaa I will and you too

It was time for everyone to leave . Then
Everyone moved to airport . Ridhima and vansh bid good bye to each other for the last time . Ridhima was in tears .
Vansh too . Then ridhima moved to Kolkata’s flight and vansh moved to uttarakhand’s flight . Both were sobbing silently .

Ridhima sat on the flight . Vansh too sat on his flight .

Ridhima closed her eyes

Ridhima – I love you vansh

On the other hand

Vansh too closed his eyes .

Vansh – I love you Ridhima

To be continued…

Thank you


“Kriti”😔😔 (aaj sad Wala emoji kyunki main bohot royi in donon ko alag karke)

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