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Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 23 8 AM
Everyone wakes up to savan mein lag gayi aag. Akshara dances with Moose.

8:45 AM
Bigg Boss says since the audience wasn’t happy with the performance on Saturday it would affect you today. The restriction is that none of you will use the gum and gas supply will be open for two hours only. It starts now. Pratik says let’s make the good. Akshara says Gaba get up. The gas would be open for two hours only. Get up.

9:45 AM
Nishant says Pratik remember Sonu ki tittu? I will have to say me or your? Neha says say it. Nishant says everything isn’t about you. Pratik says she says we shit from the same ass. Nishant says you run after him with the tissue. Divya says stop talking about shit. Nishant laughs. Neha brings cold water. Pratik says I will throw an egg on you. Nishant says Shamita take a stand. They are trying to play holi here. This is our bossman and lady.

11:30 AM
Akshara says to Neha what did you notice? Let’s start from there. We were sitting in the kitchen. It was a genuine topic. There was nothing negative about you. They said you’re okay now. You can run now. It wasn’t taunting on your injury. Neha says I felt very bad. Akshara says I also felt bad. Neha says you said I take away men. Akshara says I said you have an eye on him. Neha says then when I called you his wife, you mind it. She says I liked him. Neha says after all this happened I had a feeling. I didn’t know. For me, he is a buddy. Akshara says Gaba really cares for you that’s why he was shattered. Neha says I am glad you’re clearing it. Neha says you used to sit with him at places. Neha says you used to come there sneakingly. Akshara says I had a vibe with you. But if I see you with him, I would have come. She says I am ready to let it go. No girl tolerates what he said but I don’t care.

Nishant comes and says will you stay away from me? Neha because of you I wear this mask. Neha says you are the disease of diplomacy. Why are you talking to her? You talk behind her back. She says I am saying you are an idiot. Neha says can’t we talk? He says no. She says this is his game. He says there’s no game here. I will splash this water on you. Neha says if you have guts do it. He spills a bit on him. He says you are stinking of reddish. He says you are such a drama. Pratik laughs.

12:30 PM
Neha says to Pratik did you say to Akshara I try to talk to you even though you didn’t want it?

Moose says guess what am I thinking? It’s funny. He says you are thinking, that’s funny. Neha says she said I said all this because I was told you were after him. Pratik says she used to say that you come after me. Neha says I felt targeted. I am done with this. She leaves. He says if you walk away, I won’t talk to you. She says okay.

1:15 PM
Neha says she likes you. Pratik says did she say it in front of the camera? He says we have been there for each other. He says how? I like Gaba. She says not in that way. I had no idea. I was talking to her because it’s her birthday. He says if I asked her to cook for me, would people like it? She says why are people talking so much about us? He says we have a good connection. Neha sunggles with him.


Divya says Neha said in the first week she can’t game. Neha says if he’s convinced so I can. Nishant says so only Raqesh and Akshara are playing in this house. Pratik says imagine they are the only ones left.

4 PM
Bigg Boss says the theme is to stay connected. It’s important to have a connection. You got to know it in 3 weeks. Your connection can take you forward or fail your show. Divya’s connection had to leave the house although it was not her fault. She has no connection now. Moose says don’t blare the buzzer. Bigg Boss says so we are giving you one more chance to think if you’re happy with your current connection or if you think your connection with Divya can be better. This chance is not for just boys but girls too. Any girl or boy can choose Divya. Divya can also convince anyone. If any of you want to break their connection and make a connection with Divya can blare the buzzer and make a connection with Divya.

Divya says I am sure Shamita will play it for me. She laughs. Divya says Neha, blare the buzzer. Imagine what would happen to this house. Moose says someone blares the buzzer. She says to Divya you should blare it then see what happens. Raqesh picks Shamita. He says you’re so light. moose says don’t try to be Shahrukh Khan. Go and blare the buzzer.


5 PM
Divya says please let me go. I want to go. I am sitting there like Milind. Neha says to Nishant you can’t hear the truth. He says you something else and do something else. Neha says what should I do? He says I will say if I don’t like anything. She says you are a hypocrite. Nishant says you hate it when someone else says it.

Divya says no one wants to play with me. Nishant says you can do anything and Moose doesn’t have to be okay with it. Neha says how would I know what you are comfortable with? He says you keep saying I play friendship card. You can’t hear the same for yourself. You take things personally. You provoke things. Moose says what do you mean? Neha says I am not talking to you. Moose says I can put my input here. Why do you have a problem if people talk to him? People like him. Nishant says saying that I provoke things isn’t the right thing. Neha says you also said I take things personally. Neha says what’s the problem? He says you hold on to things.

5:45 PM
Nishant says the gate would open. Divya says I would go happily. Nishant says I will pack your bags. She says I don’t want to be with these stupid people who didn’t blare buzzer for me. Bigg Boss says it’s time for nominations. Since no one tried to make a connection with Divya and Divya is alone in the house with no connection. Divya is nominated. Pratik and Neha are bossman and bosslady. So they are safe. Now for the nominations, we want Nishant and Moose to come to the confession room.

Divya says what will happen there? Bigg Boss says Nishant and Moose you both have letters from your home in front of you. They get happy. He says you have to mutually decide which one of you will sacrifice and let the other one read and nominate themselves. They are shocked. Moose gets teary.


They decide. Bigg says Boss the one who is being nominated can pick his letter and tear it. Nishant picks it and tears his letter. Moose cries. Bigg Boss says Moose you can read it later. You can’t take it inside.

6:15 PM
Milind says to Akshara you read it. It’s your birthday. She says you will get nominated. He says it’s okay. He says it’s your birthday. She says I can’t let you be nominated. He says it’s my gift. Akshara cries. Bigg Boss asks them to pick and tear. He says if we both get nominated, we can fight with each other. Akshara says you are right. They both decide not to pick any. They tear the letters and throw it in the bin. Akshara cries. Milind tries to console her. Pratik hugs her.

Shamita says I will nominate myself. Raqesh says no. She says I won’t let you to get nominated. He says no. She says I am serious. Shamita tears hers. Raqesh says why did you do this? He says it’s not fair. Shamita is in tears. He says I will also tear mine. She says no. You can’t do this. I gave up my letter for this. Take over some other time. I nominated myself. They both get teary. Shamita goes out crying. Shamita cries and sobs. Raqesh hugs her. He says why did you do this? She says I had to. It felt right. He says no. We have to deal with this together. You can’t just tear anything without asking me. I am sorry. Shamita says it’s done. It’s okay.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss says so nominations are done. Divya, Nishant, Milind, Akshara, and Shamita are nominated. Everyone is shocked. Bigg Boss asks Moose and Raqesh to pick their letters. Moose says let’s go together Raqesh. He cries. Moose says it’s okay. We need this. Shamita cries and says sorry mom. I love you all. Neha hugs her. Pratik hugs Raqesh. Moose reads how are you? We see you all the time time. We feel very proud. You try your best. Meher dyed her hair red. Moose cries. She says I can’t read this. Nishant says read it. Moose reads Dia and I had dominos. Nishant laughs.

Raqesh reads the letter. Nishant hugs Moose. She says thank you. Pratik says it’s such a huge thing. He says it’s okay. Nishant says she was missing her family a lot. Pratik says it’s not a joke. How did you even? This was a big sacrifice. Nishant says she was crying. She said she can tear hers. I couldn’t let her do that. Raqesh hugs Akshara and Milind. They both cry. Divya hugs them.

8 PM
Moose says I miss you, mama. I know it’s important but everything is so difficult without you. I will come home soon see you. Pratik wipes her tears. He says tell your mom your new name is an egg. Moose asks Akshara why did you tear? She says I couldn’t be selfish. Pratik says it’s a huge sacrifice. Akshara asks what would you do? He says it’s not easy for me. I have been through this in the last show. there was a gift on Diwali it had my photo with my mom and it was given away.

Nishant gives food to Moose. She says why are you not eating? She says why are you not eating? He says I will eat in a bit. She says then I will also eat in a bit.

Bigg Boss tells the audience is happy with the performance. Askhara says what are we doing? He says there are no restrictions. Everyone dances yayyy tea. Divya says I am making tea. Nishant says to make a good one. She says I will make an amazing tea. Bigg Boss says Akshara there is something for you in the store. Se goes in. It’s a cake. Nishant picks it for her. Pratik sings her happy birthday. Everyone comes. Divya says let’s cut the cake. Moose kisses Akshara. Divya says we are getting a cake due to Akshara/ Everyone sings her happy birthday. Everyone cuts the cake with her. They put it on her face.

9 PM
Pratik says I am happy. Milind says you stepped on an ax. They all laugh. Neha says yes he jumped on a tractor. Shamita says this is my lip color. Pratik says this is Divya’s. Raqesh says I wanted a lip balm. Divya says he was in front of me and he asked for it. So I gave it to her. Nishant says the other woman’s lip color. Shamita says can I get my letter back? They all laugh. Shamita says I am not his girlfriend. Divya says you both will look good together. Raqesh says think about it. She says I will think once I am out. He says will you block me? She says I will think.

Moose asks Pratik has done anything that would make mom upset? He says not at all. Shamita says you know I don’t like her. He says I forgot. Neha laughs. Raqesh says take my side Neha. Shamita says I take some things very seriously. Neha says you trust him. She says I don’t know him well enough. Raqesh says it wasn’t big. She says Shamita Shetty has enough makeup. I told you I don’t like her. I am possessive about people I like. He says it remained in my pants. Shamita says men don’t understand these small things. He says that’s why they are men. She says so you are you all stupid? He says yes and kisses her cheek. Neha says now eat something. Neha laughs. She says get a room.

9:30 PM
Nishant asks Moose where are you going? She says washroom. Pratik says Nishant tore his letter. I don’t know how he feels. Nishant says it’s okay. I need time to digest it. For me, it’s more important to her. You need half an hour. You can’t talk 24/7. I am okay. If I felt so bad, I won’t have torn it.

11:30 PM
Nishant says Neha ji the audience loves your voice. How is your journey? She says my mind is numb and I keep laughing. I have been scr*wed so much. Everyone laughs. Nishant asks Pratik. Pratik asks how are you all? Nishant asks how is your journey? You broke Akshara’s heart and went with Neha. Pratik says hearts don’t break. Moose says Pratik comes fast in the bedroom. Everyone laughs. Pratik says that’s my cousin’s sister. He says I was getting a lot of love here so I got it. Nishant says our fan is calling you. Moose says I am Chandarmukhi. She asks Pratik you should have left Akshara. Pratik says you speak of your name. Moose says she will hit you when you come out. Pratik says Chandarmukhi you are playing the biggest game. Nishant says did you get your answer? She says yes. Nishant asks Raqesh what was your journey? Neha says besides the bed. Nishant says you have made many noises. Neha says he walks in anywhere.

Moose calls as Chandarmukhi again. She says give Raqesh time to ask Shamita first. He doesn’t know his show. He thinks he is in Spitz villa. He was flirting with Moose when Shamita was there. Pratik says even Divya’s lipstick was in his bag. Nishant says you have many Gopis around you. Raqesh says I have no comments. Nishant says I should end this show before I end myself. Everyone laughs.

12:45 AM
Nishant asks Moose you wanted to talk? She says you are acting weird. He says you are acting weird. You get angry, you do whatever. Other people can feel something too. I asked one simple thing and you are doing your own thing only. Can’t I get 15 minutes for myself? She says I gave you time. He says then you were with other people. She says you were rude. He says everyone’s mindset is differnet. If I have to think and process, I need time. I never stop you. She says do I stop you? He says I can also do what I want to do. It’s not about this show only. There are many things outside also. I don’t want to speak about it on the show. Moose leaves. She says you are just irritaed. He says only you can react? She says you react more than me. He says okay doesn’t matter.

1 AM
Moose says he’s scared of me liking him. He thinks I expect anything, I don’t. When I say something about us, he says something about Pratik. Pratik says it’s a connection. What’s wrogn? Moose says he’s sulking. When I speak he’s angry. There’s too much work.

Neha says Moose doesn’t like me. No matter what I do. Nishant says you can’t change her. Neha says Shamita talks to her because of you. I am unsure about her. Moose says I can be childish at time. If you want someone adult, choose Divya. If you choose to be with me, you have to tolerate this. Everyone is attached to me because of who I am.

2:30 AM
Moose says I had a breakup. Pratik says something has happened between him and Nishant. Pratik says can’t sleep? Moose says I can’t sleep in the bed. I am going to bed. Neha says sometimes he also needs compassion. Pratik says I don’t know what is she feeling. Moose throws a cushion at Nishant but stops. She goes to her bed crying.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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