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Choti Sardarni 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Mausi ji takes shagun back

Choti Sardarni 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher’s haldi starts. The water is collected in a pot. Badi bi recalls Seher crying that she doesn’t want it to fall on Rajveer. Param says Anurita take this pot to Rajveer and Badi bi will also go with you.

Preparations are done in Rajveer’s house as well. Everyone dances. Ramila says the pot will be here soon. Call Rajveer. Anurita and Badi bi come in with the pot. They welcome them. Rajveer looks at his servants. Rajveer pretends to get his foot injured. He screams. He looks at the servants. One of them goes turn off the light. The other is about to exchange it. Nikhil stops him. Dida picks it and pours that water on Rajveer. Tricky throws a slingshot and the water falls on Rajveer. Everyone claps. Seher calls Rajveer. Seher says what would have his friend said? Why didn’t he call?

Ankush calls Rajveer and says this paper has yesterday’s date. It has a hotel name and number. Harshdeep says time to use Mausi ji. Seher calls Rajveer and says we have to go to Hotel Hill. We have to ask him why did he pick Kunal. Rajveer says you can’t leave the house. Don’t worry. I will manage it. Badi bi says he’s right. His Mausi asked you not to leave the house. Seher says I can die for Kunal. Badi bi says what if anyone finds out. I have to find about Kunal. Badi bi says Rajveer is trying. Your one mistake can expose everything. We can’t take a risk.

Scene 2
Rajveer comes to the hotel. The manager says there is a guy named Ram in room 1202. He is very weird. He goes to out in the day. He’s out all day He’s there. Rajveer sees his back and follows him.

Scene 3
Ramila comes to Seher’s house and says I came to do Shagun. Param and Karan ask her to sit. She says I came to give this Shagun to Seher. Call her. Param looks for Seher. She’s not in her room. Karan says she’s nowhere. They get worried. Badi bi comes. Param asks where is Seher? Karan says Mausi ji is calling her. Badi bi says she had something urgent so she had to leave. Param says how could you let her go? Mausi ji said not to leave the house. Karan says what was so urgent? Badi bi says she said it’s urgent. She will come back soon. Karan says we will say she’s not well and she can’t come downstairs. Badi bi says I will handle it.

Scene 3
Rajveer runs after that man. They go to a shed. Rajveer looks for him. He hits Rajveer and runs out. A drive falls from his pocket, he picks it. Rajveer runs out. He holds the guy and hits him. Rajveer hits him. A truck comes there their way. Rajveer is about to get hit.

Seher saves him. Rajveer says I have to get him. He is the guy who can give us a clue about Kunal. Seher hugs him and says you can’t risk your life like that. For my love, why are you doing all this? This wedding? Risking your life? He says I am a friend and I will be your friend till your last breath. You shouldn’t have stopped me. seher says we won’t lose hope. We will find Kunal soon. I will get married to Kunal only. Seher hugs Rajveer.

Scene 4
Mausi ji asks where is Seher? Why is she taking so long? Badi bi says sorry but she isn’t home. She had to go out for something urgent. Param and Karan didn’t know. She told me but I got busy and didn’t tell them. Mausi ji gets angry. She says I said she can’t leave the house. Is this my value? What is all this? Harshdeep being a minister even listens to me. Seher said yes to me and left? Why?

Anurita calls Harshdeep and tells her Seher isn’t home. Harshdeep is shocked. Dida says where did she go? Anurita says Mausi ji is very angry. Please do something before she takes a decision. We will be exposed. Dida says this Seher doesn’t listen at all. I am sure she’s with Rajveer and looking for Kunal. Nikhil comes and tells her Rajveer held Narain but couldn’t find anything. She says but where is he? Rajveer comes home.

Ramila says our DILs follow our customers. Badi bi says we have raised our daughter like our sons. She says, daughter? You are Seher’s caretaker not her mother. We don’t call maids mothers. You can’t speak to me directly. Seher says but we consider her our mother. She stands with badi bi.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mausi ji says after seeing this drama we have to rethink if she should get Rajveer and Seher married. They pick shagun and leave. Karan and Param ask Seher is there’s any problem and where di she go?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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